Architecture Meeting Minutes 4-7-21

Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

         Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:   Tom Cross   5:28 PM

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, 

Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas 

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:  Mark & Michelle Scott, Mike & Nick Brewer, 

Dave Gentrup, Robb & Nancy Lowe, Kenneth Dickey, Sean Ruch, Contractor for Mary & Todd Christman (not present), Bret Moses, Contractor for David & Mary Hotel (not present), Mark Rinaer, David Meier, Shelby Ellis, Ernest McArthur & Lisa of JDC Construction, Keith Kocik

Guest:  None

  1. Mark & Michelle Scott, Lot # 1142, 20363 Meercham Way. Seeking a permit for replacing existing concrete driveway and adding 2’ to width of driveway, changing color of home from cream and blue to white with black trim, replacing shingles from brown to black, adding 24’ X 24’ 2 car detached garage, white in color with black shingles.  The installation of a two car garage at their location will require placing the garage in front of the house. That location cannot be approved per Rule 4-17-2. Therefore a Variance will be required. Detailed drawings and staked marking of the location of the property lines, proposed garage, and the type and locations for the concrete work desired must be supplied prior to evaluating the issue of recommending the POA Board‘s approval for issuing the Variance. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the color changes and the issuing of a Permit for that portion of the request may be accomplished by the Administrative Approval process.
  1. Mike & Carrie Brewer, Lot # 1926H, 20032 Cravenhurst Drive. Rebuild and extend two (2) levels (each) from 14’ X 14’ to 16’ X 16’.  A 16’ X 30’ upper deck is installed and is being repaired. Much of the work for this project has already been accomplished without the homeowners ever applying for a Permit. Fourteen 24” diameter concrete piers have been installed by Hrezo Engineering. No County Permit or inspection was obtained and no Bond was obtained for that extensive concrete work. It is apparent the homeowners and the Contractor are doing an appropriate job of assuring the engineering and construction work is being accomplished correctly. Steel support posts will be installed. The Architecture Committee has requested Documentation from Dearborn County and from the Engineering Company. After obtaining that information and evaluating the total project, Committee Members may sign off on the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Dave Gentrup & Cindi Paolello, Lot # 923/924A, 21091 Zurich Trail. Seeking a Permit to add 360 sq. ft. gravel parking pad. Will also be adding large paver rock to replace the gravel next to the parking pad. On inspection the Committee found the work has already been completed. The 360 sq. ft. parking pad is acceptable but the area covered by gravel and paver rocks could be used for additional parking so is not allowed. That added material is to be removed and the addition of grass or other landscaping plantings must be installed so that area can’t be used for parking. A small area not to exceed 2 to 3 feet wide along the edge of the parking pad may be covered with the paving stone. The Architecture Committee will not sign off for the issuing of a Permit until that work has been accomplished. 
  1. Rebecca Ruiz from BSM Groups has contacted the POA to do cable installation. The plans we have now are for 21218 Interlochen Lane, 2062 Morningside Drive, 19377 Par Drive, and 20312 Alpine Drive.                                                                                                                                                                                      Her email states: We are putting together 2 different projects that will be in your area. Both will be for cable installation in the ROW. (Right of Way) We just wanted to check before hand to be sure all you will need from us is the plans. The address for a replacement project is 21218 Interlochen Ln. The other address is 2062 Morningside Dr.  The Architecture Committee is not authorized to act in response to the projects and activities of Utility Companies. Therefore the Committee abstains and will take no action regarding the above type of activities.
  1. Robb Lowe, Lots 373H/374/375, 938 Rustic Drive. Resurfaced 8’ X 25’ concrete patio.  This was done without approval, so he was asked to put on this permit, deck addition, original deck is 12’ X 29’, adding 6’ making the deck 19’ X 29’.  Garage addition, 12’ X 24’ (total 288 sq. ft. garage (size noted differently in two places; permit and drawing), garage will match existing garage door will be painted brick, no windows and 6” slab will be poured over pressed gravel.  Bedroom addition, 26’ X 24’ (totally 624 sq. ft.), no windows, painted brick or siding to match color as main color of house which is grey.  Addition will be 10’ deep footer/foundation, taper to 5’ with slope to current structure.  Poured concrete will be used for foundation and structural slab of 8”.  Backfill of soil to grade away from foundation and maintain slope of property on side and rear.  It was explained to Mr. Lowe that according to the HVL bylaws the following was required.  He refused this due to a conversation he had with the Architecture Committee back on October 7, 2020.  Bylaws are as follows: 4-6-6.  Additions or Changes to Existing Structures Require Submission of Plot Plans All additions or changes to existing houses require HVL POA Architecture Committee approval prior to being constructed.  A new plot plan consisting of the following information shall be submitted for all detached garages and any addition or changes equal to or greater than six hundred (600) total square feet.  If the addition or change is less than six hundred (600) square feet, the owner or builder may indicate the additions or changes on a copy of the original plot plan if one exists.  If the original plot plan does not exist, then a new plot plan containing the following information shall be submitted:
    1. Location of house on the lot showing the distances to all property lines. 
    2. Elevation of all corners.
    3. Exterior dimensions of house including overhang and any decks or porches. 
    4. Location and size of culvert for drive if required. 
    5. Location of water meter and gas meter if applicable.
    6. Location and elevation of sewer line.
    7. Location of electrical, telephone and cable TV lines and gas line if applicable.
    8. Elevation of basement or ground floor (on slab).
    9. Drainage plan. 
    10. Name of township (Miller or Lawrenceburg).
    11. Location of propane tank to be buried. 

