Architecture Committee Minutes: July 5, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
July 5, 2017

Called to Order by Bruce Keller, 3:30 p.m.

Members Present: Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Alan Kohlhaas, Dave Hafner, Mike Chenault

Members Absent: Mat Haarmeyer

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager and Staff Present: Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents/Guest Present: All guests listed are residents of the HVL Community. They include: Barry Hansel, David T. Phillips, Jeff Mueller, Tom Irwin, Dick Myers, Tim Halloran, Deb Spaulding, Justin Griffin, Tracy Hallahan, Gary Wilmoski, and Jim Simmons.

Each guest has submitted eligibility information and participated in this meeting for future consideration for Architecture Committee Membership.

Old Business: The Committee reviewed projects that were formerly approved without a meeting. Those projects include:

  1. Tom and Debbie Lindeman, Lot #1140, 20343 Meercham Way: Allan block retaining wall 44” in height and 68 ‘ in length. Replace existing steps to patio; new concrete Patio 19′ X 14’ 6”.
  2. Olena Cassillas (Kamenetska), Lot #1152, 20463 Meercham Way: above-ground pool 18′ X 52”: wood deck with railing around pool; 26′ highest point of pool, 52” lowest point of pool. Drawings and pic of pool attached to permit.
  3. Travis Fite, Lot #550H/551, 1324 Skyview Circle: 3′ x 9′ extension of deck between hot tub and concrete patio. Wood matching existing deck: elevation 8” at lowest point and 12” at highest point; railing 4′.
  4. Matt Nelson, Lot #2888, 21131 Bellemeade Drive: 14′ x 16′ extension of deck with railing. Wood to match existing deck.

All reviewed items were verified and approved.

The following projects were AA approved after reviewing:

  1. Ryan Meyer, Lot # 1623, 19522 Knollwood Drive: Replacing existing wall, 20” x 60’.
  2. Rich & Nancy Hesse, Lot # 2459/2460H, 20174 Cedar Cliff Drive: Replace existing timber on retaining wall, 2’ x 99’, Replace steps along driveway from house to road with 3’ x 6” limestone slabs, approx. 37 steps.
  3. Virginia & John Wood, Lot # 1231/1232H/1233, 548 Cresthaven Drive: Kentucky board fence, wood with black vinyl mesh; height of fence 4’, 255’ fence in total.
  4. Jon Smith & Cyndie McKee, Lot # 816/817H, 20905 Ferngrove Court: Kentucky Board fence with black mesh, cedar; height of fence 4’.
  5. Justin Uhlman, Lot # 1432/1433H, 561 Hawthorne Heights: Shed 8’ x 10’, resin material, timber base foundation, color tan and brown.
  6. Robert Bates, Lot # 2401H/2402, 1423 Golfview Court: replacing existing concrete driveway and adding 4 inches of driveway on each side; Concrete parking pad 12’ x 23’.

Further discussions by the Committee included the need to have permit holders maintain marked locations for construction projects until the project construction is under way.

Donna Yetzer distributed updates of Section 202 of the Bylaws for Architecture and the Architecture Approval Process to all present for the meeting.

New Business: Community Manager Bruce Keller has requested preparation for discussion of issues during the August meeting. Those issues will include parking pad dimensions, garage dimensions, issues regarding grandfathering, and possible discussion of adding new Committee members. Preparation and participation involving all committee members is requested.

Next meeting scheduled for Aug. 2 at 3:30 PM.

Motion to Adjourn: 4 p.m. by Phil Heitz, seconded by Dan Tester

Minutes taken by: Phil Heitz

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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