Architecture Meeting Minutes 5-19-21

  Architecture Committee Meeting

         Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00

 Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Phil Heitz,          

Jerry Goodrich

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Dave Hafner, Steve Siereveld

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:  Mark & Michelle Scott, Dan Bihn, Ken & Kenny Kincart, Carl & Brad Trauth (B&C Trust), David Gerken, Amber Gascon, Barbara Young & Tammy Girdler


  1. Michelle & Mark Scott, Lot # 1142, 20363 Meercham Way, 10’ variance request to place a garage on front elevation.  Sign posted, letters sent out and neighbors responded with approval.  Needing recommendation to Board of Directors for variance. Michelle & Mark presented a plot plan indicating a location for their garage with the walls of the garage located on the exact dimensional locations specified in their request for a Variance. The drawings for the garage indicate overhangs for the eves. The Architecture Committee Members requested a correction to the drawings to assure the eves do not extend beyond the limits of the requested variance. The Committee unanimously decided to recommend both parts of the variance (the 10’ change to the front elevation and the placing of a garage in a location that is in front of the house) to the Board after the changes to the plot plan and garage design have been corrected.
  1. Dan Bihn, Lot # 2283, 1684 Liesl Court, New home.  A Plot Plan and drawings for a new home, 2118 total sq. ft., with 1123 sq. ft. located on the first floor, were presented to the Architecture Committee. The home will have grey vinyl siding, white trim, and a black roof. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved of the issuing of a Permit. Gina Keller provided information required to help the contractor to obtain all essential additional permits.
  1. Ken & Kenny Kincart, Lot # 3086, 1534 Greenlawn Way, New home. A Plot Plan and drawings for a new Ranch style home, 1437 sq. ft., full unfinished basement with walk-out, were presented to the Architecture Committee. The structure will have blue vinyl siding and faux vinyl stone, white trim, and grey shingle roof. The Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit. Gina Keller provided information required to help the contractor to obtain all essential additional permits.
  1. Carl & Brad Trauth (BCT Trust), Lot # 278, 423 Hickory Road, added gravel parking pad without permit.  Dan went out to measure and one section measures 25’ X 12’ on side of house, other section measures 12’ X 33’ coming off the driveway.  Total square footage is estimated to be 696. The Trauths stated they were not aware of the need for a permit to install a parking pad. The Committee was informed there is no weed barrier under the gravel and the gravel has no permanent edging. Additionally, the home (constructed for the purpose of using it as a rental property) was completed without properly directing the runoff from downspouts. Then Committee has granted the Trauths 30 days to reapply for a proper Permit, complete the parking pad and bury the drain lines to properly redirect the runoff.
  1. David Gerken, Lot # 80, 20064 Longview Drive, cedar block, rebar and concrete retaining wall with built in bench seating 3’ X 52’, relocating shed from left rear of property to right rear of property, color of shed is gray and cream, ground level stone patio with hot tub area, fire pit, raised planter beds, privacy wall with pergola and built-in bench seating as part of the retaining wall. The Plot Plan as provided was not clearly understandable. Changes were made to the original designs. A new Plot Plan must be provided that shows actual dimensions and locations of each aspect of the project. The application has been temporarily shelved..
  1. Amber Gascon, Lot # 835, 21128 Lakeview Drive, would like to discuss a variance for the placement of a garage in the rear setback. The Architecture Committee was presented drawings for the garage/storage unit and, due to the lot being a Corner Lot, there is no need for a variance to install the new structure in the location selected by the homeowner. There is a potential issue regarding the height of the garage. The drawings are not fully dimensioned but the roof overhang, as designed, will be approximately 14 ft. above ground level. Rule 4-4-32 limits that elevation to 12 ft. maximum. The homeowners will consider options and apply for a Permit at a later time.
  1. Barbara Young & Tammy Girdler, Lot # 1543, 19874 Lakeview Drive, 4’ in height white vinyl fence. The survey pins were easily located and the project, as presented, was unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee.
  1. Robb Lowe, Lots 373H/374/375, 938 Rustic Drive. Resurfaced 8’ X 25’ concrete patio.  This was done without approval, so he was asked to put on this permit, deck addition, original deck is 12’ X 29’, adding 6’ making the deck 19’ X 29’.  Garage addition, 12’ X 24’ (total 288 sq. ft.) (garage size noted differently in two places, permit and drawing), garage will match existing garage door and will be painted brick, no windows and 6” slab will be poured over pressed gravel.  Bedroom addition, 26’ X 24’ (totally 624 sq. ft.), no windows, painted brick or siding to match color as main color of house which is grey.  Addition will be 10’ deep footer/foundation, tapered to 5’ with slope to current structure.  Poured concrete will be used for the foundation and structural slab of 8”.  Backfill of soil to grade away from foundation and maintain slope of property on side and rear.  It was explained to Mr. Lowe that according to the HVL bylaws the following was required.  He refused this due to a conversation he had with the Architecture Committee back on October 7, 2020.  Bylaws are as follows: 4-6-6.  Additions or Changes to Existing Structures Require Submission of Plot Plans All additions or changes to existing houses require HVL POA Architecture Committee approval prior to being constructed.  A new plot plan consisting of the following information shall be submitted for all detached garages and any addition or changes equal to or greater than six hundred (600) total square feet.  If the addition or change is less than six hundred (600) square feet, the owner or builder may indicate the additions or changes on a copy of the original plot plan if one exists.  If the original plot plan does not exist, then a new plot plan containing the following information shall be submitted:
    1. Location of house on the lot showing the distances to all property lines. 
    2. Elevation of all corners.
    3. Exterior dimensions of house including overhang and any decks or porches. 
    4. Location and size of culvert for drive if required. 
    5. Location of water meter and gas meter if applicable.
    6. Location and elevation of sewer line.
    7. Location of electrical, telephone and cable TV lines and gas line if applicable.
    8. Elevation of basement or ground floor (on slab).
    9. Drainage plan. 
    10. Name of township (Miller or Lawrenceburg).
    11. Location of propane tank to be buried. 