Robb & Nancy Lowe attended the Meeting and proceeded to object to the Rule that a New Plot Plan is required when a home addition exceeds 600 sq. ft. After considerable discussion, where Donna Yetzer represented the interests of the POA Board, the homeowner agreed to consider options. Since the Committee can’t change the rules, the homeowners may request a hearing at a POA Board Meeting. Other options involve reducing the size of the addition to no more than 600 sq. ft. or provide a new Plot Plan.

  1. Kenneth & Victoria Dickey, Lot # 2371H, 1444 Golfview Court. 4’ in height PVC white picket fence with scalloped top and two gates. One is 4’ wide and the second is 8’ wide. 10’ X 16’ garden shed, paint scheme and shingles will be the same as the house, sea salt with white trim. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for this project. 
  1. Karen Petrovic, Lot # 2082/2083, 1578 Brabamhurst Drive. Fence Installation 4’ in height, wooden split rail fence with mesh liner, brown in color.  The homeowners did not appear for the Meeting and this item has been tabled until the next Meeting on April 21, 2021.
  1. Mary & Todd Christman, Lot # 2649/2650H/2651, 20394 Rosemeade Lane. Seeking a Permit for the installation of a 20’ X 8’ dock, pressure treated lumber using 6’ X 6’ post.  Contractor Sean Ruch attended the Meeting and assured the Committee the dock would be installed with no more than 3 ft. of the dock extending beyond the shore line at summer pool. An important issue since that area of the lake is narrow. With that assurance the Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. David & Mary Hotel, Lot # 445H, 20328 Longview Drive. Replacing existing 12’ X 14’ deck (already taken down), adding two sets of steps and a 6’ X 4’ landing between the two sets of steps.  Treated lumber will be the material being used. Bret Moses (Contractor) represented the homeowners and presented the application for the Permit. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Mark Rinear, Lot # 3075/3076/3077, 1644 Greenlawn Way. 8’ X 8’ Belmont Shed, barn red with brown shingles to match the house.  The issuing of a Permit was Unanimously Approved by the Architecture Committee.
  1. David & Lisa Meier, Lot # 1600/1601H, 1285 Monteray Circle. Widen existing concrete driveway on both sides 3’ 3” X 60’, adding concrete sidewalk 6’ X 13’ 6” and 3’ 6” X 15’, standard metal shed 10’ X 14’ walls and trim will be “stone” color, roof a “clay” color. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit. 
  1. David Walden, Lot # 3342, 19707 Alpine Drive. 30’ X 40’ (1200 sq. ft.) addition to house, addition will be tan with brown gutters and roof.  A new plot plan was requested, but Dave Walden will not do this until he speaks to the Architecture Committee to make sure this will be approved.  Nothing has been signed off on for this reason. The homeowners did not appear for the Meeting. This item will have to be rescheduled.
  1. Shelby Ellis, Lot # 1708, 1338 Cliftmont Circle. Kevin Nare from Sequoia will be attending the meeting with a new plot plan showing dimensions, setbacks, and variances for a new home to be built.  It looks as though the variances are different from original request so letters are to be re-sent to neighbors. The Variance is for a 9’ back (lakefront) offset and a 14’ front variance. The cantilevered decks over the sewer easement will be no less than 12 to 14 feet above the ground level. Letters have been sent and the fees paid. Efforts are being made to present this application for a Variance to the POA at the April 22 Board Meeting.
