Architecture Committee Minutes: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 3:30PM

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 3:30PM


Call to Order by: Dave Hafner

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Phil Heitz, Dan Tester

Board Liaison present: Not present

Community Manager and Staff Present: Bruce Keller and Gina Keller.Bruce Keller also served as Member to complete the needed minimum for a forum.

Residents in attendance: Gordon Weis, Bryan Moeller

Guests: Chris Matey  for Josh Owens

 Agenda items:


  1. Gordon Weis, Lot# 2537/2538A, 1753 Cove Circle East, Requesting 10′ Variance to place a retaining wall located on the property line. The variance is for constructing a landscape retaining wall starting at the property line between lots 2538A and 2538B. The wall will be constructed a minimum of six feet from the rear property line. The wall will be an Alan Block wall with concrete footer located as shown in the drawing provided. The top of the Base footer of the wall and the grade leading up to the wall  must be a minimum 12” above the level of the summer pool. The opposite end of the new wall must be no closer than a minimum of 12 feet from the rear property line. The Committee recommends  the Variance for POA approval if the construction is accomplished according to specifications.
  2. Josh Owens,Lot# 2098/2099, 1478 Brabamhurst Drive. New Home to be constructe on a double lot. Samples of materials provided, along with the Performance Bond and   Permit Fees. Committee approval granted.
  3. Dan Mickelson, Lot# 657, 20491 Edelweiss Lane, 12′ X 16′ dock extension approved by Committee. To be constructed as shown in drawings.
  4. Chris & Jamie Korfhagen, Lot#2261, 20682 Matterhorn Drive, Limestone or Allan Block  retaining Wall 4′ X 17 to 20′ curved wall and regrading of front yard. Approved     by Committee as presented.
  5. Bryan Moeller, Lot# 2461H/2462, 20184 Cedar Cliff Drive, 5 retaining walls. (1) 2.5′ X    65′, (2) 3′ X 25′, (3) 2.5′ X 40′, (4) 3′ X 25′, (5)2.5′ X 30′. Stairs constructed of limestone      to be added also. Committee approval for construction as shown in drawings.
  6. Richard Shiller, Lot# 1892H, 1612 Aqua Vista Drive, Exterior upgrades. Bruce Kellerpresented the upgrades tot he Committee. Discussed were Roof and Siding. Black Roof      was approved but the new siding style and exact color has not yet been determined.

The following Projects were approved by the Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. William & Joyce Mechley, Lot# 1424, 651 Hawthorn Hts, Addition to Deck, 4′ X 8′, 10′ x 12′ Pergola on 10′ X 12′ Deck with Stairs 4’6” X 12′.
  2. Marty Mullen, Lot# 2155H/2156A, 1531 Sandamont,Four Retaining walls (1) 3′ X       45′, (2) 3.75′ X 40′, (3) 3.75′ X 50′, (4) 3.75′ X 50′, 3′ X 6” slab stone steps, paver     patio fire-pit.

The following project was AA approved and reviewed:

  1. Courtney Glenn, Lot 1043H,21259Alpine Drive, 3 board Kentucky board fence with        brown liner, 4′ in height.

February 7, 2018 Architecture Meeting Minutes Approval:

Motion for approval: Bruce Keller.

Seconded by: Dave Hafner.

Old business:Proceeded with discussion of changes in rules for construction of retaining walls.

New Business:  Results of the Discussion of Changes will be formally written up  by Bruce Keller     for approval by the Architectural Committee and presented to the POA upon completion.

 Motion to Adjourn: Bruce Keller. Seconded by Phil Heitz

Minutes taken by: Phil Heitz








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