Architecture Committee Minutes: February 7, 2018 3:30PM

Called to Order by: Dave Hafner

Members Present: Mike Chenault, Phil Heitz, Dave Hafner, Debra Spaulding

Members Absent: Dan Tester, Jeff Mueller, Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present: none

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance:


Robert & Paula Camp, Lot # 1974/1975H/1976, 19993 Alpine Drive, 12’ X 14’ three season room on existing deck, color sandstone with white gutters. Mr. and Mrs. Camp presented plans and material pictures. Signed Plan approved

Aaron Reininger, Lot # 3143H, 1807 Fieldcrest Drive, Variance request for 4’ X 51’ privacy fence. Letters were sent to neighbors adjoining Aaron’s property.   No Response from Charles Reese. Received an email from Steph Knox stating she is in full support of the fence request.

Mike Chenault motioned to recommend to board and Phil Heitz second.

Eric Johnson, Lot # 540H, 1214 Skyview Circle, 8’ variance request for retaining wall to come off the house and wrap around towards Skyview. Letters were sent to neighbors adjoining Eric’s property. No response from either neighbor.

Mike Chenault motioned to recommend to board, Dave Hafner second pending material info from Mr. Johnson.

William & Laura Moss, Lot # 1106H, 20401 Matterhorn Drive, extending existing deck, 13’ X 30’, screened in porch under deck extension 13’ X 24’, step will be moved to other side of deck. Signed Plat plans and approved.

John & Molly Fruin, 1571H, 19447 Newcom Knoll, replacing existing dock with new dimensions 12’ X 20’ Signed , approved.

Jared & Yalonda Lischkge, Lot # 129H, 19983 Longview Drive, replacing existing dock, 8’ X 20’ lower level, 14’ X 20’ upper level. signed and approved.

Gordon Weis, Lot # 2537H/2538A, 1753 Cove Circle East, Concrete retaining wall 41” in height X 39’ in length. needs either variance or revision of wall dimensions. As shown now, wall is at side lot line.

Mike Chenault motioned to send to Lakes and Parks chair committee for review, Dave Hafner second.

Mark & Melanie Marshall, Lot # 1603H, 1265 Monteray Circle, signature on bond return application for concrete driveway. Other work that was completed, replaced existing deck with same dimensions, retaining wall, excavation work to regrade back yard to improve drainage

Eric & Laura Smallwood, Lot # 1625, 19542 Knollwood Drive, signature on bond return, replace existing concrete driveway and added parking pad, replaced retaining wall with new dimensions.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a


Rich & Cindy Mischell, Lot # 1876/1877H, 1427 Aqua Vista Drive, Replacing existing dock with new dimensions 15’ X 33’/10’ X 6’

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

Brian Rummel, Lot # 1536, 19824 Lakeview Drive, 13’ X 13’ trampoline.

Harry Branson & Linda Wilder, Lot # 2870H, 21132 Sunnyridge Drive, Kentucky Board with mesh liner, natural wood, 4’ high. Steps off of the deck, natural wood 4’ in width.

Brett Moses, Lot # 1905H, 20033 Ravenda Drive, 8’ X 10’ wooden shed with shingle roof, tan in color.

Approval December 6, 2017 Architecture Meeting Minutes:

Motion to approve made by Phil Heitz, Dave Hafner second.

Old Business:

New Business:  

Set to review retaining wall requirement. Review fence requirement on retaining walls.

Minutes Taken by: Debra Spaulding

Motion to Adjourn: Dave Hafner motioned, Mike Chenault, second.

Submitted by: Debra Spaulding

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