Architecture Committee Minutes 11-3-21

 Architecture Committee Meeting

         Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

    Approved Minutes

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross    5:30 PM

Members Present:   Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Alan Kohlhaas, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  None

POA Office Staff Present:  Gina Keller

Property Maintenance Compliance Officer Present:   Dan Tester

Board Liaison Present:   Dave Hafner

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

Residents in Attendance:  Patricia & Robert Simpson, Gary Dole, William Jacob, Darwin Kouns with Contractor Paul Egbers, Chris Windau, Richard & Gayle Myers, Scott Wagner, Dave Hafner presented Items #8 & #9. Walk-ins requesting information: Mark & Mona Mullen with Architect Dan Brooks.

Guest:  None

  1. Patricia & Robert Simpson, Lot # 1713H/1714, 1398 Cliftmont Circle. Seeking a Permit to repair a 110’ X 4’ concrete seawall to be installed on the face of the existing retaining seawall, which will include a concrete cap. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Gary & Christy Dole, Lot # 3094, 1463 Greenlawn Way. Requesting a Permit for an already installed new concrete parking pad, 13’ X 14’ and 41’ X 6’, total of 428 square feet.  Existing parking pad 15’ X 8’ and 11’ X 11’ divided by 2, a total of 180 square feet.   Total square footage of parking pad is 608.  Gary Dole, present for the meeting, Recognizes his error in not applying for a Permit prior to adding the oversized pad and has agreed to either remove the excess square footage or, if that is not practical, will begin the process  of applying for a variance requesting approval for the  248 square feet of parking pad. Mr. Dole understands the removal of the extra square footage is preferred and has been given 3 months to complete the removal or apply for a variance. He also understands that failure to comply may result in a fine.
  1. William & Katrina Jacob, Lot # 169, 1021 Hickory Road. Seeking a Permit to construct an allan block retaining wall 3-4’ X 67’, color will be charcoal. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Darwin Kouns, Lot 1787H, 1321 Heidi Haven Drive. Seeking a Permit to install a 32’ X 8’ dock and boat lift, a lake wall, allan block locking with boat notch 13’ X 15’, 32’ X 15’ concrete patio with 32’ X 15’ allan block retaining wall, 18’ X 15’ concrete patio with 18’ X 15’ allan block retaining wall, wood steps from lower deck of house to ground level, stone steps from deck to patio areas. Their Contractor, Paul Egbers, was present and presented the drawings and the Plot Plan. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Chris & Melissa Windau, Lot #2331/ 2332H, 1744 Tali Trail. Applying for a Permit to install an 8’ X 45’ gravel parking pad and 3’ X 45’ retaining wall with drainage pipe, including stone fill over tile. The parking pad will run parallel to the driveway. The drainpipe from the downspouts will be connected to the culvert extension and buried. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Richard & Gayle Myers, Lot 1663H, 19792 Alpine Drive. Applying for a Permit to install a 4’ in height black aluminum fence.  Pins have been located and marked by an Indiana registered surveyor. The fence will be in the back yard and located within the buildable area. The Meyers’ may need to change the type of fence due to the current unavailability of their preferred style. They were informed that the project needs to be complete within 6 months, but an extension of the time to complete their project may be obtained if needed. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit. – On Nov. 11, 2021 the application for a fence was altered to allow the installation of a black chain link fence. That is approved in accordance with the prior agreements.
  1. Scott Wagner & Kimberly Ezis, Lot # 1146, 20403 Meercham Way. Seeking a Permit to install a concrete driveway expansion with retaining wall.  An upper existing parking pad is 420 sq. ft., the lower parking pad is 189 sq. ft. and the proposed parking pad is 385.69 sq. ft.  Scott said he would remove the upper parking pad to enable the installation of the proposed parking pad.  This would still be over the 360 sq. ft. limit. At this meeting Scott chose to present an alternate plan that may better satisfy his needs while avoiding the conflicts created by prior plans. Extending his attached garage and altering the driveway to allow for a turnaround area needed to access the garage may satisfy his requirements and be a design that is possible to be approved according to existing Rules. Scott will provide a new plot plan showing the new layout at a future Architecture Committee meeting.
