Board Annual Meeting Minutes 4/27/23



Thursday, April 27, 2023 7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m.– Willie’s


Board of Directors Members Present:  Jeff Fuell, Doug Gabbard, Scott Giska, Patricia Hawkins and Ken Horn.

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

Infrastructure Management:

Opening the bids for HVAC unit at the POA building.

The last couple of weeks have been a struggle with our mowing contractor. They have a new manager and a new team and there have been several hiccups. I have been in contact with the manager and the regional manager almost daily. I have made it very clear to them that we are not satisfied with their work so far this year and it is not acceptable. 

Fiber Optics

What percentage is complete? 

HV01 = not started

HV03 = 34.17%

HV03B = 61.19%

HV04 = 60.69%

When and where will service begin?

This is up to the REMC/SEI but HV04 is closest to being construction complete, splicing is what remains. The Hidden Valley substation is connected to the backbone.

Are we on track with expectations/schedules?

So far we are on track.

Maintenance Team:

Your maintenance team has completed several projects over the last year. The most significant project was the dock restoration at Willie’s. There were cost savings from the lowest bid, and we feel the docks will last a long time. These types of projects take their toll on our staff, who must squeeze in the work between planned and unplanned maintenance, so hats off to the team!

Some of those other projects include annual sprucing up in the spring, major projects, such as the Sandamont walkway, re-staining the gazebo, and painting. 

Speaking of which, we appreciate the efforts of members of the Future Planning Committee, who painted the Security Center with donated funds. That prompted our team to repaint the Sports Complex building, as well.

Nature Trails:

Parks and Recreation requested a sign installed to direct hikers to the nature trails and signs along the trails. You can now find the trail map in this sign box, and you can scan the QR code to get more information on the trails. We have seen a lot of interest in this activity.

Storm cleanup:

When we have some of the major rainstorms as we have had the last few years, it is really challenging to maintain the large culvert pipes that cross under the roads. Your maintenance team checks these during and after the storms and works to maintain the water flow. Otherwise, the area beneath the road will be compromised which could cause major damage.

Of course, your maintenance team has a long history of clearing the roads during snowstorms. This is done through planning, equipment maintenance, and having an experienced snow removal team to combat the storm.

Routine Maintenance:

Your team has a knack for repurposing and recycling. They found several uses for the grindings left over from the road repair work last summer. We continue to look for opportunities to save money and get the job done effectively.

Golf Course:

We were able to contract with Riegler Paving to pave Holes 1-11 and 18 and we saved about $15,000 from the original estimate. Your maintenance team was asked to erect a guardrail along one of the paths that was raised quite a bit. They also replaced several posts on the rear of the clubhouse.

Security Team:

I will go into detail about the Security Team in my next Echoes article, but I wanted to give a short history and an update on where we are. In the early years, until 1996, we had a team of security guards called Rangers. In 1996, as the Dearborn County Sheriff, I enacted a Reserve Deputy program and included HVL Security as a way to increase our police presence in the county and support the team at HVL. Over the years, there have been changes in uniforms, cars, equipment, and training which has made your team a training ground for several of the local police departments as well as the Indiana State Police. Unfortunately, that all came to a screeching halt in late 2021 and early 2022 as we found ourselves with no deputies and no security guards.

Thanks to Jason Hoffman and Adam Boesken, we recently were able to secure police powers for some of our security staff. We now have three full-time Rangers on our team who have full police powers in Indiana, who also work part-time at West Harrison. 

The program is still developing and will get better as time and experience guide us. I want to say clearly that the Sheriff and his department have been working with us during this entire time. He, as well as law enforcement agencies in this area, are facing the same issues with hiring police staff. Good candidates are few and far between. Our first choice is still to have deputies on staff here since this is their territory. I also want to say that for the most part, we have been able to man our security team with very good quality people and our team is one of the most well-trained and experienced teams I have seen at HVL. Three members are residents and three members are Indiana Police Academy graduates with full police powers. We also have security staff with academy training in Ohio (OPODA) and Indiana (ILEA) who work part-time and seasonal.

