Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes – 9/4/19 5:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

 Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 5:30PM

 Unapproved Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present: Alan Kohlhaas, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz, Tom Cross

Members Absent: Jeff Mueller, Bob Maudlin

Board Liaison Present: Dave Hafner

 Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: Mike Morman (resident and surveyor), Jim Clary (resident and contractor), Todd Wilkowski, Dale Panoushek, Richard Roden, Olena Cassillas, Frank Goodrich, Paul O’Brien

Guest: Leslie Hohulin (realtor), Brent Beal (contractor)


  1. Mike Morman, Lot # 598 located on Springdale Ct., submitted an updated drawing for a new home with a possible 9’ variance.  The Committee Members favor a variance and agree a recommendation for a variance is possible, but not as proposed. Mike Mormon will work with the property owner and contractor to change the proposal and present new options at our next meeting.


  1. Todd Wilkowski, Lot # 1142, 20363 Meercham Way, Todd and his Realtor, Leslie Hohulin, are listing the home for sale but believe it would be easier to find a buyer if there is a possibility of constructing a garage on the site. Mr. Wilkowski has no intention of building a garage but needs to know if the purchaser of the property could build a garage if so desired. The Architecture Committee did not deny the possibility but made it clear that obtaining a construction permit would have to be in accordance with all current policies, regulations and procedures. The buildable area is very limited and constructing a garage on the site would be difficult.


  1. Dale Panoushek, Lot # 1408/1409, 612 Windemere Hill. Dale presented complete plans and received Committee Approval for the Construction of a new home on the site. The 1649 sq. ft. ranch style home will be located within the buildable area of the double lot. The front of the home will be brick (Harrison bled) with shakes rising to the roof line. The sides and back will be cream colored vinyl and the trim will be white. The roof will be “oyster” colored shingles.


  1. Janet Pecquet & Richard Roden, Lot # 2622/2623H/2624, 20320 Alpine Drive.  Richard Roden was wishing to obtain a28’ variance for deck that had already been built. He was notified that 3’ of this deck is on green space. Mr. Roden knows he must either move or remove the deck. It cannot be placed on Green Space. He was instructed to accomplish that task within 60 days of the date of this Committee Meeting. An option was presented as follows: Since he did such a good job landscaping his property and improving the appearance of the neighborhood in general, he may relocate the deck near the edge of his property as long as the deck is no longer more than 8 inches high. To do that he must have an official survey marking the property line in the area of the deck. Another choice would be to move it to within the buildable area of his property. Mr. Rodin agreed to submit new plans for approval.


  1. Olena Cassillas, Lot# 1152H, 20463 Meercham Way. A request was submitted to obtain a permit to build a 560 sq. ft. concrete parking pad.  A shed would be on part of this concrete. The construction had already been started and was almost completed prior to requesting the permit. Several factors that must be disallowed were observed. The parking pad is built on the property line and no proper determination of the actual location of that property line had been verified. A high retaining wall on that property line designed to shore up the edges was also constructed. The 560 Sq. Ft. is 200 Sq. Ft. more than permitted without obtaining a variance. The pad, level in the area of the house, creates a 3 Ft. high wall at the back of the pad which also is not in the buildable area of the property. Neither is locating a shed on that pad permitted since a variance would be required for that. Also noted is a small wooden porch with stairs installed at the side of the house that appears to installed in the non-buildable area. In addition, a parking pad parallel to the street, at street level,  was installed without a permit. The Community Manager issued an immediate Stop Work Order. A new plan that may possibly be approved must be provided prior to commencing any further work on the property. The Architecture Committee requested that an appropriate application for a permit, addressing the issues by providing a final acceptable design, be provided prior to the next Committee Meeting. The Architecture Committee shall determine if variances could be recommended, if required, after evaluating the new plot plan.


  1. Iryna Fesenko, Lot 1403H, 571 Windemere Hill 12’ X 6’ deck extension and adding 6’ X 8’ roof over portion of the deck. Home owner and / or a representative were not present for the Meeting. The construction of the deck, enclosure with windows, roof and deck has almost been completed prior to application for a permit. The Plot plan indicates the entire structure has been built outside of the buildable area of the lot. The Community Manager has issued a Stop Work Order. The Property Owner or a Representative must contact the Office.


