Architecture Meeting Minutes, May 18, 2022

   Architecture Committee Meeting

         Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00PM

     Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:   Tom Cross       5:15 PM

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin, Frank Goodrich, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:  Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:  Ken Horn

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:  Phoebe & Tyler Fike, Dyllon Dekok, Michael Paul, William Murphy, Cory Piche

Guest:  None

  1. Phoebe & Tyler Fike, Lots 637/638, 1394 Sunset Drive. Applied for a 10’ variance request on front elevation for a new home.  Letters were sent out on April 7th and a sign was posted.  We received one letter, but this letter came from a resident that did not have property adjoining the Fike’s property.  Would like to be recommended to the Board of Directors for approval.  All questions regarding the variance were successfully resolved and the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to recommend the POA Board’s issuing of the requested variance.
  1. Kristen & Dyllon Dekok, Lot 222H, 20048 Lakeview Drive. Replacing floorboards and railing to deck using composite, no change in dimensions. Replacing white siding with “shadow” color vinyl siding which looks like a dark gray.  Adding a new 11’ X 12’ two (2) level shed with post and beam construction which will be installed as an addition at the back of the home. There will be a door at the ground level and an upper level door that will be accessible from the elevated deck. The shed addition will be sided and have a roof that matches the colors of the house. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project and the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Raphael Fuchs & Nathalie Debefve, Lot # 36H, 904 Hickory Road. Seeking a Permit to install an allan block retaining wall 3’ X 16’.  This is a newly constructed home. The Committee found the retaining wall had already been installed by the contractor prior to obtaining a Permit. The installation, as accomplished, was acceptable so the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to waive any fines or penalties and approve the issuing of the requested Permit.
  1. Linda DeBlasio, Lot 101H/456, 20231 Longview Drive. Applying for a Permit to extend an existing boat lift by 3’ and add a 2nd boat lift 12’ X 4’. Questions regarding some aspects of the projects and the provided Plot Plan exist. Since the individuals requesting the Permit did not attend the meeting, this item was shelved and will have to be rescheduled. 
  1. Michael & Kathleen Paul, Lot 770/771H, 20877 Lakeview Drive. Adding a wooden 9’ X 19’ porch and two concrete patios measuring 10’ X 36’ and 5’ X 30’.  Adding 3 concrete retaining walls (1) 18” X 12’ (2) 18” X 24’ (3) 18” X 36’. A Plot Plan and drawings which include First and Second Options regarding the preferred design were provided by Michael Paul. The Second Option presented dimensions that go beyond allowable side setbacks and cannot be approved by the Committee. Additionally, such violations of the Rules could not receive approval even if a Variance were requested, so that Second Option was voided. The first Option and the Plot Plan showing that First Option were unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee.
  1. William & Debora Murphy, Lot 592H/593, 1147 Springdale Court. Seeking a Permit to install 3 retaining wall sections (1) 4’ X 40’ (2) 4’ X 40’ (3) four 2’-3’ high X 8’ X 8’ square areas, all using allan block with gravel foundations. Also installing stairs going down the hill using concrete precast steps. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Cory & Kinni Piche, Lot 1836H, 19974 Ravenda Drive. Requested a 15’ variance on rear setback for a shed, letters were sent, and a sign was posted.  Both neighbors responded with no objections.  Cory attended the meeting to receive a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. The Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to recommend the issuing of the Variance.
  1. Donna & John Janszen, Lot 2541, 1713 Cove Circle East. Requesting a Permit to install a 10’ X 24’ slate gray colored boatlift cover over their existing boatlift. The homeowners were not present for the meeting but all aspects of the application were acceptable, so the Architecture committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Preston Ross, Lot 2957, 1621 Ridgewood Circle. Replacing existing deck with no change in dimensions, using all wood.  
  1. Brian Herzog, Lot # 604H, 20667 Lakeview Drive. Partial white vinyl 6’ privacy fence, 26’ X 14’.  
  1. Kenny Kincart, Lot # 2804H, 20901 Ridgecliff Court. Replacing existing gravel drive with concrete, no change in dimensions.  
  1. Linda Brandenburg, Lot 432H/433, 20448 Lakeview Drive. Removing cedar siding, repainting the house, Trim-“cottonwood”, House Siding-“woodland”, and Garage door-“black”, colors on file.  
  1. Jack Schnieder, Lot 2574H, 1921 Timberline Trail. Replacing existing wood deck and railings using composite.  
  1. Alex Sullivan, Lot # 681H/682, 1214 Sunset Drive. Replacing gray/blue cedar siding with gray vinyl siding. 

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:


The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:


The following projects were Board approved:


ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for May 4, 2022.

Motion to approve by:  Frank Goodrich       Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  

Motion by:  Frank Goodrich      Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin     7:00 PM

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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