I would like to thank the Safety and Security Committee and the Board for their support along the way and especially thank Jason Hoffman for assembling this great team of security staff members.

Memorial Day:

I will conclude with an announcement about Memorial weekend activities. We will again have a service on the Sunday before Memorial Day, May 28, beginning at noon at the Veteran’s Memorial at the 77-acres. At 1 pm, the HVL Riders will again lead a parade through HVL. Please make a special effort to attend this year and support our veterans as they remember their fallen brothers and sisters.

Also, through the work of Andy DiPuccio, there will be a concert that evening to support Riverview Cemetery in Aurora, which has a large number of military graves dating back to at least the mid-1800s. It is a beautiful setting at the corner of Laughery Creek and the Ohio River. 

March 23, 2023 Motions:

  • Approval of March 2023 Minutes—Board Secretary
  • Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 03/23/2023—Architectural Committee
  • Motion to grant a 17’ variance for a shed on the rear setback of the property of Ronald and Sally Rowland, Lot 1054H, 21347 Alpine Drive.—Architectural Committee
  • Motion to grant a 7’ variance for a built-in swimming pool on the rear setback of the property of Michael and Stacey Palmer, Lot 1553H/1554/1555, 19799 Longview Drive.—Architectural Committee
  • First Reading for change in bylaw 7-7-12. Prohibited Watercraft: Air boats, jet skis, powered water skis, ATVS and powered personal watercraft (PWCs) are prohibited for use on HVL POA lakes and will not be issued registration stickers.—Lakes Committee
  • First Reading for Change in bylaw 7-11-1. “Flotation Devices”: Max diameter allowed is 20 feet and no more than 26 feet in any direction. The entire device must fit into a square footprint that is no more than 20 feet long and 20 feet wide. 

Call to Order:  Scott Giska

President, Scott Giska called the Board of Directors Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Report:  Scott Giska

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff Fuell

Cash Position Feb 28, 2023:  $601,470

Cash Position March 31, 2023:  $548,441


  1. All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  1. HVL POA plans annually for a balanced budget. (i.e., anticipated annual expenses are planned to not exceed anticipated annual income) 
  2. Some infrequent expenses are predictable such as replacement of vehicles, maintenance of our roads, the many lake dams, swimming pool liner, lake dredging etc.  Funds are reserved each year to cover those future expenses and are included in the totals. 
  3. Projected cash at year end is generally equal to zero dollars plus reserved funds for above mentioned expenses as well as necessary reserves.  Reserves include two months of operating capital, capital for asset purchases, and Architecture bond payments to be refunded.
  4. All financials will be audited by an outside auditor annually.

Secretary’s Report:  Patricia Hawkins

  • Approval of February 2023 Minutes made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Bylaw update presented.

Vice President’s Report:

Community Manager’s Report:  Dave Wismann


Architecture Committee Report:  Tom Cross

Performance Bonds for Return 4/27/2023.

Lot # 2527H Dustin Kanzlemar 

Property Address 1853 Cove Circle East Bond Amount $500.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

Lot # 1865H Anne Williams & John Noel

Property Address 1401 Aqua Vista Drive Bond Amount $2000.00

City, State, Zip Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Dues Owed $0

Fine/Fees Owed $0

  • Approval of Performance Bonds for Return 03/23/2023 made by Patricia Hawkins and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.
  • Motion to grant a 17’ variance for a shed on the rear setback of the property of Ronald and Sally Rowland, Lot 1054H, 21347 Alpine Drive made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.
  • Motion to grant a 7’ variance for a built-in swimming pool on the rear setback of the property of Michael and Stacey Palmer, Lot 1553H/1554/1555, 19799 Longview Drive made by Jeff Fuell and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Finance Committee Report:  Kyle Packer

  • Motion to add Tom Plogsted to the finance Committee made by Patricia Hawkins and seconded by Jeff Fuell.  Motion passed 5-0.

