Board of Directors Meeting Agenda 12/5/19 Lower Level Community Center 7:00pm



Thursday, December 5, 2019 7:00 PM – POA Lower Level


December 5, 2019 Motions:

  • Approval of October 2019 Minutes — Board Secretary
  • Approval of Bond Returns—Architectural Committee
  • Request for 10 ft. front Variance for Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403, 571 Windemere Hill. (Architectural Committee)
  • Approval of October Financials—Finance Committee
  • Approval of Sign/Solicitation Rules to put our By-Laws in line with Indiana Law—Safety and

 Elections Committee. (Second and final reading)

Call To Order

Pledge of Allegiance

President’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:  

Secretary’s Report

  • Approval of October 2019 Minutes

Community Manager’s Report

Assistant Community Manager’s Report:

Golf Course Manager’s Report


Architecture Committee Report: 

  • Approval of Bond Returns
  • Request for Variance for Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403, 571 Windemere Hill. Sergiy Fesenko requested a 10’ variance on September 18, 2019, applied for the variance on September 21, 2019, letters sent out to neighbors adjoining the property.  No one responded to letters sent out after 30 days. 

Finance Committee Report:

  • Approval of October Financials—Finance Committee

Future Planning Committee:

Lakes & Parks Committee Report:

Safety and Elections Committee Report:

  • Request a motion making the following changes to our Sign/Solicitation rules to bring our by-laws into line with the state of Indiana Law. (Second and final reading)

11-6-4. Election and Political Sign Rules for lots:

Only two (2) “Election” or “Political” signs shall be permitted and is per membership regardless of how many lots are assigned to that membership. “Election” or “Political” signs may not be posted on private property within HVL sooner than thirty (30) days prior to an election and mustbe removed by the beginning of the sixth day after the election is held. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the sign in a timely manner.

Signs may not be put on community property except on Election Day at the voting precinct only. All “Election” or “Political” signs on voting precincts’ property have to be removed by noon the next day after the election is held.

Civic Club Report:

Old Business:

New Business:


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