Architecture Committee Meeting 6/21/23

  Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:   Bob Maudlin            5:25 PM

Members Present:  Frank Goodrich, Phil Heitz, Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Jack Schnieder

Members Absent:  Tom Cross

POA Office Staff Present:  No

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:  Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:  Ken Horn

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:   Scott King & contractor Jeremy Howard, Glenn Branam, Robert Price, Andrew Raczka, Martin McIntyre, Bob & Kelly Will, Garrett & Daniel Schwing

Guest:  None

  1. Scott King, Lot# 2341& 2745, 20711 Matterhorn Drive. Seeking a Permit to expand the screened in area of the back porch, 12’ X 12’, using wood siding & screen matching the appearance of the existing structure. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  2. Glenn Branam, Lot# 625, 1293 Sunset Drive. Adding a 7’ X 7’ Shed. Color: Faint Maple with Black Trim, complementing the colors of the house, to be installed on the concrete patio located behind the house. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  3. Robert Price, Lot# 395 & 396, 20267 Lakeview Drive. Replacing an existing shed with a 14’ X 20’ shed constructed of wood and painted to match the house. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  4. Andrew Raczka, Lot# 2283, 1684 Liesl Court. Adding a staircase to the existing deck 5’X12’. Adding a 10’ X 30’ concrete parking pad with added driveway access to the right of the house adjacent to a 3’ wide rock mulch bed in the side yard. Adding a 37’ X 33’ patio made with paver blocks and a 6’ H X 37’ L privacy fence. Also installing a Swim/Spa hot tub, Cedar exterior with a lockable cover 14’4” X 7’9” X 4’3” and a Gazebo 14’X 14’ X 7’8” Metal roof same color as house (black) Cedar Wood Frame. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  5. Dorothy Fedroff, Lot# 433A/434H, 20478 Lakeview Drive. Removing the existing deck, installing a new 11’ X 21’ deck and adding a platform for the placement of a screened-in sunroom to be installed on top. Sunroom size: 11’x17’. Dorothy Fedroff was not present for the Meeting. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  6. Martin McIntyre, Lot# 2198, 2199H & 2200, 1504 Tyrolean Way. Installing a 4ft. High Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence. (Approx 200’ long) in the back yard. Mr. McIntyre owns all three lots but lot #2200 has not been contiguated with the other two lots. Since the shed and fence will be partially located on lot 2200, contiguation is essential. The owner wishes to contiguate the lots but ran into delays due to administrative problems with Dearborn County. To assist in expediting the project, the Architecture Committee Members unanimously agreed to issue the Permit with Mr. McIntyre’s agreement to obtain the documents proving the lots have been properly contiguated, and present them to the POA Office within 30 days or pay a fine.
  7. Bob & Kelly Will, Lot# 1149/1150H & 1151, 20453 Meercham Way. Installing a Detached Garage 30’W X 34’D using pole building style construction with a concrete floor, and a gravel driveway. The garage has two 10’ W X 12’ H garage doors, side windows, and a side door. The roof eves will not exceed 12’ above the ground level at the point where the ground contact level is the highest.  The roof color is Burnished Slate, the sides Clay. The doors and windows are Black. The color of the wainscoting will be Burnished Slate. The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  8. Garrett Schwing, Lot# 2709H/ 2708, 20431 Alpine Drive. Removing and replacing the existing Front and Rear Porches. The new front porch will be 7’ W X 5’ L. The new rear porch will be 16’ W X 20’ L, constructed with pressure treated wood. The finish color will be Wellington Brown (Dark Brown). The Architecture Committee members unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and reviewed: 

  1. Elizabeth McCoy, Lot# 2843 21032 Bellemeade Drive. Replacing deck in kind. 
  2. Raymond Baker, Lots# 92H/93 20160 Longview Drive. Painting Front & Back Doors, Windows, and Door Trim with Dutch Boy Paint Emerald Green 

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a 


  1. Danny Clyde, Lot# 3277, 1151 Hanover Drive. Replacing old exterior door, color Beige, with a new door, color: Dark Cherry. Replacing old roof, color Black, with new roof, color Sierra Gray. Replacing old vinyl siding, colors Yellow/ Beige with new siding, James Hardie color: Iron Grey.

The following projects were approved after pins were located on the property:  None

The following projects were Board approved:  None

ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2023.

Motion to approve by:  Frank Goodrich      Seconded by:  Alan Kohlhaas

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Ken Horn and Dan Tester introduced the subject of a homeowner who placed a trampoline in their back yard close enough to the street to present a serious safety hazard. The homeowner, when notified they should remove or relocate the trampoline, said they were planning to obtain a variance to keep the trampoline in that location. No application for a variance has been received. The compliance officer will do a follow up.

4-18-2. Play Structures Must Meet Setback Requirements Swing sets, wooden play sets, playhouses, trampolines or other play structures shall meet the setback requirements for the lot and shall be placed in the side or back yard.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  

Motion by:  Jack Schnieder        Seconded by:  Frank Goodrich        7:03 PM

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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