Future Planning Committee:  George Lortz

  • Future Planning Committee 2023 Annual Meeting Report
  • In 2023, the Communications Task Force will continue its work on 1) Echoes enhancements, 2) Fiber optics communications issues, 3) POA website improvements and 4) presentation enhancements for POA meetings and events.  There were 10 people that served on the task force in 2022.
  • The Front Entrance Task Force will continue its work in 2023 by: 1) finishing the front entrance task list from 2022, 2) expanding the scope of the task force by including the refreshing of other areas of HVL and 3) interfacing the task force work with the POA Asset Management System.  There were 7 people on the task force in 2022 and others have asked to join.
  • The FP Committee will be writing two proposals to the new POA Board that include: 1) completing the existing Community Master Plan (CMP) by expanding it to a complete POA long range plan and 2) including new business planning information for the Golf Club.  Both these efforts will require POA Board sponsorship.
  • The Committee will continue its work on updating the Land Use Plan (LUP).
  • The Committee will continue to offer its assistance to the Board and standing committees for rewriting and updating the By-laws.  Currently there are requests to assist in formulating by-laws for: 1) environmental issues, 2) election reforms and 3) Board policies.
  • The Committee will continue to offer its services to the Board and standing committees for facilitating Town Hall Meetings.
  • The Committee will offer its assistance to the Board to help organize the Ohio Lake Community Association (OLCA) meeting currently planned to be held this fall in HVL.
  • The Committee will monitor news and information about events being planned in Dearborn County and Indiana for the purpose of keeping the Board and residents informed.
  • FP support for the HVL Golf Course business

Lakes Committee:  Ted Gemperle

New Business:

  1. We would like to present a change to rule 7-7-12 (see other attached for slide).  This rule will add language for the types of powered and non-powered watercraft that will be permitted on the lake.  Changes in marine technologies have been rapid, and we feel this change will allow us to take a proactive approach to the types of watercraft we allow on the lake.
  2. The second change is to rule 7-11-1 regarding floatation devices allowed on the lake.  This rule was originally intended to cover floating trampolines.   Again, as the marine industry presents new options, we feel it would be beneficial to take the same proactive approach with this group.
  3. We recognize the need to keep up with the changing environment.  These changes are meant for the Committee and board to consider new options before they are already on the lake

Year in Review:

  1. We have now completed the full renovation of the Willies docks.  There was a lot of work to be done which includes repairs and welding of the frames, new floatation boxes, and the addition of concrete tile which will keep these docks in service for many more years to come.
  2. Replacement of the monitoring equipment in our dam has been completed.
  3. Our Fish Study of the main lake was completed.  We learned that due to the efforts to remove the slot bass, and provide additional baitfish, we are seeing our overall population begin to look healthier.  We need to continue to remove slot bass and add additional cover to provide baitfish places to hide and multiply so that we get a more balanced population.

Volunteer Kudos:

  1. All of our committee works hard and gives time to make sure that the lakes here are places we can all relax and play.

Special thanks to:

  1. Adam Mauer for stepping in with his expertise in fab work to help us get the Willies floating docks rebuilt and ready for many years of use.
  2. The small lakes task force, who worked with Linda Hartmann to create plans and put them in action on Crystal Lake to revive this asset, keeping it natural and beautiful.
  3. All the volunteers that help with our annual lake cleanup.  We appreciate you!
  4. Thanks also to Ted Gemperle and James Barnum for joining our committee.  We look forward to your expertise and enthusiasm for our community and arguably the most prominent asset.


