Architecture Committee Minutes: November 2, 2016

Hidden Valley Lake Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2016

Called to Order by  Chairman Mike Parks  at 7:00 pm

Members Present: Alan Kohlhaas,  Jim Ulrich  Matt Haarmeyer, , Mike Parks,   Philip Heitz  David Hafner

Members Absent: Mike Chenault,  Don Yetzer

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer, not present

Community Manager Present: 

Residents in Attendance:  


  1. Jeff Trivett, Lot # 1420, 20616 Longview Drive, Variance request: wood privacy fence, 6’ X 42’, treated lumber  No Show
  1. Kevin Baumgartner, Lot # 1624, 19532 Knollwood Dr, 12’ X 24’ Dock Approved pending receipt of Survey. Pressure treated lumber with composit surface
  1. John Homoelle, Lot # 2541, 1713 Cove Circle East, Dock 8’ X 32’/12’ X 32”, Allan block retaining wall 40” X 40’ Approved pending receipt of SurveyPressure treated lumber
  1. Russell Bradley, Lot # 1983/1984, 19803 Ventura Dr, Garage Addition, 22’ X 64’ Approved to match house

 The following projects have Administrative Approval:

  1.  Mark & Kimberlee Hollingsworth, Lot # 2930, 20961 Bellemeade Drive, Kentucky Board fence, with mesh liner, color of fence: wood natural/black mesh liner, height of fence: 4’ X 45’ behind House.

Old Business

Parking pad discussion Gravel Road Bond $500

New  Business 

Lake docks compliance and retaining walls above 4 ft without without fences checked by Bruce Keller? 

Minutes of October 19 approved by all attendee.

Motion to Adjourn: by  Dave Hafner and 2nd by  Philip Heitz at 8:00.  All in favor.  Next meeting will be in February.

Submitted by
Alan Kohlhaas