Architecture Committee Minutes: September 21, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 21,2016

Callled to Order by Mike Parks at 7 p.m.

Members Present: Matt Haarmeyer, Don Yetzer, and Mike Parks

Members Absent: Alan Kohlhaas, Mike Chenault, Jim Ulrick

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: No

Resident in Attendance: Phil Heitz


  1. Michael & Nancy Maly, Lot #2735, 20552 Alpine Drive; Concrete drive to run along left side of house 10’ x 33’ and A-frame vertical roof garage/shed 21’ x 18’; laying concrete under the garage/shed 22’ x 19’. Approved with the addition of a swale and buried drain pipe to street to prevent runoff to neighbor.
  2. John & Petra Sterwerf, Lot #1631, 19602 Knollwood Drive; Allen block retaining wall (hickory color). 2’ x 20”, 1.5’ x 12’, 1.5’ x 10’ and 3’8” x 85’. Approved
  3. Property Transformation LLC, Lot #589, 1118 Springdale Ct.; New siding, Allan block retaining wall, concrete modular (Granite) 2’ x 30’. Approved
  4. John Homoelle, Lot #2541, 1713 Cove Circle East; Rip Rap Shoreline, 8’ rip rap, 9’9” limestone rock 1’ deep. No show
  5. Matt Owen, Lot #1145, 20393 Meercham Way; Allan Block 3’6” x 40’, 2’ x 15’, 2’ x 8’, paved patio, concrete sidewalk, concrete steps. Retaining wall must be 10’ minimum from property line. Approved.
  6. Jean Skiff & Michell Skiff-Finkle, Lot #1509/1510, 19800 Longview Drive; 3 Season room, partial deck cover 16’ x 18’. Approved
  7. Matt Mulcahey, Lot #281, 387 Hickory Rd; Basketball hoop – hoop will be 10’ tall, post no more than 1’ diameter. Not approved.
  8. Kevin Collins, Lot #2002, 19887 Alpine Drive; moving existing shed 10’ x 10’; Install concrete pad 10’ x 14’; moving shed back onto the new pad, no changes to shed. Approved.

The following projects have Administrative Approval:

Michael Accurso, Lot 2363H. 19327 Par Drive, and Jeffrey Timberlake Lot #2365H, 19317 Par Drive; 4” drainage pipe. Approved by Bruce Keller.

Old Business:

  • Variance Process write up discussed. Final draft will be given to Board members at next meeting (September) for input and final approval possibly at October Board meeting.

New Business:

  • Phil Heitz was recommended and approved as a member of the Architecture Committee.
  • Discussion regarding Architecture vs. Administrative approvals was held.
  • List of projects was reviewed and amended as Committee saw fit.

Minutes Taken by: Donna Yetzer

Motion to Adjourn: by Don Yetzer, seconded by Matt Haarmeyer

Submitted by: Donna Yetzer

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