Architecture Committee Minutes: March 1, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2017


Called to Order by Chairmen Matt Haarmeyer at 7:00 pm

Members Present: Phil Heitz, Mike Parks, Alan Kohlhaus, Mike Chenault, Dave Hafner

Members Absent: None

Board Liaison Present: Absent

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: None


  1. Michael Sundbye, Lot # 658-659, 20511 Edelweiss Lane; Will be attending meeting to request a waiver on front setback for a detached garage. House is 81’ from the front lot line. Garage will extend beyond the normal setback. No waiver needed, connecting structure with an arbor. Approved     
  2. Rich Funk, Lot # 1705/1706, 1318 Cliftmont Circle; 2 walls were built back in 2014 and approved. Another permit was submitted and Jason found that none of the walls built in 2014 match the dimensions of what is actually up. Egbers Outdoor Services came back out, measured and re-submitted plans with new dimensions. Wall 1 – 66” X 33’ – will need fence, Wall 2 – 58” X 33’ – will need fence, Wall 3 – 31” X 50’, Wall 4 – 45” X 56’, Wall 5 – 36” X 30’, Wall 6 – 33” X 115’. Walls will be fixed by Egbers Outdoor Services and will have 90 days to come back to Architecture with a plan on fixing wall. Citation will be given. Fine suggested by Architecture Committee to be $500.00. Approved
  3. Rich Funk, Lot # 1705/1706, 1318 Cliftmont Circle, Dock 42’ X 8’ lower level, 29’ X 8’ upper level. Approved with time extended to 12 months to build dock.
  4. Eric Sitterle, Lot # 2824/2825/2826, 1802 Ridgewood Circle, Detached garage, 36’ X 56’, front color to match house (light blue), garage doors to match house (white). Approved
  5. Gordon Weis, 2537/2838, 1753 Cove Circle East, Retaining walls, 19” X 36’ long, 32” X 32’ long, Gordon is looking for recommendations on seawall 20” X 16’long and some type of steps to come up from lake wall. Gordon also attached a letter. The seawall was not approved due to property not being on lakefront. Steps were approved. Wall (1) 19” X 36’ Approved, Wall (2) will be approved 10’ from the property line and 18” in height.
  6. Glen Minges, Lot # 3085, 1544 Greenlawn Way, Removing dormer above his front porch. Glen will not be attending this meeting per Bruce. Approved
  7. Review 3 new POA docks. Reviewed and signed off.  

The following projects have Administrative Approval:

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Minutes Taken by: Mike Chenault

Motion to Adjourn: by Mike Parks and 2nd by Alan Kohlhaus. All in favor.

Submitted by: Mike Chenault

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