Architecture Committee Minutes 6/19/24

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Committee 5:30 PM

Guest 6:00 pm

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross at 5:25 pm

Members Present:  Frank Goodrich, Bob Maudlin, Jack Schnieder, Alan Kohlhaas 

Members Absent:  Phil Heitz

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:  Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:  No

Community Manager Present: No

Residents in Attendance:  Jason & Victoria Crimmel, Matt Maroni & Anna Warhol, David Jefferson


  1. Jason & Victoria Crimmel, Lot 607/608H, 1103 Sunset Drive, wooden play set, natural cedar and black.  Picture Reviewed.  Setbacks set and reviewed.   Approved
  1. Matt Maroni & Anna Warhol, Lot 2742/2743H, 20616 Alpine Drive, Kentucky 3 rail fence with mesh liner, 4’ in height.  Pins have been located.  Approved
  1. David Jefferson, 2058H/2059, 1348 Brabamhurst Drive.  Replacing existing screened in patio 24×16 which was not approved.  They are replacing the screen with glass. Pre-existing Shed 15×12    Approved for both after review of set backs

The following projects were AA approved and reviewed: 

  1. Randy & Mary Juenke, Lot 1446H, 607 Aspen Hill Court, replacing wooden deck with trex, base will be brown, and rails will be white with black spindles.  No change in dimensions.  
  1. Charlotte Madar, Lot 282H/283, 375 Hickory Road, extending culvert 5’ on both sides of the driveway and replacing existing limestone wall.
  1. Jason Wilson, Lot 2106H, 1387 Brabamhurst Drive, painting gables light brown.  
  1. Heidi Haven LLC, Lot 1820H, 1332 Heidi Haven Drive, repairing deck, railings and beams, no change in footprint.  
  1. Jill & Jeff Bittner, Lot 1899H, 20113 Ravenda Drive, replacing existing concrete driveway and adding a 7’ X 8’ turnaround.  
  1. Joyce & James Brenneman, Lot 2886/2947H, 21161 Bellemeade Drive, 11’ X 9.5’ concrete patio placed in the back yard.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a 

meeting:  None

The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:


The following projects were Board approved:  None

ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for June 5, 2024.  Approved

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Minutes Taken by:  Alan Kohlhaas 

Motion to Adjourn: 

Motion by Frank Goodrich   Second by Bob Maudlin  6:30 pm

Submitted by: Alan Kohlhaas

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