Architecture Committee: September 7, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
September 7, 2016

Called to Order by Chairman Mike Parks at 7:01p.m.

Members Present: Jim Ulrich, Matt Haarmeyer, Don Yetzer, Mike Parks, Mike Chenault,

Members Absent: A. Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller absent

Guests: Phil Heitz Lot #2730 and Mr. Arany Lot #478, 20303, Longview

  1. Mial & Susan Shauberger, Lot #477, 1288 Buckeye Court; Privacy Fence 6’ high x long-50’ from edge of road, 3’ from property line, 6’ height and 40’ length; Variance Approved Recommended 3 to 2
  2. Jerry Hon, Lot #2917, 2091, Morningside Dr.; Lofted garden shed-12 x 16, red. Picture attached to permit. Approved
  3. Gerald & Angie Banschbach, Lot #913/1164, 21042 Zurich Trail; Concrete parking pad (16’ x 20’) to the left side of the driveway. Culvert length 16’; Concrete patio pad (10’ x 65’) underneath the deck. Also front step to front porch. Approved
  4. Jim Conner, Lot #1103/1104A, 20371 Matterhorn; New home; Approved
  5. Larry Hereth, Lot #1707, 1328 Cliftmont Circle; Boat lift being moved to different location after approval was made on 5/18/16. Boat lift approved on 5/18/16 for face of dock. This request is to move intended location to side of dock. Lift is not yet installed. Approved

The following projects have Administrative Approval:

  1. Michele Standish, Lot #2262, 20672 Matterhorn Dr.; Screen Room on lower level deck (14’ x 30’); Approved
  2. Michele Standish, Lot #2262, 20672 Matterhorn Dr.; Concrete sidewalk (40’ x 53’), side of house to back yard. This sidewalk was already put in without approval. Put through as a AA approval per Bruce Keller after resident filled out permit and checked by Jason. Approved

Old Business:

  • Bond for gravel should be added to 8/17/2016 minutes.
  • Decks to be repaired-Matt Haarmeyer to take care of this with Dan Tester and Bruce Keller.

New Business: M. Chenault will not be attending the Architecture meetings the rest of the year.

Motion made by J. Ulrick and seconded by M Haarmeyer to approve August 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes, Abstained M. Chenault 

Minutes Taken by: M. Chenault

Motion to Adjourn: by D. Yetzer, second by Matt Haarmeyer. 

Submitted by: M. Chenault