Architecture Committee Minutes Wednesday, December 5, 2018 4:30PM

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, 4:30PM

Unapproved Minutes

Called to Order by: Dave Hafner at 4:30

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Jeff Mueller

Members Absent: Debra Spaulding, Alan Kohlhaas, Mike Chenault,

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Gina Keller, Bruce Keller arrived at 5:25 PM

Residents in Attendance:  Ed Brueggeman

Guest: Tim Cross  for second visit as an applicant for Committee membership.


  1. Ed Brueggeman, Lot # 802H/803, 20848Lakeview Drive, 4 car garage 26′ W X 39′ L X 9′ H, colors and materials will be the same as the house. 15′ variance at the rear of the property was approved at the November 29, 2018 POA Board meeting. Performance Bond was collected. Ed stated a desire to change the color selections for the siding of the house and garage, if reviewed and approved by the Architecture Committee. Samples to be provided. The Garage permit was approved by the Architecture Committee.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a


  1. George and Nicholas Custer, Lot# 1094H, 20281 Matterhorn Drive, 4’X41′ retaining wall, Trek deck and regrading.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

  1. Dyllon Dekok, Lot# 222, 20048 Lakeview Drive. Extending driveway with concrete using a mini mixer 12’X4′ with 8′ culvert pipe.
  2. Danny & Deborah Dixon, Lot # 2948H/2949, 21171 Bellemeade Drive. Replacing                              existing gravel driveway with concrete15’X30′ top (approx.18’X30′).
  3. Jeff & Sara Hofmann, Lot # 1944H/1945/1946, 19901 Cravenhurst, Drive. 12′
  4. R Wayne Hill & Kim Renner, Lot # 2989H/2990, 21282 Bellameade Drive. 10′ X 20′ shed on concrete foundation12′ X 30′ parking pad.
  5. Old Business:  Recommendation to add item “n” under section 4-5-7 regarding the minimum square footage of new homes stating: “All new homes must have 1,200      minimum      square feet of living space on the main floor excluding the garage.”            was reviewed again after the November reading and discussions heard at the POA         Board meeting on Nov. 29, 2018. The Architecture Committee voted to not change       the wording and allow the original wording to go forward for a second reading at the            next Board Meeting.

Also considered was a recommended change regarding Lot Splits accomplished by    the addition of section 4-4-41 to the Architecture Section of our handbook stating:  “Proposed lot splits must be presented to the Architectural Committee along with re-drawn, surveyor signed plot plans including existing structures. The Board of Directors are the final approval for all split lots.” this item was reviewed again after the November reading and discussions heard at the POA Board      meeting on Nov. 29, 2018. The Architecture Committee voted to not change the wording and allow the original wording to go forward for a second reading at the next Board Meeting.

A  third item, the issue regarding the maximum size of detached buildings (4-17-8)  was reviewed and changes are recommended by the Architecture Committee prior      to the Second reading at the next Board Meeting. The recommended change will   include removing the maximum limit of 900 sq. ft. and added as a control factor  will be a statement to the effect that the out building dimensions and limits must beproportional to the environment and the the neighborhood. The 50% of the living  space restriction shall remain.

All committee members agreed section 4-17-9 should be read a second time with no changes.

New Business: A checklist to be used as a guide to help assure all critical factors are considered prior to okaying the return, in full or in part, of Performance Bond monies was created by Phil Heitz and presented to the Architecture Committee. The         Committee unanimously approved the use of the checklist. Motion to approve was made by Dan Tester and seconded by Dave Hafner.

A letter was presented by Bruce Kellerwhich contained concerns expressed by Jon Dutton, a community member. Those concerns were in regards to the first        reading of the changes (listed under Old Business above) for item 4-5-7 “n”. Those                 concerns were considered prior to  the decision of the Architecture Committee to  not alter the wording before the Second Reading.

A motion to acceptTom Crossas a new member of the Architecture Committee was made by Dave Hafner and seconded Dan Tester. All present unanimously voted to add Tom Cross to our roster of Architecture Committee members.

Change to method of scheduling hearings regarding changes in Rules or for     the      proposal of New Rules: Due to the absence of members and reductions in the number of meetings during Winter months it has been recommended we only  introduce changes in Rules during the months of June, July, and August. Exceptions may be made if an urgent situation arises.

Our Winter Architecture Committee Meeting schedule shall be altered. There will be no regularly scheduled meetings until March 2019. All new business will be conduced as needed. Committee members will be contacted by email or by other  means when required.

Nov. 27, 2018Architecture Meeting Minutes Approved. Motion by: Phil Heitz Seconded by Dave Hafner.

Motion to Adjourn at 5:45 PM by: Dave Hafner seconded by Jeff Mueller

Minutes taken and Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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