Architecture Meeting Minutes 1-6-21

 Architecture Committee Meeting

      Wednesday, January 6, 2021

                                              Committee 5:30 PM

                                                 Guest 6:00 PM

             Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:   Tom Cross

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Dan Tester, Jerry Goodrich, Phil Heitz 

Members Absent: Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Board Liaison Present:  Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

Residents in Attendance:  Cody Jansen, Mike Brugler, Jeff & Carrie Rebich

Guest:    Dave Hafner for Michael Sundbye, David Roberts, & Chuck Morgan

  1. John (Cody) & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646, 20354 Rosemeade Lane. An alteration to the original construction permit was made for the purpose of removing a portion of the requested driveway which was 20’ X 18’ deep and would like to put in an additional concrete parking pad 8’ X 35’ on the left side of the driveway and garage to replace the removed portion. Also included: adding stone steps using natural limestone, adding 3 retaining walls. Top of driveway: 4’ X 50’ which tapers off. Bottom of driveway: 4’ X 35’. Back yard: 2’ X 60’.  The material that will be used on the front 2 walls will be gray granite blocks and the back wall will use natural limestone. Care is to be taken to assure the retaining wall on the left side of the garage does not infringe on the neighbor’s property line. The Committee approved the change.
  1. Michelle Riehle & Mike Brugler, Lot # 431, 20438 Lakeview Drive. Will be replacing roof due to wind damage.  Insurance company does not want to replace the whole roof, but replace the damaged areas with shingles that are not an exact match.   The Committee finds the replacement shingles are an acceptable match to the existing roofing materials and declined becoming involved in negotiations between the homeowner and the insurance company. 
  1. Michael Sundbye, Lot # 658H/659, 20511 Edelweiss Lane. 32” X 32’ retaining wall using natural rustic buff stone to create level space between wall and dock for a 380 sq. ft. patio using pavers. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the plan.
  1. Jean Ruehlmann & David Roberts, Lot # 107/108H, 20175 Longview Drive. Dock extension from 20’ X 10’ to 30’ X 10’ using composite decking. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the plan.
  1. Cindy & Chuck Morgan, Lot 1088H, 20252 Matterhorn Drive. 100’ of shoreline protection using limestone rip rap. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the plan.
  1. Jill Bittner and Jody Jansen attended the meeting to discuss plans for approving the installation of boat lift covers. Dave Patterson and the Lakes & Parks Committee, in Sept. 2020, viewed the concept approvingly but understood such plans would require changing some of the Rules and Bylaws as they apply to the obligations and duties performed by the Architecture Committee.  On reviewing the proposal, the Architecture Committee considered the concept, as presented, has appeal but considerable work will be required prior to any further pursuit of changes to rules which will eventually need to be presented to the Community. Tom Cross also notified our guests that the two Committee Members not present would need to participate in future discussion on this topic.
  1. Jeff & Carrie Rebich, Lot 2738H/2739, 20576 Alpine Drive, 8’ high poly deer garden fence, bottom 3’ is hexagrid metal, black in color, installed around a hydroponic garden, violates Section 4-13 Rules for Fences.   According to Mr. Rebich, due to a misunderstanding and believing the tall fence had been approved, that fence was installed. The POA Office gave Administrative approval for a 30” high electric fence, which POA Administrators believed was his original request, not an 8’ deer fence.  Dave Wismann, Dan Tester and Bruce Keller met with Mr. and Mrs. Rebich about the unapproved 8’ fence, allowed them to keep it up until planting season was over.  During this meeting the misunderstanding was addressed. Jeff Rebich has already lowered the fence to 4’ but the 8’ high posts remain in place. The Rebich’s will be considering their options and shall make a final decision as to what options can satisfy their needs prior to a future meeting where the Architecture Committee may consider their proposed remedy. Tom Cross also notified our guests that the two Committee Members not present should attend future discussion on this issue.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Christopher & Susan Glynn, Lot # 104/105, 20207 Longview Drive, replacing roof shingles from brown to black.  Sample of colors on file.  
  1. Tim & Connie Crofford, Lot # 706H, 1137 Chalet Court, replacing existing concrete driveway with no change in dimensions.  
  1. Bill & Diane Huelsman, Lot # 713/714/715, 1217 Chalet Court, replacing house siding, current color is driftwood (light gray), house siding will be Greystone (dark gray) and above the garage will be driftwood (light gray).  
  1. Aaron Trotta, Lot # 1806, 1455 Ray Lynn Drive, 350 Sq. Ft. gravel parking pad, using limestone gravel edged with paver stones.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. The Drees Company, Lot # 1553/1554, 19799 Longview Drive, new home.
  1. Katrina & William Jacobs, Lot # 169, 20024 Longview Drive, new home.
  1. Daniel Bihn, Lot # 322, 19768 Overlook Circle, new home.  

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve December 2, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes: 

Motion by Jerry Goodrich     Seconded by Tom Cross

Old Business:  None

New Business: 

  1. The matter of a Lot Split Reversal, the removal of an old home and the construction of two new homes on the resulting two lots was considered. This issue of reversing of a Lot Split and building on a half lot is a matter not covered in our Bylaws regarding the duties of the Architecture Committee and is a matter that should be addressed by Legal and the POA Board. If approved, the Architecture Committee will consider the new Plot Plans, designs for Construction, and apply the rules for such construction of homes in the same manner used for any construction of a new lakefront home. A side issue was discussed regarding the need to tear down the existing home prior the lot split reversal. The owner wants to get permission to keep a portion of the existing driveway. The Architecture Committee has no objection to that portion of their request during the construction phase of any approved plans. After completion of construction, new driveways and entrances connecting to the cul de sac will be needed. The Architecture Committee recommends Legal and the POA Board also consider the potential of allowing a home to be built on a half lot. If the other portion of the divided lot were to be dis-contiguated from the neighboring lot by selling that half to another person who wished to build a home, and the square footage were to be adequate, then the number of homes on the lakefront could be increased beyond what was intended during the original set-up and design of the community.  Tom Cross also considered the importance of having the two Committee Members not present participate in any future discussions on this topic.
  2. Another topic reserved for future discussion was initiated by Gina Keller. There have been problems that resulted from misunderstandings regarding AA Approval for Permits for fences. Without holding a meeting where the Rules and the issuing of a Permit can be discussed in detail, some more complex issues may not fully understood by the property owner seeking the Permit. Problems may result. The topic to be discussed in our next Meeting is: When should a Permit for a fence be issued by AA Approval and when is it best to refer the Property Owner’s request to the 

be placed on the Agenda for an Architecture Committee Meeting.

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   Motion by Phil Heitz     Seconded by Jerry Goodrich

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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