  1. We will begin working on replacement of the aging and inadequate aerator systems on the small lakes.  Kathy and Crystal should be the first two we get to work on.  We are also putting together proper maintenance plans and protocols to keep them in good working order.  This is part of a broader initiative to address the health of our small lakes.
  2. We are working with vendors to create a plan for a forebay at Crystal Lake.  This will allow us to address a good portion of siltation that happens at this lake.  It will allow us to periodically clean out the forebay with our own equipment when it fills, rather than having to hire dredging with can be a significant expense.
  3. We continue to use Crystal Lake as our test subject for chemical free solutions to algal and weed problems.  What we learn on this lake will be translated to our other small lakes in hopes that we can not only make them healthy habitats but also beautiful places to live and fish.

Permitted Powered and Non-powered Watercraft

7-7. Watercraft Registration Rules

Current Bylaw:

7-7-12. Prohibited Watercraft: Air boats, jet skis, powered water skis, ATVS and powered personal watercraft (PWCs) are prohibited for use on HVL POA lakes and will not be issued registration stickers.

Proposed change to Bylaw:

7-7-12. Permitted Powered and Non-powered Watercraft: Ski / wake boat, center console boat, runabout, bowrider boat, cuddy cabin boat, deck boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, sailboat, jon boat, dinghy, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, paddleboat, paddle bike and seascooter are permitted with registration. 

 Prohibited watercraft: Examples, but not all inclusive: Air boats, jet boats, houseboats, jet skis, powered water skis, jet propelled kayak, hydrofoil, kiteboard, catamaran, ATVS, car/boats and powered personal watercraft (PWCs) will not be issued registration stickers. 

  1. Watercraft not mentioned as permitted are also prohibited.

Permitted Flotation Devices

7-11. Water Trampolines and Large Flotation Devices

Current Bylaw:

7-11-1. “Flotation Devices”: Max diameter allowed is 20 feet and no more than 26 feet in any direction. The entire device must fit into a square footprint that is no more than 20 feet long and 20 feet wide

Proposed change to Bylaw:

7-11-1. Permitted “Flotation Devices (hard or inflatable)”: Water Mat, Water Slide, Water Trampoline, Climbing Wall and Lounger / Large Raft, Standard PFD’s, Tubes.

  1. Max diameter allowed is 20 feet and no more than 26 feet in any direction. The entire device must fit into a square footprint that is no more than 20 feet long and 20 feet wide (400 sq ft max size)
  2. Prohibited flotation devices: Flying tubes, and any flotation device not specifically named as permitted.

Parks Committee Report:  Amy Ayers-Wilson


* Scavenger Hunt

* QR Code – Trails

* Get Bluebird Trail Completed


* New liner has been installed

* Family Pool Parties scheduled

* Annual Resident Pool Party

* New access point for concession stand

Safety, Security & Elections Committee Report:  Bonnie Starks

As usual, our committee has been involved in many diverse topics necessary to the safety and security of our community.  This past year we have listened, reviewed, and worked on many subjects. The following are the most important:

  • The separation of the Elections Sub Committee into a designated Panel to help alleviate some of the work load for S,S,&E.
  • The Halloween congestion danger at the pool area and a solution for this year.
  • We voted unanimously to thoroughly investigate and if applicable to promote the police system, FLOCK, which most of our neighboring communities are already committed to and using.  We sponsored a zoom presentation to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and various POA personnel.  This system would make us a virtual gated community.
  • We worked on speeding and the pedestrian right of way.
  • Unnecessary stop signs and adding child safety signs were taken into consideration.
  • Animal and dog rules were addressed.
  • Golf Cart reviews were conducted.
  • We worked on the Election on-line forms.
  • The Committee investigated previous Board policies that were lost in an update

Our 2023 primary goals for completion are:

  • The Election Panel Structure and separation.
  • The Halloween danger.
  • The FLOCK camera system.
  • Whatever else presents itself.

Old Business:


New Business:

Several residents and employees assembled after the meeting for an unrecorded discussion regarding

POA employee health care.


  • Motion to Adjourn made by Doug Gabbard and seconded by Ken Horn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Minutes published in this paper are abbreviated.  A full account can be heard online at

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