  1. Frank Goodrich, Lot # 1258, 278 Ivy Hill Drive, 20’ X 32’ wood deck with stairs. This property has a deck installed at the second floor level. This new deck will be constructed at ground level and entirely within the buildable area of the lot. The original deck shall remain but the supporting posts will be replaced. All new construction will be made of wood. The Architecture Committee has approved the issuing of the Permit.


  1. Paul O’Brien, Lot # 1410/1411H, 642 Windemere Hill. Paul O’Brien and his Contractor, Brent Beal, requested a permit to remove and replace existing concrete on the driveway and sidewalk with no change in dimensions, and to install a concrete retaining wall block, geogrid, gravel and pipe.  4’ X 75’ in the back yard of the property within the buildable area of the lot. Drainage will be provided. The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of the Permit.


  1. Scott & Barbara Chenault, Lot # 2581, 20304 Alpine, Performance bond return request. House addition. The completion of the inspection was accomplished by Dan Tester and the Approval for the Refund of the Bond was signed as accepted by Phil Heitz.


  1. Zachary David Construction, Lot # 2008H, 19732 Ventura Drive, Performance bond return request.  New home. The completion of the inspection was accomplished by Dan Tester and the Approval for the Refund of the Bond was signed as accepted by Phil Heitz.


  1. Paul & Karen Baumann, Lot # 1066H, 20482 Matterhorn Drive, Performance bond return request.  Concrete parking pad. The completion of the inspection was accomplished by Dan Tester and the Approval for the Refund of the Bond was signed as accepted by Phil Heitz.


  1. Gaylord & Janet Lischkge, Lot # 1681, 1168 Montclair Court, Performance Bond return request.  Concrete driveway.  The completion of the inspection was accomplished by Dan Tester and the Approval for the Refund of the Bond was signed as accepted by Phil Heitz.


The following projects were AA approved and were reviewed:


  1. William & Kristyn Yelton, Lot # 2372H/2373, 1424 Golfview Court, Privacy fence on the sides of the rear lot, constructed within the buildable area of the lot and decorative Aluminum fence across the back.  Sides will be 6’ and back will be 4’ 6”.  White vinyl on the sides and black aluminum fencing at the back.


  1. Christi Maples, Lot # 270H, 519 Hickory Road, 3 board split rail fence, 3’ in height.


  1. Guy & Jodi Morrow, Lot # 528, 1292 Maple Knoll Court, 4’ split rail fence with mesh liner, natural wood.


The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting. 


  1. Terri & Terry Preston, Lot # 2276, 20532 Matterhorn Drive, 4’ X 65’ gray allan block Retaining Wall.  Wall is marked on the plot plan as being 10’ off of the property line and located just a few feet below the rear of the back patio well within the buildable portion of the lot.


The following projects were POA Board approved at the 8/22/2019 meeting:


  1. Brad & Victoria Berry, Lot # 957H/958, 20966 Alpine Drive, 20’ variance on rear setback was approved by the board for a 12’ X 24’ shed.


  1. Larry & Janet Rohling, Lot # 648, lot split approved by the POA board.


Approve August 7, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Tom Cross Seconded by : Alan Kohlhaas


Old Business: None

New Business: 

Phil Heitz asked that I put a previously AA approved permit on the agenda to discuss.  This is for a fence that was approved on 8/1/2019.  Alan Kohlhaas was questioning if fences are being drawn on the plot plans. See copy of permit that was in question.

Charles Dehne, Lot # 2496H/2497, 1881 Cove Circle West, French Gothic picket and Ashland panel fence, both 4’ high.

The Committee discussed the potential need to more fully document the details of the projects listed in Permits issued with AA Approval, in writing. That action would better fulfill the needs of the Committee Meeting Minutes for the purpose of assuring proper documentation of all AA Approved and Issued permits.

This need arises from the fact that the Committee Members rarely receive adequate details of the Approved and Issued permits. The lack of that information makes it difficult to Review those Permits. The Community Manager, Bruce Keller, recommended a relatively simple solution. The necessary information is available in the verbal descriptions provided in the application for the Permits. Writing those details in the descriptions provided under the heading: The following projects were AA approved and were reviewed will likelyprovide the essential or required information.


During the next meeting of the Architecture Committee the members would like to discuss the timely notification of the Committee members when Application for Permits are requested. This will assist the Committee Members in the performance of their duties and help eliminate the problems currently being experienced when the entire Agenda is issued only two days prior to the scheduled meetings.


Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn: Alan Kohlhaas   Seconded by: Tom Cross   7:32 PM.


Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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