Robb & Nancy Lowe attended the Meeting and proceeded to object to the Rule that a New Plot Plan is required when a home addition exceeds 600 sq. ft. After considerable discussion, where Donna Yetzer represented the interests of the POA Board, the homeowner agreed to consider options. Since the Committee can’t change the rules, the homeowners may request a hearing at a POA Board Meeting. Other options involve reducing the size of the addition to no more than 600 sq. ft. or provide a new Plot Plan. At this Meeting, the Architecture Committee reconsidered these issues and did not find reason to change their decision to approve the garage and deck, but not the addition to the house. 

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Nelly Montgomery, Lot # 2728, 1698 Tuppence Trail, Replaced garage floor with concrete with no approval.  Dan Tester sent a warning for them to come in.  No damage done to the road.  The Montgomery’s did not attend this Meeting.
  1. David Walden, Lot # 3342, 19707 Alpine Drive, Custom built brick and stone mailbox, plaque on mailbox will be bronze in color.  Pictures on file.  
  1. Philip Heitz, Lot # 2730H/2731A, 1718 Tuppence Trail, remove and replace shed siding with hardie board and paint to match the color of the house (dusty light pink), trim to match color of the trim on the house (white) and replacing shingles, color: “weathered wood”.  Adding handrail at step to front porch, material (iron) and color (white). 
  1. Bradley & Sheena Williams, Lot # 1657, 19461 Knollwood Drive, replacing shingles due to wind damage existing color is gray, changing to a lighter gray. Colors on file.
  1. James & Tonya Seiwert, Lot # 1665H, 19804 Alpine Drive, replacing front siding around window and above garage with new shaker siding, will be the same color as garage doors.  Adding black shutters to front window.  Colors on file.  
  1. James Baker, Lot # 900H/907, 1041 St. Moritz Court, adding 10’ X 36’ patio cover over existing concrete slab using wood, brown in color.  
  1. Daniel Brown, Lot # 3319H/3320, 19390 Alpine Drive, 315 sq. ft. concrete parking pad.  
  1. H. Wayne Ferguson, Lot # 1790, 1291 Heidi Haven Drive, replacing roof with the same shingle color.  They will be starting this in early June.  
  1. Jim & Myra Clary, Lot # 1480B/1481/1482, 20495 Longview Drive, replacing section of concrete drive and replacing concrete patio.  No change in dimensions.  
  1. Ben & Jill Brinck, Lot # 2536/2537H/2538A, 1763 Cove Circle East, 13’ X 13’ black trampoline.  
  1. Emma Fulmer, Lot # 3112H/3113, 1788 Fieldcrest Drive, 7’ X 24’ concrete pad to meet driveway, 10’ culvert, 2 new concrete sidewalk 4’ X 53’ and 4’ X 50’.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:  None

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve May 5, 2021 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Motion by: Bob Maudlin    Seconded by: Jerry Goodrich 

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Discussion on setbacks.  Tom Cross introduced the issue of gutters on structures and questioned the need to include the gutter when considering the setbacks. The unanimous decision by all Committee Members present resulted in a Committee Policy that can be stated as:  If the main structure is correctly located at the eves and the addition of gutters extends beyond the 10’ setback rule, the location of the gutters may be ignored. The Board Liaisons present concurred with that decision.

Bob Maudlin introduced an issue regarding the method currently used to deal with the need to assure survey pins are properly located so there is adequate evidence that any new fence will be properly placed on a Lot. The current process requires extra trips into the Office and extra contacts with the property owner prior to issuing a Permit. That process creates extra time delays and potential extra Office visits that should be avoidable. After discussion, a new procedure will be set up where the Architecture Committee (if approval of the fence results) can sign off on the Approval to issue a Permit. That Approval and the appropriate Documents will be placed on a hold in the Office until the locations of the survey pins can be verified. After verification, Dan Tester can sign off and then the VRUC can sign off. Once that is done, the documents may be released to the Property Owner.

Rule 4-20-11: Seawalls Made from Bagged Concrete or Sandbags are Prohibited Construction of a new seawall with sandbags or bagged concrete is prohibited. 

There exists in our community seawalls that were made from bagged concrete. The Committee engaged in a discussion regarding what should be done about those seawalls, which in all known cases existed prior to the writing of the Rule. Their existence is an environmental problem because bagged concrete is formulated in a way that allows lime to leach out onto lake water. Several options were considered but none were practical. Since there are very few of those seawalls, the environmental issues they create are minimal. The conclusion was to ignore that problem since no reasonable solution could be found in addition to the assumption that those existing walls are grandfathered.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  Motion by:  Bob Maudlin   Seconded by:  Jerry Goodrich

7:53 PM

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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