Architecture Committee Minutes, Wednesday, July 17 5:30PM

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 5:30PM

Unapproved Minutes


Called to Order by: Tom Cross

Members Present: Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin, Dan Tester, Jeff Mueller, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, David Weismann

Residents in Attendance:

Guest: Dennie Brunemann, Brad Berry, Johnathan &Don Gaines,Gary Schmid


  1. Dennie Brunemann, Lot # 2734, 1758 Tuppence Trail, 12’ X 24’ extended patio roof larger than what was approved by Architecture. No Stop Work order was issued. Issues discussed included allowing the home owners to choose to keep or remove a façade constructed in front of the shed, how they intend to install a drainage system for water runoff (to be provided next week), the need to correct the drawings, and a discussion of a fine for altering the size and shape of the pergola without applying or changes to the permit. That fine shall be $100.00. Additional issues addressed includes the final painting /staining of the pergola. That will not be accomplished until after the new pressure treated lumber has had the opportunity to properly age before final finishing (a 6 month delay is expected). A New Permit will be issued prior to that final step to complete the project since the appearance and color of the home and the shed will be changed also. Approval and permits for those changes will be separately required.


  1. Brad and Victoria Berry, Lot # 957H/958, 20966 Alpine Drive, 12’ X 24’ storage shed. The new storage shed will require a foundation or support due to the slope of the land. The owner wishes to consider placing the shed on a more level area near the back of the property. Other details will need to be addressed also. If placed at the rear of the property a variance will be applied for. A Green Space exists behind the back of the lot so a variance would likely be approved. A new plot plan and final design with installation details shall be provided prior to granting final approval. Siding, roof and trim colors will match the exterior of the home.


  1. Jonathan Gaines, Lot # 33, 868 Hickory Road, 12’ X 24’ shed colors to match house, white trim with black roof.  The desired shed will have a high roof allowing for a second level accessible by an interior drop-down stair system. The single garage door style entrance to the storage shed will be placed at ground level and the rear of the shed shall be elevated due to the slope of the land. The supports will be concrete columns reinforced with rebar.  Siding, roof and trim colors and styles shall match those on the home. The property owner will be required to check with the county to determine the need for a County Permit prior to final approval.


  1. Tom and Virginia Cross, Lot # 1573/1574H, 24’ X 6’ partial privacy fence to block view of neighbor’s trash cans, etc.  Three 8 ft. sections of privacy screening fencing 8 feet long by 6 feet high were approved by the Committee to be place according to the information provided on the plot plan.


  1. Cathy Witte, Lot # 378, 967 Rustic Court, 20’ X 14’ replacing deck with no change in dimensions, adding steps to deck.  The Architecture Committee unanimously approved and granted the permit.


  1. Ken and Victoria Dickey, Lot # 2371, 1444 Golfview Court, home renovations which include, painting the entire home with the following:

Paint the entire house including trim, decks and front door. Color samples will be at the meeting.

    • House Color: SW6793 Bluebell
    • Trim Color: SW7005 Pure White
    • Front Door Color: SW7618 Deep Sea Dive
      Deck: SW6241 Aleutian

Due to the unusual colors selected the Architecture Committee decided to not object to the color choices but chose to follow the steps required to gain approval by the nearest neighbors in a manner similar to a request for a variance, but no additional fees will be charged. The process is to be fast-tracked and if no objections are received, Permit approval will be issued.


Gary and Kathie Schmid, Lot # 1642/1643H/1644, 19681 Knollwood Drive,

  1. Approx 5’ extension of culvert pipe right side of the driveway with approx. 2’ H X 10’ W flat limestone wall.
  2. Approx. 46’ extension of culvert on the left side of the driveway.
  3. Convert approx. 35’ of existing drainage ditch to look like a creek.  Flat creek stone, various decorative plants.

The Architecture Committee approved the plan and is granting a Permit.


The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:


  1. Brent Hill, Lot # 3110H, 1808 Fieldcrest Drive, replacing existing split rail fence, wood, 4’ in height.


  1. Jeff and Julie Dickman, Lot # 694H/695, 1084 Sunset Drive, pressure treated 3 board fencing with brown vinyl coated liner, natural wood, 4’ in height.


  1. David and Sheri Trumbull, Lot # 3016B/3017H, 1648 Brookridge Circle Drive, 10’ X 30’ gravel parking pad with paver steps to porch.


  1. Mike Brugler & Michelle Riehle, Lot # 431H, 20438 Lakeview Drive, Kentucky 3 board fence with mesh wire liner, wood, 4’ in height.         


Approve June 19, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Motion to accept: Dan Tester. Second: Bob Maudlin

Old Business: A discussion of the previously approved major modifications and additions to the home located on Lot # 2013H/2014, 19782 Ventura Drive. As a result of discovering major structural problems the entire home was removed down to the foundation. New drawings will have to be approved prior to beginning the new construction.

New Business: Discuss the process of approving paint colors on the outside of resident’s homes. Should all decisions be made by the Architecture Committee? The Committee believes the system as established is working well. Administrative Approval was held up for one Permit due to unusual circumstances and that Administrative decision was correct. That need was dealt with appropriately and is an unusual situation. Continuing to follow the established procedure is therefore the correct procedure and no change is required.

The Committee reviewed and discussed the rules regarding parking and parking pads. A recurring issue of how those rules should be applied or altered has been discussed in the past and no obvious workable solutions or changes have been agreed to. Further consideration of the related rules and issue shall be examined but no re-writing of the rules has been considered.

The Architecture Committee considered the rules related to storm water draining from downspouts and other major sources of water drainage issues. An observation of excessive water overwhelming the capacity of riprap to prevent runoff into areas where problems may be created has prompted a change in the rules. The last sentence of Rule 4-15-4 (in red) was considered for deletion. Community Manager Bruce Keller has recommended we have further discussions regarding the wording before taking action.


4-15-4 Drainage Rules for Roofs and Foundation

All water from roof gutters and foundation drains shall be piped separately underground and drained to the nearest/closest watercourse. If no watercourse is available then the water shall be dispersed through rip-rap.

Motion to Adjourn, 7:35 PM:   Bob Maudlin    Second: Tom Cross

Minutes Taken and submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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