Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes June 1, 2016

 Architecture Committee
Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2016

Called to Order at 7:00 pm

Members Present:  Mike Chenault, Jim Ulrich, Matt Haarmeyer,  Don Yetzer, Mike Parks

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present:  Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: 

Residents in Attendance:

Guests:  Scott King, Lot # 2341, 20711 Matterhorn, questions on garage

  1. Mark Windholtz, Lot 2795, 1711 Ridgewood Circle – 12’ X 12’ shed Approved
  1. Jason & Brittany Hoffman, lot 2061/2062, 1388 Brabamhurst Dr. – 10’ X 12’ wooden play set Approved
  1. Don & Donna Yetzer, Lot 939, 20978 Crestview Ct. – 4’ height, 45’ long Allan Block Gray retaining wall  Approved
  1. Bill & Kathy Thomison, Lot # 2513/2514, 1794 E. Cove Cir. – Concrete Pad & 30’ X 29’ 8” 2 car garage w/ bonus room above garage REVISED plans Approved as revised

The following projects have Administrative Approval:

If you are not present when your name is called, you will be moved to the end of the agenda or postponed to another meeting.

  1. Diana Popov, Lot # 341, 807 Greentree Rd. – 40’ X 50’ aluminum 4’ split rail fence brown
  2. Richard Misplay, Lot # 290, 338 Hickory Rd. – Replacing white picket fence with 4’ black aluminum black picket fence
  3. William Lindsley, Lot # 210/211/212, 19938 Elm Dr. – Replacing wood fence with 6’ black aluminum picket fence

Old Business

Discussed Lake docks and pumps

New Business

Discussed structures placed on lots (amount) and changing rules easier to understand ongoing….

Minutes Taken by:

Minutes not approved, need revision abstained by Mike Chenault

Motion to Adjourn:

Submitted by Don Yetzer 2nd by Jim Ulrick.  All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8 p. m.

Submitted by Mike Chenault

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