Architecture Committee Minutes: April 5, 2017

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2017


Called to Order by Alan Kohlhaus at 7 p.m.

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Phil Heitz, Alan Kohlhaus, Mike Chenault

Members Absent: Matt Haarmeyer, Mike Parks

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: None 


  1. Larry Hereth, Lot # 1707, 1328 Cliftmont Circle; Boat lift, 120”W x 135”L x 56”H; Requesting variance to add boat lift; Variance to be filed as soon as possible to put lift in front of dock.
  1. Wayne & Carol Schwegel, Lot # 2879B/2880H/2881A, 21172 Greenhill Court; Allan block gray retaining wall, 3.5’ x 60’ and 7’ 8” x 3’ slab stone steps; Approved
  1. Eddie Brockman, Lot # 2838, 1942 Ridgewood Circle; 3-Season Room addition on existing deck, 10’ x 18’; Approved
  1. Connie George, Lot # 869/870H/871, 21316 Alpine Drive; Would like to discuss pool & variance; Tabled and Connie George will continue with process.
  1. Georgia Panaro, Lot # 55H, 918 Beechwood Circle; Would like to discuss why HVL allows fences to be put up in yards; Much discussion on fences. It was explained to Georgia that this is a rule in the HVL Rule book.
  1. Terry Preston, Lot # 2276H, 20532 Matterhorn Drive; Showed up at the meeting to discuss a boatlift; He was instructed to come to the office to fill out and finalize permit and drawing on the plot plan. 

The following projects have Administrative Approval and were reviewed by Architecture Committee:

  1. Thomas Stonefield, Lot # 177, 20037 Lakeview Drive; Shed, 8’ x 12’, tan color, same as the house; AA Approved
  1. Vicki Burke, Lot # 580, 1153 Skyview Circle; 4’ Black chain link fence, privacy slats on right side only, with gate on both sides of front; AA Approved
  1. Travis Fite, Lot# 550/551, 1324 Skyview Circle; Moving dirt from one part of his lot to another; Bruce and Jason went to the lot to make sure this was not changing the flow of water to neighbor’s yard. AA Approved
  1. Joe Russel, Lot # 660H, 20521 Edelweiss Lane; Replacing existing wall with same placement and dimensions; 35’ x 44”. AA Approved
  1. Eddie Brockman, Lot # 2838, 1942 Ridgewood Circle; new siding and gutters, both white in color; AA Approved
  1. Michael Farmer, Lot # 2515H/2516, 1804 Cove Circle East; 16’ x 6’ gravel parking pad with railroad tie or similar border; AA Approved
  1. Brian & Stacey Feckter, Lot # 2712, 20407 Alpine Drive; 44’ x 77’ X 14’ x 12’ x 5’ split-rail fence with mesh liner, connecting to neighbors fence on one side; AA Approved
  1. Andrew Ballew, Lot # 1248H/1249, 386 Ivy Hill Drive; 6’ x 8’ play structure; AA Approved
  1. Richard Cullen, Lot # 2924, 2021 Morningside Drive; Shed 12’ x 16’ cedar board and batten cedar wood; AA Approved
  1. Dean Hasson, Lot # 1391H, 20374 Beau Vista Drive; 10’ x 12’ Prestwick Shed by Heartland; AA Approved 
  • Request approval of March 1, 2017 Architecture Meeting Minutes

Motion made by Mike Chenault and seconded by Dave Hafner to approve the March 1, 2017 Architecture Meeting Minutes. Motion passed.

  • Old Business: None
  • New Business: None

Minutes Taken by: Mike Chenault

Motion to Adjourn: made by Phil Heitz, seconded by Dave Hafner. All in favor.

Submitted by: Mike Chenault

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