Architecture Committee Minutes – February 2, 2022

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Committee 5:30 pm

Guest 6:00 pm

  Approved Minutes

Called to Order by:   Frank Goodrich    5:30 PM

Members Present:  Frank Goodrich, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas, Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:  No

Board Liaison Present:  *Steve Siereveld

Community Manager Present:  *Dave Wismann

  • * Note: For the purpose of this Meeting, David Wismann & Steve Siereveld additionally served to complete the quorum and provide the necessary minimum number of authorized signatories required to approve the requests for Permits.

Residents in Attendance:  Michael & Linda Cheney, Robert Price, Chuck & Cindy Morgan, Jonathan & Eveliz Gates, Dennis Day, Peter Westerling

Guest:  None

  1. Michael & Linda Chaney, Lot # 397, 20287 Lakeview Drive, & Robert Price, Lot # 395, 20267 Lakeview Drive, Lot split of Lot # 296. The Plot Plan supplied by the Surveyor did not include the existing structures located on Lots # 395, 396 & 307 as required by Rule 4-4-41. This item has been tabled until the requisite requirements have been met.
  1. Chuck and Cindy Morgan, Lot 1088H, 20252 Matterhorn. Adding a new section of dock to the existing dock, 6’ X 10’ using trex, tan in color, and attaching a kayak launch. All structures are within the requisite setbacks. The Architecture Committee quorum unanimously approved the Plot Plan as provided.
  1. Jonathan & Eveliz Gates, Lot 351H/352, 907 Greentree Road. Adding a 4’ privacy fence made of natural wood to be located about 2’ off the side property lines and several feet from the back property line due to a creek located in that area. Gates will be installed in the fence. The property lines were surveyed and the pins located.  Adding a French drain at the front corner of the house. Adding stairs, created from matching materials, to the existing deck. The Plot Plan and requests for a Permit, as provided, were unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee Quorum.
  1. Dennis Day, Lots 3007/3008H, 1738 Brookridge Circle Drive.  This project was started without a permit and the walls are just about completed.  Two treated wood retaining walls.  (1) 8’ X 50’) (2) 2’ X 50’).   The 8’ in height retaining wall will have a wooden railing and there are steps in between the retaining walls.  Adding steps to the right side of the house using gravel and wood.  The Architecture Committee Quorum unanimously agreed the issue of building without a Permit must be dealt with. Mr. Day will have to pay a fine as determined by the Judicial Committee. In addition he will need to obtain a permit from Dearborn County and have the existing construction inspected. Once those issues have been addressed and a Permit is obtained from Dearborn County, the Architecture Committee may proceed with the issue of approving the plans. The Architecture Committee Quorum found no issues regarding the basic plan as presented.
  1. Peter & Kathryn Westerling, Lot # 62H/390, 20207 Lakeview Drive. Installing a split rail Kentucky board fence with brown vinyl coated wire liner, natural wood, 4’ high. To be constructed with gates on both sides of the home. The fence will follow the property line and enclose the back yard. The Pins have been located and marked. The Architecture Committee Quorum found no issues and unanimously approved the Plot Plans as presented.
  1. Jamie Thomas, Lot # 2763, 20872 Bellemeade Drive. Installing a 3 rail Kentucky board fence with a mesh liner, 4’ high, 2 gates located on each side of the house, natural poplar wood. The fence will follow the property line and enclose the back yard. The Pins have been located and marked. The homeowner was unable to attend the meeting. The Committee Quorum found no issues and unanimously approved the Plot Plans as presented.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Lindsey Schultz Jones, Lot # 3003H, 1898 Fieldcrest Drive, replacing existing steps with concrete.  
  1. Shelby Ellis, Lot 1708H, 1338 Cliftmont Circle, replacing existing dock with Aztec material, gray in color, no change in dimensions.  
  1. Kristy Hansel, Lot # 1348H, 948 Greentree Road, breaking up and replacing existing driveway, add to driveway 2’ X 60’ and 1’ X 50 using concrete.
  1. Anthony Stange, Lot # 1132H, 20294 Meercham Way, replacing roof with gray shingles.  
  1. Bernard & Adelaida Banner, Lot 10H/11, 544 Hickory Road, replacing roof shingles (color is light gray same as old shingles) and replacing siding on the right side of house (same color).  Color samples on file in the office.  
  1. Charles Begley, Lot 1885H, 1542 Aqua Vista Drive, replacing existing boat lift.
  1. 5 Bear Properties, LLC, Chris & Brigid Bennet, Lots 1254,1255H,1256, 326 Ivy Hill Drive, homeowner will be changing the color of their home from a 2-tone tan and gray to a charcoal gray color with black trim. Colors on file.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:


The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:


The following projects were Board approved:


ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for December 8, 2021.  

Unable to approve during this meeting due to a lack of Committee Members who were present during the December 8, 2021 Meeting.

Old Business: None

New Business:  

Discussion on Shorestation Canopy frames.  Need to go over the approval process. Discussion tabled until a full quorum of Architecture Committee Members can be present for the discussion.

Issues exist regarding the Rules for Fences. Phil Heitz will create an email to be distributed to the Committee Members regarding the specific issues of concern to help prepare for discussions when a full quorum of the Committee can meet.

The timeframe for compliance with a directive to take corrective action has expired as regards the issue below (From the November 3, 2021 Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes):

Item 2.   Gary & Christy Dole, Lot # 3094, 1463 Greenlawn Way. Requesting a Permit for an already installed new concrete parking pad, 13’ X 14’ and 41’ X 6’, total of 428 square feet.  Existing parking pad 15’ X 8’ and 11’ X 11’ divided by 2, a total of 180 square feet.   Total square footage of parking pad is 608.  Gary Dole, present for the meeting, Recognizes his error in not applying for a Permit prior to adding the oversized pad and has agreed to either remove the excess square footage or, if that is not practical, will begin the process  of applying for a variance requesting approval for the  248 square feet of parking pad. Mr. Dole understands the removal of the extra square footage is preferred and has been given 3 months to complete the removal or apply for a variance. He also understands that failure to comply may result in a fine.

The Architecture Committee Members will discuss how to proceed with the need to correct the matter shown above.

The date for the next meeting of the Architecture Committee will be Wednesday Feb. 16, 2022.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn: No Motion made. The meeting was concluded at 7:00 PM.

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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