  1. Ernest McArthur, Lot # 690H, 1134 Sunset Drive. Adding new lower deck and adding to existing upper deck, material being used will be trex, brown in color and the structure will be wood, natural color. A shingled gable roof 10’ wide by 25’ long (color to match the shingles on the home) connecting to the roof of the home will be installed. Contractor Lisa of JDC Construction presented the plans. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Keith & Robin Kocik, Lot # 1387H, 20314, Beau Vista Drive. Adding to existing deck using treated lumber.  Existing deck is 19’ X 8’ and new dimensions will be 19’ X 14’.  The Architecture Committee unanimously approved of the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Joseph & Amanda Jones, Lot # 1968/1969/1970, 19990 Alpine Drive. Not present for the meeting, their request for a Permit seeking approval to paint their shed green with tan trim was not approved by the Architecture Committee because the colors chosen do not match or complement the existing colors of the house. If the homeowners wish to obtain a permit they should either change the colors to match the home so an AA issued Permit can be issued, or schedule a meeting with the Architecture Committee.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Steve & Lorraine Pollack, Lot # 877/878, 21157 Interlochen Lane, replacing all deck boards, facia, stairs, and railings with no change in dimensions.  Material being used is Deckorators Brand Composite, trim is dark brown to match house.  Deck boards are sandstone cream color.  
  1. Shaun Guilfoyle, Lot # 244/245H, 687 Hickory Road, replacing cream color siding to fired red, gutters, trim and soffit will be white and front door black. Architecture committee approved via email.  
  1. Tim & Wendy Wiehe, Lot 1817H, 1345 Raylynn Drive, 9’ X 22’ gravel parking pad parallel to road.  
  1. Mike & Deborah Elliott, Lot # 1107/1108, 20411 Matterhorn Drive, 13’ X 50’ downspout drainpipe.
  1. Arrona Diamantina & Darlene McCleary, Lot # 2293H, 20652 Heather Court, water proofing basement by adding drainage pipe 4” X 40’.  
  1. Henrietta Franklin, Lot # 2134H, 20814 Alpine Drive, running new 4” X 100’ downspout/drain.  
  1. Mike & Lisa Palmere, Lot # 2540H, 1723 Cove Circle East, replacing 2 existing railroad tie retaining walls with Allen Block, 4’ X 65’ (back of house) and 3’ X 70’ side of house.  No change in dimensions.  
  1. Allen & Bonnie Seifert, Lot # 3308H, 19318 Alpine Drive, replacing existing 10’ X 16’ deck with trex, no change in dimensions.  Excavation in back lot to level back yard.  
  1. Adam & Tonya Wolfe, Lot # 270, 519 Hickory Road, replacing existing concrete driveway and adding a 7’ X 25’ concrete parking pad.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:  None

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve March 17, 2021 Architecture Meeting Minutes: 

Motion by:   Bob Maudlin        Seconded by:  Gerry Goodrich    

Old Business:  Discussion regarding the need to present an article for posting in the Echoes. Bob Maudlin will be authoring an article addressing a topic of current concern.

New Business:  Tom Cross addressed the need to meet earlier when the Architecture Committee Agenda is lengthy. The early meeting is used to address concerns prior to receiving guests, and thereby lessen the amount of time we must spend with each guest in an effort to not keep guests waiting for an excessive amount of time. The Committee agreed to begin our Meetings at 5:15 PM when such circumstances deem it necessary.

Donna Yetzer reported progress had been made as regards the issue of the 8’ tall fence around a garden located on Lot# 2738 on Alpine Drive. The POA Board agreed to reimburse the homeowner for money spent constructing the fence and the fence is to be removed.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  Motion by:  Bob Maudlin   Seconded by:  Tom Cross

9:07 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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