Architecture Meeting Minutes 2-3-21

  Architecture Committee Meeting

   Wednesday, February 3, 2021

                                           Committee 5:30PM

                                               Guest 6:00pm

               Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present:  Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Dan Tester, Frank Goodrich, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  None

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Not present

Community Manager Present:  Not present

Residents in Attendance:  Steve & Debbie Taylor with Contractor Jim Clary, Laura & Ben Scheiner, David Seibert, John Lindeman, Edward & Pamela Gemperle, Sharon Hall, Shelby Ellis with contractor Kevin Nare

Guest: None

  1. Steve & Debbie Taylor, Lot # 2557, 1882 Cove Circle West, New home. The plans for a new 1860 sq. ft. ranch style home with a basement. Located on a corner lot, the home will be sided with a combination of stone, color “Chardonnay”, vinyl siding color ”sea grass”, trim will be “artisan clay”, a walnut front door and the asphalt roof color will be “driftwood”. The plans were unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee.
  1. Laura Scheiner, Lot # 783H/784/785, 998 Geneva Court, gravel parking pad on empty lot. The Scheiner’s were seeking input on how to proceed with the design of their parking pad. First, it was established that the empty lot had been contiguated.  The Committee explained the need for the parking pad and the camping trailer (maximum 30’ length including the tongue as stated by the homeowners) to be located and stored no closer than 45 ft. from the front of the property. The homeowners plan to construct a pad that measures 15’ x 24’ in length which equals 360 sq. ft., connected to the roadway by a 50’ driveway. A detailed drawing showing all dimensions, and the construction of the pad, the culvert, and the entrance to the driveway where it connects to the roadway will be required prior to approval during our March Meeting if possible.
  1. David Seibert, Lot # 1018H/1019, 1242 Lucerne Lane, 3 retaining walls 

12” to16” high X 56’, 12” to16” high X 56’ and 24’ to 30” high X 52’, using red/grey allen block with caps to be accomplished using Dennis Kimmett as his contractor. The Committee unanimously approved the issuing of this Permit.

  1. John & Mary Anne Lindeman, Lot # 1141H, 20353 Meercham Way, 36’ X 16’ deck using treated wood with trex, brown in color, installing new concrete footers. The deck includes 4’ wide decking added to the full length of both sides of the A frame home, which is 28’ wide. Also adding a 38’ X 20’ dock. Both projects will be done using treated wood and trex, brown in color.  The dock must adhere to the Rules for Docks and be placed so it has a minimum 10’ setback from the side property line and extend no more than 8’ into the lake at summer pool. Also installing a 3’ X 36’ retaining wall using allen block. The Committee recommended obtaining a new survey due to questions regarding the location of the property line. The projects were approved by the Architecture Committee with one member abstaining. Jerry Goodrich was concerned about the lack of clarity regarding the placement of the marking stakes for the proposed dock. A County issued Permit is essential and Dearborn County will be performing inspections.
  1. Martin & Carol Mullen, Lot # 2155H, 1531 Sandamont Drive, 132” X 127” boat lift. The Mullen’s were not present for the Meeting and there are questions regarding placement of the boat lift including the retaining of the shoreline where the soil will be dug out to form a cove. This agenda item is to be rescheduled.
  1. Edward & Pamela Gemperle, Lot # 1381H/1382, 20333 Beau Vista Drive, 15’ X 30’ inground pool with white fence, 2 sides will be a 6’ privacy fence, 2 sides will be 4’ in height, white in color. This project was unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee. No Bond was requested since this pool is an addition to the construction plans for their new home and is thereby covered under that existing Bond.
  1. Wes & Sharon Hall, Lot # 2457, 20144 Cedar Cliff Drive, 12’ X 6’ dock, weather shield pressure treated southern pine. The dock will be located 12’ from the left side property line so the offset is adequate and the dock will be placed at the shoreline (summer pool) so as to not interfere with boats passing through that narrow area of the lake. Rule 4-12-10 gives a limit of 8 feet from the shoreline at summer pool. The property owner said she was building the dock at the summer pool shore line because she will only be using the dock for launching her kayaks. The project was unanimously approved for the issuing of a Permit. 
  1. Shelby Ellis, Lot # 1708, 1338 Cliftmont Circle.  Kevin Nare (Sequoia Construction of Indiana) is working with Shelby Ellis on house plans for this property.  Kevin will need a variance and answers regarding the following: With the front 10’ variance requested, does a roofed porch stoop count toward this? As you can see on the front, the porch stoop as well as part of the corner of the garage area is approximately 4’ past the 10’ variance (this is mainly because of the rounded edge of the variance.  Would I need to apply for a 14’ front variance?  On the rear, there is a triangular area that is roughly 10.81’ x 60’ that we would be applying for.  The deck would cantilever over the sewer easement—I’m assuming I need to check with the utility co. to see if they will allow this to happen? The Architecture Committee also noted one corner of the garage violates the 10’ offset rule for side clearance. The two front corners appear to be inside the side offset limits for the buildable area. After discussing the needed requirements and requesting clearly dimensioned drawings essential for obtaining the Architecture Committee’s recommendation to proceed with applying for a variance, the contractor, Kevin Nare, agreed to provide what was requested and will contact the utility company regarding the potential for constructing cantilevered deck spaces above the sewer easement. After the redrawing of the plot plan and further consideration/alteration of the design and placement of the home, an Architecture Committee Review of the proposed project may be rescheduled. 

