Architecture Committee Minutes – February 16, 2022

Architecture Committee Meeting 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm


Called to Order by:   Tom Cross        5:25 PM

Members Present:    Tom Cross, Frank Goodrich, Bob Maudlin, Alan Kohlhaas, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:    None

POA Office Staff Present:    Gina Keller

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:   Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:   Dave Hafner

Community Manager Present:   No

Residents in Attendance:    Donna Kinnett, Cody Janszen, 

Kerry & Alison Zickuhr

Guest:   None

  1. Mike & Donna Kinnett, Lot 3292H, 19174 Hampton Drive.  The Kinnett’s applied for a 5’ Variance for the purpose of installing an 8’ X 12’ shed. Letters were sent to neighbors and sign was posted. Gina received an email from Tom Beversdorf approving of the variance request and did not get a response from the other neighbor after the 30 days.  The requested 5’ variance was not correctly dimensioned and after evaluation the Committee determined appropriate installation of the shed would require an eight (8) foot variance. The Architectural Committee unanimously agreed to recommend the approval of an 8’ variance. The request for the Variance shall be forwarded to the POA Board.
  1. John (Cody) Janszen & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646, 20354 Rosemeade Lane. Seeking a Permit to install a Shorestation Revolution Canopy, slate gray in color, 10’ X 30’ over the existing boatlift located parallel to the existing dock. The Bylaws regarding new Rules as applied to the installation of boat lift canopies have not yet been formally and clearly written and passed. As a result, the Architecture Committee will shelve this agenda item until the questions regarding the Rules on installation of canopies, in the Bylaws and Rules, have been resolved.
  1. Kerry & Alison Zickuhr, Lot # 1914H, 19902 Cravenhurst Drive. Seeking a Permit to install a natural wood fence with horizontal 6” slats spaced with nominal 6” spaces between each slat. Homeowner would prefer the fence be 5’ high. The Zickuhr’s were informed of the restrictions on fences over 4’ high and agreed to limit the height of sections of the fence that will be located closer than 10’ from the property line to a maximum of 4’ high. The portions of the fence that are located inside of the “Buildable Area” may be 5’ high. The Property Line Marking Pins have not been located.  The Architecture Committee unanimously agreed with the proposed plan but will have to shelve this Agenda Item until the survey pins have been officially located and the Property Lines can be accurately determined. Once accomplished, the Committee Members may sign off and approval may be granted.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Timothy & Latashia Quillin, Lot # 2285H, trampoline 12’ round X 10’ tall with safety net, black and orange in color.   

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:   None

The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:


The following projects were Board approved:   None

ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for December 8, 2021 and February 2, 2022.

Motion to Approve the Minutes from Feb. 2, 2022 by: Steve Siereveld (Motion made by email).  Seconded by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Approve the Minutes from Dec. 8, 2021 by:  Bob Maudlin,   Seconded by:  Frank Goodrich.  

Old Business:  Discussion of progress on Item #4 from the Feb. 2, 2022 Agenda regarding the installation of retaining walls without first receiving a Permit. Dennis Day, owner of Lots 3007/3008H, 1738 Brookridge Circle Drive. Mr. Day received a citation issued by the Property Maintenance Compliance Officer and paid the assessed $100.00 fine. Since the retaining walls are located in the buildable area of the lots, the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed the issuing of a permit is appropriate. There remains the issue of receiving a Permit from Dearborn County. Mr. Day will be invited to attend the next Meeting of the Architecture Committee to go over the method that will be used to proceed with the handling of this matter. Gina Keller has stated she is working with Mr. Day to assure all essential documents regarding the construction of retaining walls are made available. Once Mr. Day has obtained a County Permit, he will be required to provide a copy of that Permit to the POA Office.

New Business:  

Dave Hafner discussed the lot split rules. The current procedure should be altered as follows: Dearborn County seeks a Plot Plan that shows just the Lots involved in the request for a Lot Split.  That new plot plan must be provided by a Registered Indiana Licensed Surveyor. Once the Dearborn County Planning Department Official gives a Stamp of Approval, adding other information, such as locations of structures, to that Plot Plan may be pursued. The POA Office will then require a new Plot Plan which will be added to the official files. That Plot Plan shall include all structures and dimensioning including the new boundaries of the Lots.

Bob Maudlin (from June 17, 2020 Minutes) made a recommendation for revisions to the Rules regarding Lot Splits. (Section 4-4-41.) With regards to current changes in procedures, Bob recommends changing that proposed revision to read as follows:

Proposed lot splits must be presented to the Architecture Committee along with a re-drawn plot plan. All surveys must be signed and dated by a valid Indiana Registered Surveyor. If an existing structure(s) of any kind exist on the split lot, it/they must be shown correctly on a new plot plan.

  1. The new boundary line on the split must be in a straight line. It cannot maneuver around any existing structure.
  1. After approval by Dearborn County, a new detailed Plot Plan showing all boundaries and structures shall be delivered to the POA Office to become part of the permanent record.
  1. A split lot does not change the lakefront designation of said lot.

Frank Goodrich will be Calling Dearborn County regarding the details involved in the Lot Split procedures at the County level.

Phil Heitz discussed issues that exist with the rules on fences.  That topic was also addressed in the June 17, 2020 Meeting and recorded in the Minutes. To correct those issues the following changes to the current Rules will be observed by the Architecture Committee Members and the Rule changes will be corrected, as soon as it is particle to do so, to make those necessary alterations to existing publications of the Rules.

4-13-3 a. Fences not exceeding four (4) feet in height may follow the property line and must be located in the backyard with few exceptions and must not extend past the back corner of the dwelling closest to the road, which includes corner lots.

4-13-3 b. Fences must not exceed four (4) feet in height if decorative and six feet in height if for privacy. All fences exceeding four (4) feet in height must be located in the buildable portion of the Lot.

Discussion on Shorestation Canopy approval process.  Boat lift/shorestation canopy on empty lot.  The Committee consensus, unanimously agreed to, is: Lakefront Lots authorized by current Rules to allow a dock being built on them should also be allowed to have boatlifts and canopies installed in accordance with all applicable Rules. Tom Cross and Gina Keller will be working on documenting the sequence of events and decisions regarding the Bylaws and Rules associated with the installation of the boatlift covers. 

Minutes Taken by:   Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   

Motion by:  Bob Maudlin    Seconded by:   Alan Kohlhaas    7:40 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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