Board Meeting Minutes 5/25/23



Thursday, May 25, 2023 7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m.– POA Lower Level


Board of Directors Members Present:  Jeff Fuell, Ken Horn, Grant Smiley, Robert Starks and Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

May 25, 2023 Motions:

  • Motion to Approve May 2023 Minutes—Board Secretary
  • Motion to Approve Performance Bonds for Return 03/23/2023—Architectural Committee
  • Motion to add John Dakoske as a member of the Finance—Finance Committee
  • Motion to Approve Second Reading of 7-7. Watercraft Registration Rules—Lakes Committee
  • Motion to Approve Second Reading of 7-11. Water Trampolines and Large Flotation Devices—Lakes Committee

Call to Order:  Bob Starks

President, Robert Starks called the Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:

The meeting began with the pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report:  Bob Starks

May 25, 2023 Board presentation.

Our new Board for this year includes:

Our Vice President, Ken Horn is an avid Fisherman and is also our liaison to both the Architect Committee and the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Our Treasurer, Jeff Fuell originally moved to HVL in 1998. After 13 years of being an active volunteer, Jeff found it necessary to relocate in order to better care for his mother.  He then moved back to HVL a few years ago and brings a great deal of experience. Jeff is Liaison to the Finance and Lakes Committees.

Our Secretary, Donna Yetzer has been a very active volunteer for many years in HVL. She brings a wealth of experience to assist our Board. Donna is Liaison to the Safety, Security and Elections Committee.

Our Member at Large is Grant Smiley. Grant grew up skiing on the HVL lake and also brings a great deal of experience to this Board. Grant is Liaison to the Future Planning Committee.

I am Bob Starks and have been elected to be President. I am liaison to the Judicial Panel and also to the Golf Course. 

There are communications being spread throughout HVL about your current elected Board Members that are not true. I would like to address them now.

It is reported on social media that Ken Horn was wrong to accept Signs that advertised his candidacy for election to the HVL Board of Directors.  The HVL Fish and Game Club supported Ken Horn to represent them.  The club decided to purchase the now controversial signs. Our POA Attorney, Jared Ewbank has investigated, and after reviewing our legal requirements has stated that Ken Horn was not wrong to accept this donation.  Clubs in HVL are free to spend their funds as they see fit and they always have been.  The HVL POA does not have jurisdiction over the funds in anyof our clubs.

On another subject, it has been reported, particularly on Facebook, that I held a secret meeting to promote myself to be president.  That statement is actually a gross misrepresentation.  Let me explain.  Actually, there were two meetings.  The first was held between Doug Gabbard and Jeff Fuell to discuss asking Jeff Fuell to vote for Doug Gabbard to be the next President of this Board. 

Later, a second meeting was scheduled with Doug Gabbard, Jeff Fuell, and Ken Horn to again discuss Doug Gabbard being President of the HVL Board.  I found out about this one hour before it was to take place.  I invited myself to this already scheduled meeting.  When I arrived, Doug Gabbard was uneasy about my attendance.  I offered to leave but was then asked to stay.  I listened as Doug described his agenda for the coming year and why he wanted to be the President.  Doug stated that his priority was to improve relations between the Committees and the Board.  I commented that is a great idea and probably needs to be done but our top priority must be to focus on our finances.  I stated if elected, I would ask to be President in order to assist in improving our financial position.  I hope this information helps you to see what actually happened and it can be attested to by the other people involved.  We will not accept questions or comments about this, pending further legal actions.

Moving on to the Presidents Report:

Over the past few years, the POA has provided many new upgrades and replacements.  Many of these projects such as dredging the lake, the marina docks and building and replacing shelters have cost the POA many more dollars than anticipated due to the inflation that has been increasing over the past few years.  Have you noticed that the portalets are gone?  They have been replaced by functioning restrooms but all of the above infrastructure which was requested by the community over many years did not come without a lot of cost.

In the past, our Treasurer and our Finance Committee has always viewed our cash on hand as three separate funds.  However, due to accounting rules, they have been reported as one number instead of three.  The funds have always been co-mingled which causes questions and confusion especially among those people who are not closely involved. Having the three funds together makes the number look large, when in reality, it is not.  Our normal day-to-day operation costs averages more than $200,000.00 per month. Our Finance Committee agrees that these funds should have a separate designation and be reported on as separate entities in compliance with section 2 of our By-Laws, specifically by-laws 2-3-5 and 2-3-6 and possibly others. This would clearly specify the amount of funds for each category. Those funds being Operating Cash, Cash Reserved for Emergencies and Cash Reserved for Escrow.  Escrowed funds are amounts set aside each year based on life expectancy to assure the repair or replacement of needed equipment and amenities, such as Pool Liners, Vehicles, Road Paving, etc.

Our current bylaw 2-3-6 require that we have two months of operating expenses in “Emergency Reserve Funds”.  We can never predict an emergency; we can only be prepared for one. It is my understanding that Ohio law requires all HOA’s, which we are one, to have a reserve fund.  I have contacted our Indiana State representative, Randy Lyness, to see if such a law is being considered in Indiana.  In case of a major event our funds could be spent very quickly. Thank you for your attention, and now for the Treasurer’s report. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff Fuell

CashPositionMarch 31,2023: $548,441

CashPositionApril 30,2023: $450,645

Secretary’s Report:  Donna Yetzer

  • Motion for Approval of April 2023 Minutes made by Ken Horn and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passes 5-0.

