Architecture Committee Minutes: August 3, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2016

Called to Order by Chairman Mike Parks at 7 p.m.

Members Present: Alan Kohlhaas, Jim Ulrich, Matt Haarmeyer, Don Yetzer, Mike Parks, Mike Chenault

Members Absent: None

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller


  1. Jeff Mueller, Lots 1985,1986,1987 observed meeting proceedings
  1. Victor Minella, Lot # 2792, 1731 Ridgewood Circle; Parking pad gravel) 36’ x 12′. Approved
  2. Mial & Susan Shauberger, Lot # 477, 1288 Buckeye Ct; Privacy Fence 6’ high x long Variance; Tabled to complete variance procedures
  3. Sarah Young, Lot # 1427, 621 Hawthorne Ht; Deck 6’ x 10’, adding stairs down from deck Approved
  4. Robert Jacobsen, Lot #2623, 2624, 20320 Alpine Drive; Railroad tie wall to retain soil from falling on to the driveway; making driveway 2’ wide in the back and adding shed Approved
  5. Niki Campbell, Lot #301, 19921 Overlook Circle, Set back issue. Did not attend meeting

The following projects have Administrative Approval:

  1. William & Rebecca Thompson, Lot #241/242/243, 711 Hickory Rd; extending existing pad (gravel) 10’ on either side
  2. Cynthia Morton, Lot #618H, 1213 Sunset Drive; Replacing existing concrete drive, culvert required
  3. Roger Solomon, Lot #1266, 265 Ivy Hill; Concrete Driveway
  4. Bill Minnery, Lot #2323, 20571 Heather Ct; Screen & add windows, insulation, HVAC to previously added covered deck. Match existing siding as close as possible.

Old Business: 

  • July 6 minutes approved: Motion by Mike Chenault, second by Mike Parks. Approved. All attendees in favor.
  • July 20, 2016 minutes approved as changed: Macks Enterprises, Lot 301, pending verification of pins for stakes; Agenda to be sent to members on Monday prior to meeting under new business.
  • Conditions of docks that need repair, working on it.

Motion by Mike Chenault, second by Mike Parks. All attendees in favor.

New Business:

  • Add gravel trucks to performance bond – requirement for new installations, $500 performance bond.
  • All variance requests need to come to Architecture committee for review initially for consideration.

Motion by Jim Ulrich, second by Mike Chenault. All in favor.

Motion to Adjourn: by Mike Chenault, second by Jim Ulrich at 8:30. All in favor.