  1. Wayne Ferguson, Lot # 1790H, 1291 Heidi Haven Drive. Dave Hafner represented Wayne Ferguson, not present for the Meeting, by presenting a request for a Permit to install a 4’ X 8’ dock with Azek composite decking. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Steven & Keeta Danneels, Lot # 470A, 1357 Buckeye Court. Dave Hafner represented the Danneels’, not present or the Meeting, by presenting a request for a Permit to install a 32’ X 8’ dock using Azek composite decking, brownstone in color. Allan Block classic Hickory seawall 40” X 85’. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of the Permit.
  1. Justin & Elaine Guidroz, Lot# 470B/471H/472/473, 1348 Buckeye Court. Dave Hafner presented this project to install a 48’ X 8’ dock using Azek composite decking 40” X 90’ allan block classic seawall. Dave discussed with the Committee Members some issues with the existing Plot Plans for this series of lots involving some technical problems that require correcting. This application for a Permit is to be shelved until those issues can be addressed.
  1. Hidden Valley Lake, Greenspace at lot 2436, adding a 16’ X 6’ wooden dock. The Architecture Committee has unanimously agreed with the installation of the dock.
  1. Mark & Mona Mullen with Architect Dan Brooks. These unscheduled guests requested an opportunity to review plans to add an addition to their existing home located on Lot #1710 at 1358 Cliftmont Circle. Included on the Plot Plan were new retaining walls. As presented, the Committee indicated the home additions went beyond the 10’ side lot offsets and were therefore outside of the buildable area. The Architect acknowledged the problem and the guests will alter their design to make it possible to obtain the needed Permit. The architectural drawings have not yet been closely examined, but when the design and the Plot Plan are complete, the Architecture Committee may move promptly to approve the issuing of essential Permits.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Richard & Jenna Baumgartner, Lot # 392/393H/394, 20247 Lakeview Drive. Replacing shingles on roof with no change in color.   
  1. Doug & Connie Betts, Lot # 1087H, 20262 Matterhorn Drive. Remove and rebuild existing 32’ X 10’ dock, no change in dimensions, using Azek composite.  Adding limestone rip rap across shoreline.  Performance bond of $500.00 has been collected for the rip rap.  
  1. Bill & Barb Hummel, Lot # 1715H, 1408 Cliftmont Circle. Remove and rebuild existing dock, same location and dimensions using Azek Brownstone decking.  
  1. Angela Packer, Lot # 1878H, 1482 Aqua Vista Drive. Remove and rebuild existing wall in the front yard, same location and same material.  
  1. Kathy Tandy, Lot # 346H, 857 Greentree Road. Replaced shingles with same color.  
  1. Shelby Ellis, Lot # 1708H, 1338 Cliftmont Circle. Changing color of new garage door from mahogany to white.  Approved by the Architectural Committee via email.  
  1. Jason Smith, Lot 2507H/2508A, 1761 Cove Circle West. Installing a 20’ X 8’ gravel parking pad.  
  1. Gregory & Michelle Spanton, Lot # 2850H, 21081 Sunnyridge Drive. Replacing existing driveway with concrete, no change in dimensions.  
  1. John (Cody) & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646H, 20354 Rosemeade Lane. Installing a 20’ X 18’ gravel parking pad including natural limestone with cobblestone border.  
  1. Maranda & Conda Cooper, Lot # 1210H/1211, 478 Eagleview Drive. Installing a 45’ X 8’ gravel parking pad and a 10’ X 14’ concrete pad for hot tub in back of home.  
  1. Nichole & Caleb Hatfield, Lot # 12, 580 Hickory Road. Replaced shingles with same color due to wind damage. 
  1. Linda McDaniel, Lot # 612, 1153 Sunset Drive. Replacing windows with same white color.  
  1. Raymond Baker, Lot # 92H/93, 20160 Longview Drive. Replacing shingles, color change from brown to green.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

The following projects were approved after pins were located on property: 

Item #6 from the above agenda required the locating of pins which was accomplished in accordance with the Rules.

The following projects were Board approved:  None

ApproveArchitecture Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2021.

Motion by:  Jerry Goodrich     Seconded by: Alan Kohlhaas

Old Business:   None

New Business:   No Meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2021, but if the demands for Permits are adequate, Gina Keller may contact the Committee Members and schedule a Meeting.

Minutes Taken by:   Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   7:40 pm

Motion by:   Bob Maudlin    Seconded by:   Alan Kohlhaas

Submitted by:    Phil Heitz

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