Blue-Green Algae Advisory – Kathy Lake 8/15

The HVL Natural Resources Department collected and tested water samples from Kathy Lake on August 14, 2019. One of those samples tested positive for a high level of a microcystin toxin associated with cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) blooms.
Do not swim in or drink water from that lake. Do not let your dogs swim in or drink from Kathy Lake. If your pets are exposed, do not let them lick their fur; bathe them immediately. Do not eat fish caught in Kathy Lake.
We did not observe potential algae blooms on any of our other lakes, but be aware that additional blooms are possible as long as this heat wave continues. If you observe a green or bluish-green oily-looking film in other areas, please take a picture and contact Linda Hartmann with the location as soon as possible (513-330-3988 or For more information see the Indiana DNR website