Architecture Committee Minutes 5/15/2024

 Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Committee 5:30 PM

Guest 6:00 pm

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross               5:15PM

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Phil Heitz. Frank Goodrich (delayed arrival 6:08 PM).

Members Absent: Jack Schnieder

POA Office Staff Present:  No

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:  Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:  No

Community Manager Present:  No

Residents in Attendance:  Nikki Walden, Darwin & Ingrid Kouns, James Ferguson

Guest:  None

  1. Jeffrey & Nikki Walden, Lot # 1332H, 778 Greentree Road. Replacing existing 2 back decks, adding a third deck. The upper deck will be changed to 26’6” X 12’ and the lower deck will be 26’ 6” X 10’. Added will be a lower level “step-down” deck at the end of the lower level deck, 10’ X 10’ square. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Darwin & Ingrid Kouns, Lot # 1787H, 1321 Heidi Haven Drive. Seeking a Permit to install a nonpermanent floating kayak launch at the end of their existing dock. The floating launch will be 60” long X 48” wide and attached to the dock at one side of the floating, removable kayak launch. The opposite side of the launch requires no attaching support. Since the existing dock is located 11 feet from the property line, a Variance may be required due to the rules regarding a minimum 10’ setback. The property owner believes the installation of the temporary floating launch should be allowed since it is not a permanent installation and would be removed during the winter season when the water level is lowered and boating is not permitted. That Rule regarding nonpermanent structures needs to be verified. If no Variance is required, the Permit will be grated. If a Variance is required the Variance Application and procedures will be pursued. The Architecture Committee Members will recommend the granting of a Variance if required.
  1. James Ferguson, Lot # 2519H, 1856 Cove Circle East. Requesting a Permit to rotate an existing 10’ X 16’ shed 90 degrees, adding a new addition to the shed to convert it into a 10’ X 28’ shed located in the buildable portion of the property. The modified shed will be placed on 5” of crushed limestone and have Cape Cod grey siding and a charcoal metal roof with white trim. A 4’ high fence is located on the boundary of the buildable area of the property and will likely have to be altered to accommodate this installation. This request for a Permit does not address that issue. The Architecture Committee has unanimously agreed to issue a Permit for the project.

The following projects were AA approved and were reviewed: 

  1. James & Susan Simmons, Lot # 2633H, 20423 Rosemeade Drive. Replacing the existing green shingle roof with no change in color.
  1. Paul MacDonald & Patricia Hicks, Lots # 3082H/3083/3084, 1574 Greenlawn Way. Replacing the back half of the roof, color weathered wood, same color as the rest of the roof.  
  1. Brittany Callahan, Lot # 1175H, 494 Ivy Hill Drive. Replacing the existing shingle roof with a color change from black to dark gray.  
  1. Robert & Lori Wilson, Lots # 583/584H, 20587 Lakeview Drive. Replacing the concrete driveway with asphalt and adding a 10’ X 20’ asphalt parking pad.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a 

meeting:  None

The following projects were approved after pins were located on property:


The following projects were Board approved:  None

ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for May 1, 2024.

Motion by:  Bob Maudlin                     Seconded by:  Frank Goodrich

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Dan Tester announced he will not be able to attend the next scheduled Architecture Committee Meeting.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  

Motion by:  Frank Goodrich       Seconded by:  Bob Maudlin        6:23 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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