Architecture Committee Minutes: September 6, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee Minutes
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 3:30 p.m.


Called to Order by: Bruce Keller

Members Present: Jeff Mueller, Phil Heitz, Dave Hafner, Debra Spaulding

Members Absent: Matt Haarmeyer, Alan Kohlhaas, Mike Chenault, Tracy Hallahan

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents in Attendance: None

Guest: None

The following projects were reviewed by the Architecture Committee:

  1. Shaun Meyers, Lot # 156H/157/A, 19994 Lakeview Dr. – 14’ x 20’ extension of driveway to rear yard. Current project will be 280 sq. ft. basketball court. Homeowners have existing parking pad 14’ x 24’. Project reviewed and approved upon stipulation that no additional parking pad to be added beyond this project. Homeowner will reinstall fence and gate between pad and drive. Reviewed and approved.
  2. Kyle Packer, Lot # 1878H, 1482 Aqua Vista Dr. – Mr.Packer requested Committee recommendation for variance to place a trampoline on a lot he owns on Aqua Vista, across from his residence. After review and discussion, the committee did not recommend the request for variance due to rules stated in the HVL Bylaws and Rules.  Reviewed and not recommended.
  3. Michael Sundbye, Lot # 658H/659, 20511 Edelweiss Lane –  Mr. Sundbye provided original drawing of plot. Committee recommends that he request a variance to place garage on front elevation of property. He will provide revised plot drawings showing the exact location of the garage at the October 4, 2017 Architecture Meeting. Garage will be 70 ft. from neighbor. Reviewed and unanimously recommended.
  4.  Brian Rupel, Lot # 2426/2427, 1418 Brindlestone Dr. – Request for 9 ft. variance on setback of house. Due to terrain, house will have 9 ft. step foundation. Board recommended variance upon agreement with Mr. Rupel to provide green barrier and foundation plantings for aesthetics. Board requested Mr. Rupel provide plot drawing including house’s back deck at October Architecture meeting. Reviewed and recommended.
  5. Scott Mason, Lot # 2223/2224H, 1433 Tyrolean Way – Replace existing retaining wall adding parking pad. Revised dimensions: 10’ off garage, 30’ long, 2’ ht, 50’ length. Homeowner will be at 300 sq. ft. of cement pad. Board Requested clarification with revised plot plan showing revisions of additional parking pad. To be submitted for review if Mr. Mason chooses to proceed with project. Reviewed and recommended.
  6. Patricia Simpson, Lot # 1713H/1714, 1398 Cliftmont Circle – Variance request document and approve “As Built” setback configuration for side. Minutes will be placed in file, plot plan and given to the Simpson’s in case this is ever revisited in the future. Reviewed and approved.
  7. Terry and Terry Preston, Lot # 2276H, 20532 Matterhorn Dr. – Replace and lengthen retaining wall to 38’ length x 4’ height. Plot plan and pictures do not match up.  Resident will have to re-draw and present to Architecture again. Reviewed.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

  1. David Beck, Lot # 1828H, 1412 Heidi Haven – split rail fence with mesh liner, treated 4×4 wood post, 4’ in height.
  2. Kenneth Hall, Lot # 2490, 20136 Alpine Drive – Extend width of driveway by 1’ with gravel and landscape timbers to contain gravel on the right side of  the driveway.
  3. John & Nelly Montgomery, Lot # 2728H, 1698 Tuppence Trail – 8’ x 10’ Handy Products wood shed, double door with window, brown to match the color of the house. Base is gravel with 4 x 12” blocks. Frame base will be 4 x 4 x 10’ treated posts.
  4. Mark & Dawn Eberhard, Lot # 1992H, 19723 Ventura Drive – Replacing gravel drive with concrete, no change in dimensions. $500.00 performance bond applied.
  5. Angelica Reis, Lot # 895/896H/897, 1032 St. Moritz Court – Concrete foundation repair, sealing and reinforcement. $500.00 performance bond applied.
  6. Judith Reese, Lot # 261, 19922 Overlook Circle – Replacing 4 squares of concrete driveway.  $500.00 performance bond applied.
  7. Malissa Martin & Kim Shibinski, Lot # 1241H/1242, 438 Cresthaven Drive – Roof over existing deck & screened in porch 12’ x 16’, sandstone color/similar to existing.
  8. Russell Davis, Lot # 2938H/2939, 20871 Bellemeade Drive – Replacing existing concrete driveway with same dimensions. Bond money was collected.
  9. Brian & Brandi Allen, Lot #1079H, 20352 Matterhorn Drive – screening in two existing porches on 2nd and 3rd floors, both screens are 12.5×13.

Old Business:

Community Manager Bruce Keller has requested discussion of issues on expired 6-month structure approvals and possible non-refundable fee on non-performance bond approvals.

Approval of August 2nd and September 6th minutes at the October 4th meeting.

New Business: 

  • Request a motion to approve Dave Hafner as the new Architecture Committee Chairman.
    Motion made by Phil Heitz, second by Jeff Mueller to approve Dave Hafner for the Architectural Committee chair. Passed unanimously.
    Debra Spaulding will take the secretary position.

Minutes Taken by: Debra Spaulding

Motion to Adjourn:  5:15 by Debra Spaulding, second by Phil Heitz

Submitted by: Debra Spaulding

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