Architecture Committee Minutes Wednesday, August 1st 4:30PM

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018, 4:30PM

Approved Minutes

Called to Order by: Dave Hafner at 4:30

Members Present: Dave Hafner, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Alan Kohlhaas,, Jeff Mueller

Members Absent: Mike Chenault, Debra Spaulding

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Gina Keller

Residents in Attendance: Barry Hansel, John & Cynthia Marx

Guest: Ken Horn (For the initial portion of the meeting involving a bid for the installation of a culvert.)


  1. Barry Hansel, Lot #1348H, 948 Greentree Road, request another variance to the previously okayed variance to place a shed closer to the back of the lot. This change               was a request for a 1′ offset from the back property line. After discussion the                                                 Committee and Barry Hansel unanimously agreed to a 5′ offset allowing space for                         maintaining the lawn area between the shed and the back property line. A variance of  20′ from the buildable area limits established by the Rules will be required to permit  placement of the shed in the desired location.  All normal procedures for obtaining  the variance shall apply.


  1. John & Cynthia Marx, Lot # 1952B, 1953H, 1512 Heidi Haven Drive, requested a                                  permit for installing a metal garage 14′ X 32′ on Lot section #1952B. Due to a non-                        typical method of initial construction of the home they purchased, some discussion                                 was required to ascertain what would constitutive the build-able portion of the lot. The non-typical aspect of this property is: The existing home, attached garage, and                          driveway face Alpine Dr. Being a corner lot (Lot # 1953H) with a contiguous lot                                     behind (Lot # 1952B), also located on Heidi Haven, plus the fact that the garage is to  be used as a shed and have no driveway attached, the following changes in their                                  original request were unanimously agreed to by the Committee and by John &                                Cynthia Marx: The shed shall be sided with Vinyl. Color choices shall be either Clay,  Cream, or Wicker. (standard colors provided by the manufacturer of the shed)  selected with the intention of being the best complementary color relative to the color   of their brick sided home. The roof material will be shingle in a shade of brown closely matching or complementing the color of the existing roof of their home. The  location shall be 25′ from the north side of the lot bordered by Lot #1954 located on  the north edge of their lots. Lot # 1954 is located on Alpine Dr. The distance from the  East edge of Lot # 1952B shall be no closer than 10′ from that east edge of the lot  bordered by Lot # 1952A.


  1. Eric Johnson, Lot # 540, 1214 Skyview Circle, split lot with Lot # 541. Lot # 541 is owned by the homeowner of Lot # 542 and a detached garage is located on Lot #                                    541 in close proximity to lot # 542. A small triangular area of Lot # 541, contiguous                          with Lot # 540, is the subject the desired lot split. The Architecture Committee has                unanimously agreed this lot split proposes no problems and should be granted.
  2. Phil Heitz, Lot # 2730/2731A, 1718 Tuppence Trail. Add a screen room, 8′ X 12” with  a polycarbonate triple-wall roof, to the top of the existing deck. Being placed on the already existing deck with no changes that may affect any offsets or other aspects of  the property, the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to the granting of the  permit.
  3. Patricia Kennedy, Lot # 1076/1077, Split lot. This split was approved at the POA                                    meeting on August 30, 2018, with a final change in the dimensions of the split The                            current change reflects that final change, okayed at the POA meeting, and has been                                  reviewed and unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee.

6 Connie & Randy George, Lot # 869/870H/871, 21316 Alpine Drive, (2) Retaining                                    Walls 3′ X 55′ and 2.5′ X 55′, and th addition of Natural Stone steps 3-4′. This project                           is essential and unanimously approved by the architecture Committee. The permit is                           to be granted a soon as Gina Keller is able to acquire the new survey and plot plans                      showing the location of the new pool.

  1. William & Nicole Judge, Lot # 2774B/2775H, 1971 Ridgewood Circle, replace and enlarge existing deck. New deck dimensions: 10′ X 20′. Unanimously approved by                           the Architecture Committee.

.The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Keven Hetzer, Lot # 1826/1827H, 1402Heidi Haven, reconfigure balconies. White vinyl posts and railings. Balcony by replacing it with (2) 5′ X 14′.


The following projects were approved by the Board of Directors Meeting on July 26, 2018:


1.Cory & Kinni Piche, Lot #1835/1836H, 19974 Ravenda Drive, 15’ variance request     for play structure approved by the Board.

  1.   Hidden Valley Lake, 20698 Lakeview Drive, 8′ X 12′ chain link fence, (2) pickle ball  courts, both 65′ X 65′.
  2. Hidden Valley Lake, 19303 Schmarr Drive, 22′ X 34′ marina shelter with bathrooms,   color is to be beige.

The following projects were AA approved and were reviewed:

  1. Ryan & Virginia Rumsey, Lot # 2736, 20560 Alpine Drive, Kentucky board fence with wire mesh, 4′ in height, brown wood.
  2. Robert Ash, Lot #1686H/1687, 1228 Montclair Court, replacing concrete drive and putting in new 16′ X 16.6 patio.
  3. Mary Ann Tracewell, Lot #461H/462, 20279 Longview Drive, 12′ X 24′ Shed.

4. Chris & Jamie Korfhagen, Lot #2261H, 20682 Matterhorn Drive, 10′ X 12′ Smokehouse Series shed, block foundation, gray with trim, black roof.

  1. Jessica Sucher, Lot # 2860, 21032 Sunnyridge Drive, 2 parking pads, 8′ X 9′, 27′ X                             3′ X 9′, and a chain-link fence, galvanized, 48” in height.
  2. David & Terree Ohlhaut, Lot # 1228/1229H, 8′ X 8′ wood storage shed, redwood stain with summer white trim.


July 11, 2018 Architecture Meeting Minutes approved. Motion by Alan Kohlhaas, Seconded by Dan Tester.

Old Business:  Bruce Keller is to check out the legalities involved in changing the rules            regrading minimums for first floor square footage of new homes to be constructed on      Hidden Valley Lake lots. To be reported during the September 5th Architecture                 Committee Meeting

New Business: The Architecture Committee is to prepare for and consider existing rules and   possible needed changes in rules regarding the materials used in the construction           and installation of fences. In addition the issue of oversized nonconforming storage containers on docks needs to be addressed.

Discussion of the bylaws for landscaping on new homes. May need more verbiage added to the bylaws.

The discussion included 4-5-4 “Performance Bond for New House”: No need for changes in section 4-5-4 were suggested.

The discussion of section 4-5-5 “Minimum Appraised Value for Homes required to have Greater    Square Footage” states the following:

The appraised value of a house and associated lot improvements must be at least $180,000.00.     At least one (1) per cent of the appraised value of the lot shall be for landscaping. The appraised        value of the lot shall not be included in this amount.

The Architecture Committee determined there must be further defining of the term Landscaping. To be considered in the definition: The value of brick and concrete areas, walls,        lighting, statuary, and plantings, at a minimum, can be considered to be part of landscaping.             Further defining needs to be considered and is covered at lest in part under 5-3. Landscaping                 Rules.

Motion to Adjourn:  Dave Hafner.   Second:  Dan Tester.  Time:  6:25 PM.

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz




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