Community Manager’s Report:  Dave Wismann

Golf Course Report

First of all, please keep Jason Gadd in your thoughts and prayers.  If you haven’t heard, Jason is our golf course maintenance superintendent and has been undergoing treatment for Stage 4 cancer.  Unfortunately, he is now in hospice.  I met with him yesterday and he, though he knows what he is facing, is in good spirits, taking each day as it comes.

We have had some successes with our 10-pay passes this year and we have some new outings coming up.  Rounds played remains strong.

Community Manager Report 

We accepted the bid from Isadore to replace the HVAC unit.  It has been installed.

Our mowing contractor has completed most of the mowing.  There is still some touching up to do including removing the dead grass on the dam.  Moving forward, we will continue to expect better service and I have been assured they will honor their commitment.

Fiber Optics

We have new contact people from the engineering company, NRTC, who will work with us to make sure restorations are done properly.

Maintenance Team

Your maintenance team continues to work on the annual sprucing up and preparing the pool and beach for summer.

Of course, your maintenance team has a long history of clearing the roads during snowstorms. This is done through planning, equipment maintenance, and having an experienced snow removal team to combat the storm.

Security Team

As I reported at the Annual Meeting, our security team has a new look.  Chief Jason Hoffman, who is here tonight, is more than willing to discuss the status of this team.  He has assembled a very good crew.

Memorial Day

Please plan to attend the Memorial Weekend events service on Sunday, beginning at noon at the Veteran’s Memorial at the 77-acres.  At 1 pm, the HVL Riders will again lead a parade through HVL.  

Also, there will be a concert that evening beginning at 5:00 p.m.

The office will be closed Monday for Memorial Day.


Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross

Lot # 3185H Brenton & Erica Tischbein

Property Address 1523 Kathy Court Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1420H Jeffrey & Michelle Trivett

Property Address 20616 Longview Drive Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 2471H Linda Hartman

Property Address 20141 Firewood Way Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1391H Dino Hasson

Property Address 20374 Beau Vista Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

  • Motion made to approve Performance Bonds for Return 5/25/2023 made by Grant Smiley and seconded by Donna Yetzer.  Motion passed 5-0.

Finance Committee Report:  Kyle Packer

  • Motion to add John Dakoske as a member of the Finance Committee made by Ken Horn and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passed 5-0.
  • Motion to approve a $300.00 one-time assessment to be applied to each POA Membership Lot, and a separate invoice to be mailed.

This assessment can be paid in any way a member chooses; all at once or in multiple installments but must be paid in full by October 31, 2023 to avoid a 2% late fee, and approval of a 10% annual dues assessment to be applied to the January 1, 2024 dues made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Donna Yetzer.  Motion passed 5-0.

Community attendees share and discuss thoughts on proposed increase.

  • Motion to approve a $300.00 one-time assessment to be applied to each POA Membership, and a separate invoice to be mailed.  This assessment can be paid in any way a member chooses; all at once or in multiple installments but must be paid in full by October 31, 2023 to avoid a 2% late fee, and approval of a 10% dues assessment to be applied to the January 1, 2024 dues made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Donna Yetzer.  Motion passed 5-0.

Future Planning Committee:  George Lortz

The Future Planning Committee has five major initiatives for 2023.

The first is a continuation of the POA Communications Task Force activity started in 2021.  The major areas covered in this initiative include: 1) Echoes enhancements, 2) POA presentation enhancements and 3) Website enhancements.  Rich Gannon chairs this task force.

The second initiative is a continuation of the Front Entrance Task Force activity started in 2022.  The major areas covered in this initiative include: 1) Continue working on 2022 the tasks identified in 2022, 2) Expand the scope of work to include refreshing other POA sites and 3) Interface our recommendations to the POA Asset Management System with 2024 budget target dates.  George Lortz is the interim chair of this task force.

The third initiative is assisting with the updating of POA Documentation which includes the CMP, LUP and the POA By-laws.  The Committee plans to assist the Board and other standing committees in this effort.

The fourth initiative is to assist the Board and other standing committees with the implementing of POA town hall meetings.

The fifth initiative will be to coordinate hosting the Ohio Lakes Community Association (OLCA) meeting to be held in HVL this fall.

Lakes Committee:  Eric Fox

Second Readings:

Permitted Powered and Non-powered Watercraft

7-7. Watercraft Registration Rules

Current Bylaw:

7-7-12. Prohibited Watercraft: Air boats, jet skis, powered water skis, ATVS and powered personal watercraft (PWCs) are prohibited for use on HVL POA lakes and will not be issued registration stickers.

Proposed change to Bylaw:

7-7-12. Permitted Powered and Non-powered Watercraft: Ski / wake boat, center console boat, runabout, bowrider boat, cuddy cabin boat, deck boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, sailboat, jon boat, dinghy, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, paddleboat, paddle bike and seascooter are permitted with registration. 