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Jillian Seiwert & Samuel Feilhauer, Lot # 2488, 20120 Alpine Drive, Kentucky board crossbuck fence with vinyl coated liner, natural wood, 4’ in height.  
  1. Jodi Barton, Lot # 2894H/2895, 21071 Bellemeade Drive, Kentucky board 4’ in height, using poplar wood.  
  1. Janice Haarmeyer, Lot # 796/842/843, 827 Walnut Ridge Trail, split rail fence with mesh liner, 4’ in height using natural wood.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Dennis & Ginny Boyer, Lot 1570H, 19458 Newcom Knoll, 2’ X 260’ of rip rap.  Performance Bond fee was collected.  

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve January 6, 2021 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  

Motion to approve by:  Jerry Goodrich       Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin

Old Business: First topic was consideration of the proposal (Item #6 from the 1/6/21 Architecture Committee Meeting) regarding boat lift covers. Today the Committee Members that were absent during last month’s meeting were informed about the issue. The general conclusion was to wait for the promised update regarding the original proposal before officially proceeding. A survey of the Community will also be required. The current general opinion is: granting such permission would significantly change existing rules and the outcome is uncertain and potentially problematic. With the lake being relatively narrow and with the limits of lakefront footage for many homeowners the addition of boatlift covers would likely be difficult to manage and could create problems in the future.

The second topic considered was Item #7 from January, the 8 ft. high fence around a container garden behind the home on Lot # 2738H/2739 at 20576 Alpine Dr. The homeowner has not removed that fence nor applied for an alternative resolution (such as an application for a variance) for the existing situation. The committee has decided to request the issuing of a notice to be written by Dan Tester and if that notice is ignored, citations and fines shall follow.

New Business:  Two unresolved issues were presented by Dan Tester. The first is a dock that never received approval nor a permit. Located on the lakefront of Lot # 115H at 20103 Longview Dr. The owner, Patrick Paolino, has ignored efforts to have him apply for a Permit. Dan Tester is to present a Notice to force compliance. Further refusal will result in fines being applied. If necessary the matter will be turned over to Legal. 

The second issue is in regards to a failure to complete a project in the manner stipulated in the Permit for construction of a storage shed on Lots # 2897H,2898,2899 located at 21031 Bellemeade Dr., owned by Perry & Patty Vaught. Dan Tester will provide a notice to either complete the project, or pay a fine limited to $100.00.

Bob Maudlin brought up the topic, discussed during another meeting, of raising the limit for a fine from $100.00 to $300.00. Bob believes this subject should be presented to the POA Board for further discussion since many Community Members treat the $100.00 fine as nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  

Motion to adjourn by:  Alan Kohlhaas      Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz   

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