Architecture Committee Minutes Wednesday, November 7, 2018 4:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 4:30PM

Approved Minutes

Called to Order by:Dave Hafner

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Phil Heitz, Dan Tester, Alan Kohlhaus, Debra Spaulding

Members Absent: Jeff Mueller Mike Chenault

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents in Attendance: None


Ed Brueggeman, Lot # 802H/803, 20848 Lakeview Drive.  Present to discuss a 15’ back variance for a garage.  Leaving a 10ft. setback backs up to green space. Letters to neighbors will be sent out for notification.  County will be contacted for instruction regarding county setbacks.  Mr. Brueggeman will be required to have surveyed stake the garage. Mr. Brueggerman will apply for a variance.

Mike Morman did not attend, process of splitting a lot.

Nicholas & Alicia Grizzell, Lot # 3181, 1473 Kathy Court, The Grizzles Attended. They are starting to develop plans for building a home. However, lot has five sides looking for clarification on which sides are considered a side or back. House footprint, living space is required to be 1200 sq. ft. Grizzles will provide plot plans and materials when ready.

Brian & Sarah Oyler, Lot # 1884H, Replace existing dock 26’ X 8’, AB classic retaining wall 24” X 42’, replace existing seawall with Allen Block classic 36” X 62’.  Homeowner has prior approval on steps. Plot plans signed and approved.

Charles & Dawn Muecke, Lot # 1081H, 20332 Matterhorn Drive, replacing existing dock.  Old dimensions 16’ X 12’ to new dimensions 10‘X 20’. Plot plans signed and approved.

Ned & Connie Riegel, Lot # 2469H, 20233 Cedar Cliff Drive, application for Performance Bond Return, widen existing concrete driveway 10’.  Signed for return.

Stacy Feckter pool discussed and per By Laws survey is required by iN licensed surveyed.

Discussion of Marshall driveway drainage.  Material approved for water diversion 5 approved 1 Nay.


The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

Ryan Meyer, Lot # 1622/1623H, 19522 Knollwood, replacing 2 existing retaining walls with allan block. (1) 3.5’ X 30’ (2) 4’ X 40’, moving steps to different location.  Both existing walls are 5’ from the property.

Teresa Elliott, Lot # 2247/2248/2249H/2250/2251, 1422 Sandamont, replacing 2 existing retaining wall with allan block along the driveway.

Linda Wilder, Lot # 2870H, 21132 Sunnyridge Drive, conversion of deck to a 3 season room.

William & Kristyn Yelton, Lot # 2372H/2372, 1434 Golfview Drive, new home.

Mike Schwartz, Lot # 276, 447 Hickory road, replace existing deck which is 10’ X 14’, not 10’ X 10’ as shown on the plot plan, new – 31 ‘ X 14’ coming out of basement sliding door, add stairs from existing upper to new lower.

Jason & Stephanie Armbruster, Lot # 1772, 1471 Hiedi Haven Drive, small addition to house with a vertical lift.  9’ X 12’ addition is replacing an existing deck and will be 2 stories within the same current footprint of the current decks.  Siding and roof will match as close as possible to existing siding and roof.  8’ X 9’ deck on the back of the addition.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

Richard & Pam McCreary, Lot # 2407H, 1473 Golfview Court, Replacing existing driveway with concrete, same dimensions.  Mr. McCreary made note on his permit that there was damage to the road by REMC when repairing plastic.  I gave this information to Jason to check when checking the drive.

Linda Wilder, Lot # 2870H, 21132 Sunnyridge Drive, 7’ X 7’ tan and brown shed, treated plywood platform 10’ X 8’.

Thomas Slaughter, Lot # 1825H, 1382 Heidi Haven Drive, 4’ in height split rail fence with mesh liner, color of fence is pine.

Edward & Elisa Bakes, Lot # 1153H, 20473 Meercham Way, 13’ X 23’ concrete patio using a mini mix.

Victor Minella, Lot # 2792H, 1731 Ridgewood Circle, Replacing gravel drive with concrete. This job was canceled back in 2017, using the bond check he gave to us in 2017.

Keith & Meghan Seiter, Lot # 1120H, 20404 Meercham Way, 8’ X 12’ pre-build shed, grey to match the house.

Mark & Kathy Haas, Lot # 325H/326, 698 Greentree Road, 12’ X 12’ cement patio.

David Collini, Lot # 2694/2695H, 20535 Alpine Drive, 10’ X 16’ shed, color to match house.

Wayne & Vella Reiman, Lot # 1045/1046H, 21283 Alpine Drive, Side of house 9’ X 9’ X 4’ section will be cut out and a box drain installed in front of basement door, approx. 50’ of pipe ran to drainage ditch, concrete in front of garage 26’ X 6’ X 4’ to be cut out and replace gravel.

David Bridgewaters & Tanya Taber, Lot # 2704/2705H/2706, 20463 Alpine Drive, concrete parking pad 19’ X 19’  existing driveway triangle of approx.. 17’ 2”

Approve September 26, 2018 Architecture Meeting Minutes:

Old Business:

  1. Rule changes
  2. Discussion and approval of materials for the Marshall’s driveway adjustment.

New Business:  December meeting Dec. 5th. January 3 meeting as needed.

Phil will complete a checklist for bond returns. Committee decided that the POA office will keep the cleanest, most legible copy of plot plans.

Committee discussed and approved unamimously a motion 4-4-41 regarding lot splits.  4-4-41Proposed lot splits must be presented to the Architectural Committee along with re-drawn, surveyor signed plot plans including existing structures.  The Board of Directors are the final approval for all split lots.

Minutes Taken by: Debra Spaulding

Motion to Adjourn: Dan Tester, Alan Kohlhaus

Submitted by: Debra Spaulding

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