Architecture Meeting Minutes 6-16-21

Architecture Committee Meeting

         Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Committee 5:30 PM

Guest 6:00 PM

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

(Revised on 8/18/2021)

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross    5:25 PM

Members Present:  Frank Goodrich, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Tom Cross

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Steve Siereveld, Dave Hafner (Dave also served to complete the quorum and sign documents.)

Community Manager Present: No

Residents in Attendance: Edward & Pamela Gemperle, Jeffrey & Tristin Stenger, Jessica Nelson & Brian Chenault, Bonita Mack, Todd Eads, Stephen & Allison Gulasy, Jarred Rowland


  1. Edward & Pamela Gemperle, Lot # 1381H/1382, 20333 Beau Vista Drive, adding two gravel parking pads (1) 9’ X 32’ and (2) 9’ X 8’.  Also adding 3 retaining walls using concrete blocks, (1) 3’ 6” X 54’, (2) 3’ X 27’, (3) 2’ X 12’.  On inspection it was noted the gap between the end of the concrete driveway and the paved street was filled with crushed coarse limestone. The property owner agreed to fill that gap with asphalt in accordance with the by-laws. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit. The property owner was provided a list of County contacts needed to obtain additional Permits from the County if required.
  1. Jeffrey Stenger, Lot # 2132H/2133, 20808 Alpine Drive, culvert extension on both sides of culvert, 3 rail split fence with vinyl coated mesh, 4’ in height using natural wood, 10’ X 14’ wooden shed with metal roof, colors of shed are gray, black and white.  Pins have been located and marked and the fence location was staked out. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit. The property owner was provided a list of County contacts needed to obtain additional Permits from the County if required. 
  1. Jessica Nelson, Lot # 354, 937 Greentree Road, 4’ in height split rail fence with mesh liner, natural wood.  The fence is entirely located within the buildable area of the Lot so locating the pins is not necessary. The Plot Plan provided was not properly drawn so the Architecture Committee agreed to table the signing of the Approval for issuing a Permit until the appropriate Corrections are made. 
  1. Bonita & Bob Mack, Lot # 2098H/2099, 1457 Brabamhurst Drive, built a C box raised garden bed 10’ from the property, requested a 15’ variance, sign posted, letters sent.  There are three neighbors that have property adjoining the Mack property.  The POA Office received one letter allowing the variance, one email denying the variance. The dissenting neighbor called on June 14th to allow the variance, no response from the third neighbor. Since the POA Office later received notification that the neighbor withdrew their Objections and with no other complaints having been received, the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to recommend the issuing of the Variance.
  1. Todd Eads, Lot # 316, 19796 Overlook Circle is interested in purchasing a lot on Overlook and putting a new home with a rather large garage.  He would like to discuss with the committee the possibilities of putting a certain type of home and garage on the lot on Overlook.  Drawings have been supplied. Todd stated his current plan is to build the new home on Lot# 319 on Overlook Circle which he will purchase if he receives no objections to his basic design which is not finalized. The Architecture Committee considered his proposal and found nothing was in violation of the Community’s Bylaws and standards. Todd Eads was advised he must proceed by following the procedures that apply to anyone seeking a Permit prior to constructing a new home.
  1. Stephen & Allison Gulasy, Lot # 181/182H, 19967 Elm Drive.  The Gulasy’s met with members from the Board of Directors and new plans, as follows, to allow the additional parking pad were considered.  Relocating parking pad to side of garage 13’ X 21’.  Driveway addition in two areas (1) 10’ X 10’ and (2) 13’ X 18’. The POA Board members present for this Meeting informed the Architecture Committee that they visited the site and had no objections to the proposed Project if the changes were done in a manner that is acceptable to the Members of the Architecture Committee. The proposed added square footage equals 916 sq. ft. That is significantly more than the allowed limit of 360 sq. ft. The Committee Members present do not generally favor such a large addition, but two Members were not present for this discussion. The Committee Chairman, with the consent of other Committee Members present, decided to table the discussion until a future Meeting when all Committee members are able to be present and other options may be presented.
  1. Jared Rowland, Lot # 759H, 1121 Thornhill Lane, 10’ X 14’ cream color metal shed with pressure treated wooden floor, sitting on top of cinder blocks on crushed limestone footers.  Shed was put in without approval on the property line.  Dan Tester spoke to Mr. Rowland who has agreed to move the shed, and is now coming in for discussion and approval. The homeowner has be cooperative and has selected a new location for the placement of the existing shed. The move must be completed before August 18, 2021. The Committee Chairman does not want the Committee to sign off on Approval until the actual work can be completed and inspected. The property owner was provided a list of County contacts needed to obtain additional Permits from the County if required. One Committee Member noted this change in Procedure is different from the typical means used to approve the application for a Permit. The Chair noted this situation is different due to the constructing of the shed in an improper location, possible foundation issues, and without a Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Lyndsay & Brian Hays, Lot # 3234, 1061 Hartford Circle, changing siding from gray to tan, replacing windows with white vinyl.  
  1. Kenneth Dickey, Lot # 2371H, 1444 Golfview Court, 13’ X 17’ paver patio.  
  1. David & Joyce Ming, Lot # 2095/2096H, 1487 Brabamhurst Drive, replacing siding with cedar siding on the west and south exposure, painting north and east exposure with same color stain as on hardy board.  
  1. Brandon Shumate, Lot # 1372H, 20584 Longview Drive, replacing existing concrete drive with 19’ culvert pipe (15” in diameter), 4’ X 50’ sidewalk.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Mark & Michelle Scott, Lot # 1142H, 20363 Meercham Way, Final approval signed off by the Architectural Committee after variance approval by the Board of Directors for a 24’ X 24’ garage, replacing concrete driveway, adding 2’ to each side of driveway, replacing shingles and painting home black and white.  

The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:

  1. Douglas Craven, Lot 2122H, 20797 Alpine Drive, pins were located and approved by Dan Tester.  

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve June 2, 2021, Architecture Meeting Minutes: 

Motion by:  Frank Goodrich      Seconded by:  Tom Cross

Old Business:   None

New Business:   None

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:    Motion by:  Frank Goodrich      

Seconded by:  Tom Cross     7:15 PM

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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