Architecture Committee Minutes April 3, 2019 4:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 4:30PM

Approved Minutes

Called to Order by: Dave Hafner

Members Present: Mike Chenault, Phil Heitz, Alan Kohlhaas, Dan Tester, Tom Cross

Members Absent:  Jeff Mueller

Board Liaison Present: None

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents in Attendance: None


Scott Chenault, Lot # 2581H, 20304 Alpine Drive, house addition 16’ X 32’ on rear with steps. Performance bond collected. Reviewed concerns regarding steps on side of addition. Mr. Chenault will build a 3 foot landing with steps heading to back of house, for egress, within the required side 10 ft. setback.

Joseph & Jen Isadore, Lot # 1918, 19942 Cravenhurst Drive, Requesting 9 ft. variance on rear setback for roof over patio.  New construction. Discussed reducing the roof extending from house down to 10 ft. vs. 16 Ft. And bringing the house forward 1 ft. (to 40ft.) to bring the variance down.  Property will be staked. Homeowner will present plans and materials at future meeting.


Russ & Nicole Bradley, Lot # 2013H/2014, 19782 Ventura Drive, Adding garage to house 32’ X 34’, concrete driveway 49’ X 20’.  Performance bond collected. Not present.


Dennie Brunemann, Lot # 2734H, 1758 Tuppence Trail, New drawings requested by the Architecture Committee for 24’ X 24’ roof over patio.  Committee reviewed revised plans showing roof sloping toward house. Discussed reverting to original plans with addition of facia across front of barn to match front of pergola and color to blend. Mr. Brunemann will revise and email to Bruce.


Bobbi Jo Herbert- James, Lot # 2361, 19347 Par Drive, 4’ 7” wide X 6’ length, beige Rubbermaid shed. Not present. Plot plans reviewed and signed.


Garry Wilmoski, Lot # 2087H/2088, 20773 Alpine Drive, 2 Allan Block retaining walls 16’ X 1.75’ and 16’ X 2.25’ not present.  Reviewed plot plans, signed.


Brian and Stacey Feckter, Lot # 2712, 20407 Alpine Drive, in-ground pool, 16’ X 32’ with 3’ concrete patio and 4’ in height fence.  Performance bond collected.  Homeowner brought pool color and fence samples.  Signed plot plans and recommended.


Cindi Paolello, Lot # 923H/924A, 21091 Zurich Trail, House addition. Dave Gentrup represented homeowner. Reviewed plot plans and samples of paint, roofing, siding. Signed plot plans and construction rendering packet.



The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a


Janet Pecquet, Lot # 2622/2623H/2624, 20320 Alpine Drive, 2 concrete retaining walls with steps, 3’ X 55’ and 3’ X 35’.  Bond money collected.


The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

Glenn Caminiti, Lot # 202H, 19858 Elm Street, 12’ X 20’ Shed with grey metal roof, tan siding.

James Weaver, Lot # 1161, 20511 Matterhorn Drive, removing deck and laying concrete patio 20’ X 25’.


Dan Holcomb, Lot # 1191, 617 Eagleview Drive, connecting drainage system.


Susan Timberlake, Lot # 2365, 19317 Par Drive, Amendment to current pool permit.  Extending 5’ of the fence around the pool and adding additional concrete.


Shawn Ivey, Lot # 600, 20537 Lakeview Drive, Kentucky board fence, brown, 4’.

Approve March 6, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes:

Dave Hafner motioned to approve March meeting minutes, Phil Heitz second. 

Old Business:

New Business: 

Discussion on Architecture Meeting being held twice a month; one during work hours and the other during peak season: March to October. Keeping first meeting of month on first Wednesday. at 4:30 and second meeting on third Wednesday at 6:00.

Discussion on Shed Approval Process:

4-17-1. Structures Over Eight Inches High Require Approval

All sheds, gazebos, and shelters require HVL POA Architecture Committee approval prior to being built or placed on a lot. When applying for approval, the following items shall be submitted:

  1. Five (5) copies of the building plan (may be hand-drawn on a copy of original plot plan) showing the location of the structure on the lot.
  2. Five (5) copies of a picture or a drawing showing the structure size, elevation and the construction materials to be used.
  3. If the colors of the improvement do not match the existing house, then color photos or samples of the siding, shingles, trim color and shutter color, Shall be providedfor review.

Bruce will present to board for revisal  and addition of the above underlined statement.

Discussed  re-instating the requirement of homeowner getting Architecture Committee approval . Currently,  sheds only require AA approval.  Unanimously Committee re-instated.


4-2-3. Right to Disapprove Plans

  1. The HVL POA Architecture Committee has the right to disapprove of any plans, specifications or details submitted to it that are not in accordance with the restrictions, rules and regulations set forth herein or for the following reasons:
  2. The design or color scheme of the proposed building or other structure is not in harmony with the general surroundings of such lots or with the adjacent buildings or structures.
  3. The plans and specifications submitted are incomplete. OR
  4. The POA deems the plans, specifications, or details or any part thereof to be contrary to the interest, welfare or rights of all or any of the property subject hereto or the owners thereof.
  5. Proposed buildings not in harmony with the general surroundings or adjacent buildings include, but are not limited to, buildings or structures with appearance or style substantially similar to adjacent buildings. For example, a bi-level building will not be approved if it is to be built next to an existing bi-level similar in appearance.

Minutes Taken by: Debra Spaulding

Motion to Adjourn: Dave Hafner, Dan Tester second.

Submitted by: Debra Spaulding

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