Architecture Committee Minutes Wednesday, July 11, 2018 4:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 4:30PM

unapproved Minutes

Called to Order by: Dave Hafner at 4:30

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Debra Spaulding

Members Absent:  Jeff Mueller, Alan Kohlhaus, Mike Chennault

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents in Attendance: None


Present: Barry Hansel, Lot # 1348, 948 Greentree Road, will be attending the meeting to discuss a variance to place a shed outside of the setback.  Minimum size of 10×16 agreed for 15ft.  minimum. back line and 10ft.  side. Homeowner will submit plot with dimension and paperwork for board review.

Present: Lori Wilson, Lot # 583/584H, installing 9’ X 40’ parking pad with 22’ culvert.  The Wilson’s live on a corner lot and want to place the parking pad on the Skyview side of their property.  plot plans signed.

Tammy & Gordon Weis, 2537H/2538A, 1753 Cove Circle, extending retaining wall 40’.  Total wall will be 55ft. in length.signed plot plans approved for this project.

HVL POA, Pickle Ball Court. Bruce Keller presented paperwork and dimensions, including dimensions and proposed itemized cost sheet.  signed and approved to go to remaining committees for approvals.

 HVL POA, Marina Shelter, Bruce Keller presented paperwork with the dimensions and pictures. signed and approved to go to remaining committees for approvals.

 Cory & Kinni Piche, Lot # 1835/1836H, 19954 Ravenda Drive, Requesting a 15’ variance for a playset in back yard.  Lot size is 94x 126.  Property was viewed and recommended to go to the board.

Eric and Korry Johnson, Lot #540, 1214 Skyview Circle, requested variance of 10’ to place a 8’x12’ shed on side property.  Not approved, not recommended to board.

David Roberts, Lot # 557H, extending existing Dock 20’, natural limestone steps in front yard.  Signed and Approved

Brian & Sarah Oyler, Lot # 1884H, replacing existing 35’ X 10’ parking pad, 2 natural limestone pathways in the front yard and back yard, 2 allan block retaining walls 22” X 35’ and 30” X 35’.  Signed and approved.

Mike & Kristi Rose, Lot # 2463, 20204 Cedar Cliff Drive, allan block retaining wall, 5’ X 85’. Signed and approved

Philip & Kathryn Washum, Lot # 2645H, 20344 Rosemeade, replacing retaining wall, geo-grid reinforced tan allan block along driveway, moving wall back 4’ into yard.  signed and approved.

John Getzendanner, Lot # 962/963H/964, 20997 Alpine Drive, natural stone retaining wall, 54” X 50’. Signed and approved

Karen Schoenecker, Lot # 1092H, 20261 Matterhorn, slab stone steps, gray allan block, 2’ 5” X 45’. signed and approved.  Signed and approved.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

Ned Riegel, Lot # 2469H/2470, 20233 Cedar Cliff Drive, concrete parking pad, retaining wall, allan block classic buff with cap, 36” X 94’ and 48” X 60’.  This was approved at the 6/6/2018 Architecture Meeting but not on the agenda.

Michael & Deborah Nearn, Lot # 3273/3274, 19229 Hampton Drive, above ground pool, 24’ X 52”.

Jeff & Barb Brandt, Lot # 1416H, 692 Windemere Hill, above ground pool, 15’ X 48”.

Ed Brueggeman, Lot # 802/803, 20838 Lakeview Drive, New home

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

Matt & Andrea Bishop, Lot # 2507H/2508A, 1761 Cove Circle West, 4’ in height fence Kentucky board fence with wire, poplar wood.

Marc Lewis, Lot # 3349/3350H, 19653 Alpine Drive, 36’ X 10’ concrete parking pad.

Donald Klapper, Lot # 2539, 1733 Cove Circle East, cement sidewalk30’ X 42”

Justin Habig, Lot # 2338, 1677 Tuppence Trail, addition to existing drive 46’ X 6’ 6”.

Rodney Gibbons, Lot # 1318/1319H/1320, 493 Ivy Hill Drive, 40’ X 4’ concrete sidewalk from front door to steps.

Vicky Combs, Lot # 1173H/1174, 21041 Zurich Trail, Adding roof and screened in existing deck.

Shannon Hall, Lot # 3042/3043H, 1497 Brookridge Circle, 12’ X 20’ shed, wooden shed will be Burnished Slate roof.

Jason Messer, Lot # 2324H/2325, 20581 Heather Court, 26’ X 6’ wooden walkway from driveway to back deck.

Molly Bell, Lot # 2398H/2399A, 1383 Golfview Court, Playset.

Grant & Andrea Smiley, Lot # 117H, 20087 Longview Drive, 10’ X 30 ‘ Screen in middle level of existing deck.

Stephen & Lorraine Pollack, Lot # 877H/878, replacing concrete driveway with same dimensions, 10’ X 30’ gravel parking pad.

Adam & Cassidy Hayhow, 1357H/1358, 8’ X 12’ shed, gray with white trim.

Howard & Sandra Tallen, Lot # 1368H/1369, 20552 Longview Drive, 10’ X 16’ shed, gray with white trim.

Approval June 6, 2018 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Dan Tester motioned, Dave Hafner second

Old Business: Fences, Continue discussion of sq. footage of new construction.

New Business:

Discussed process for getting Architecture signatures in a timelier manner.  Bruce will put out request for additional members to add to current committee

Discussed stop work orders, definition to include all projects present and future until original issues noted are resolved. Unanimously agreed.

Minutes Taken by: Debra Spaulding

Motion to Adjourn:  Dan Tester motioned at 6:10, Dave Hafner, second.

Submitted by: Debra Spaulding

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