Architecture Meeting Minutes 6-2-21

Architecture Committee Meeting

         Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

    Unapproved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:    Bob Maudlin    5:30 PM

Members Present:  Bob Maudlin, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Frank Goodrich

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas, Tom Cross

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Steve Siereveld, Jeff Fuell

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:  John Fruin, Dan & Mary Kay Kroeger 


  1. John Fruin, Lot #1571, 19447 Newcom Knoll, no architectural approval on a seawall built with bagged concrete. John Fruin attended the meeting and acknowledged his error but stated he has evidence he used bagged cement that was manufactured without using lime. John also proposed potential solutions. The Committee agreed to delay a decision until after John Fruin, the Architecture Committee, and the Lakes Committee can have a joint meeting to discuss various aspects of the situation and come to an agreeable conclusion.
  1. Dan and Mary Kay Kroeger, Lot #3172, 1534 Kathy Court, retaining wall in the rear of the house. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for the project as presented. Gina Keller provided a list of County Contacts and recommended the Kroeger’s contact County Officials to obtain additional Permits if required.
  1. Diamond Plumbing LLC, Lot #828, 21058 Lakeview Drive. New Home construction. No representative of Diamond Plumbing attended the meeting. The Application and all other essential information was complete and acceptable. The home will have 1486sq. ft. of living space and an unfinished basement with 8 ft. ceilings. Siding will be light grey vinyl with grey stone veneer, white trim, black roof, and a blue front door The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Marvin & Luann Roberts, Lots 1328H, 20463 Longview Drive, replacing gravel driveway with concrete, no change in dimensions.  
  1. Daniel & Rhonda Zuziak, Lot # 2264H, 20652 Matterhorn Drive, replacing existing wooden deck with concrete 10’ 5” X 7’ X 2’ and replacing paver sidewalk with concrete 5’ X 32’.
  1. Michelle & Nick Konerman, Lot # 3073, 1664 Greenlawn Way, yard grading and drain tile running down the side of the driveway, small amount of rip rap in the left-hand corner of back yard.
  1. Brian Hoffman, Lot #70, 20127 Lakeview Drive, shingle replacement, no color change.
  1. Tom Lindeman, Lot #1140, 20343 Meercham Way, added 40 square feet to already approved concrete driveway.
  1. Robert Boehmer, Lot 33352, 19641 Alpine Drive, replacing retaining wall, no change in dimensions.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:  None.

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve May 19, 2021 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  

Motion by:  Frank Goodrich       Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  

Motion by:  Frank Goodrich    Seconded by:  Phil Heitz   6:50 PM 

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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