 Prohibited watercraft: Examples, but not all inclusive: Air boats, jet boats, houseboats, jet skis, powered water skis, jet propelled kayak, hydrofoil, kiteboard, catamaran, ATVS, car/boats and powered personal watercraft (PWCs) will not be issued registration stickers. 

  1. Watercraft not mentioned as permitted are also prohibited.
  • Motion tabled.

Permitted Flotation Devices

7-11. Water Trampolines and Large Flotation Devices

Current Bylaw:

7-11-1. “Flotation Devices”: Max diameter allowed is 20 feet and no more than 26 feet in any direction. The entire device must fit into a square footprint that is no more than 20 feet long and 20 feet wide

Proposed change to Bylaw:

7-11-1. Permitted “Flotation Devices (hard or inflatable)”: Water Mat, Water Slide, Water Trampoline, Climbing Wall and Lounger / Large Raft, Standard PFD’s, Tubes.

  1. Max diameter allowed is 20 feet and no more than 26 feet in any direction. The entire device must fit into a square footprint that is no more than 20 feet long and 20 feet wide (400 sq ft max size)
  2. Prohibited flotation devices: Flying tubes, and any flotation device not specifically named as permitted.
  • Motion for Approval of Second Reading of 7-11. Water Trampolines and Large Flotation Devices made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn Motion passed 5-0.

Parks Committee Report:  Amy Ayers-Wilson

Scavenger Hunt – Saturday, May 20, 2023; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with set times for different age groups. John Getzendanner created a Scavenger hunt direction sheet and a check off sheet for the children to use as they find the different rocks. There were 144 gift bags to be given out as prizes with the painted rocks (Rocks by Ali) being the grand prizes. The gift bags and grand prizes were not advertised and was a surprise for those participating.

Trails Update: On a couple of the trails the markers have been pulled out.  These will be cement in the ground to prevent this in the future.

The muddy area on Wood Duck will have steps added for better access.  Blue Bird will be checked in the coming weeks for access needs and to get signage placed.  The QR code in the display case will be remounted for easier scanning.

Cemetery:  The painting and repair of the picket fence is about done.  The area has been cleared and raked.  Some little trees have been salvaged.  Broken or missing pickets have been replaced- one corner needed 16 replacements.  John Getzendanner has been fortunate to now have the help from Mark Campbell and his boys along with John’s grandson. This has and continues to be a large project led by John.


Swim lessons information will be added to the online Echoes edition, listserv, the HVL Facebook and website.  This year, Pool Manager, Nora Humphrey is expanding the swim lessons to offer them both June and July. Prior years swim lessons were only offered one month.


The new sign for the Snack Shack were hung before opening day.

Two picnic tables were damaged in shipping – replacements are on order.

Single seat chairs have been purchased (25).

Baby pool is cleaned, water is in and all water features working. The baby pool water sample has been submitted to Health Department.

All lifeguards were hired – two are new with the rest returning from last year.  Wonderful to have returning lifeguards for this coming season.  Lifeguard Orientation is this Saturday.


Swimming off the boat dock at the beach remains a concern to be addressed with potential signage for safety reasons.

New ropes and new buoys for the beach area will be installed.


Research is being done to obtain a special needs swing for children at the playground.

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report:  Bonnie Starks

Bonnie Starks has resigned as Chair of Safety, Security & Elections to avoid a conflict of interest with the new Board.  Dave Buschmiller, has accepted the position and Bonnie will remain on the committee as will be his Vice-Chair.  The Committee unanimously voted yes on this change.

A woman passed $100 counterfeit bills at our community garage sale. The deputies got a description of her car and eventually caught up with her. She was then taken into custody. The deputies were able to return residents’ money and items.  They commented that if we had the FLOCK camera system this arrest would have been much easier. The request for this service has been submitted it to the proper authority.

Our Primary goals for this coming year are the Election Panel Structure, the Halloween danger at the pool, reviewing specific By Laws and procedures which have been changed over the years, and all safety issues.

Work continues on the Election Panel.

Parking at the pool on Halloween remains a dangerous issue.  Safety measures are being addressed.

Civic Club Report:  Kevin Grosse

In a world that seems to continue to create more and more pressure and stress – one of the Civic Club’s objectives is to take at least some of that away – just for a time – to really be present with what we are blessed with living here in the Valley.  We also look to “changing things up” once in a while to create new interest and outward focus to get to know our community better and meet some new cool people.  This is exactly why we welcome new members – to bring new ideas and projects.  Together, with the support of the entire club, we’ll make it happen – and have fun doing it!

We also are looking at bringing back the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” concept that was started a few years ago.  What we’ve all discovered is that there is lots of satisfaction in helping others get things done that they just haven’t gotten to -or- can’t do the work themselves.  Something good always happens when we help our own neighbors.  After all, I’d much rather help you with your projects than finish my own!  Trust me, we get that, and will be organizing a plan soon, to help you get your things done.

Old Business:


New Business:



  • Motion to Adjourn made by Donna Yetzer and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passed 5-0.

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