Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 9/2/20

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present:  None

Community Manager Present:  Bruce Keller, David Wismann

Residents in Attendance:  William & Jacqueline Lindsley, Gary & Christy Dole, Mark Scott, Carl Zahradnik, Danielle Saul, David Draper


  1. Tami & Brian McCracken, Lot # 1418H, 20404 Beau Vista Drive, concrete parking pad 8’ 3” X 43’ with 10’ culvert.  Metal lofted garden shed 16’ X 12’ ivory color. The parking pad was approved at a prior meeting. The addition of the shed, located close to the garage and in a location that complies with the Rules, was unanimously approved for a Permit at this meeting.
  1. William & Jacqueline Lindsley, Lot # 210/211H/212, 19938 Elm Drive, 6’ X 8’ addition to existing deck using lumber.  Located behind the home and in the buildable area, the Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for the construction of this added deck.
  1. Gary & Christy Dole, Lot # 3094H, 1463 Greenlawn Way, 10’ X 16’ shed, tan vinyl siding to match the house as close as possible, brown roof to match house as well.  An existing shed next to the site where the new shed is to be located will be removed. With that stipulation the Committee unanimously agreed to the issuing of a Permit for the new shed.
  1. Shelly Fangman, Lot # 1188H, 567 Cresthaven Drive, In July the following was approved and noted in the August 5, 2020 agenda: two sections of parking pad 10’ X 20’ and 17’ X 8’ a total of 336 sq. ft of gravel parking pad.  Resident is requesting an additional 10’ X 20’ gravel parking pad. This would make a total of 536 sq. ft. The exiting pad and addition widening the driveway are not properly finished at this time. The work on that portion must be completed in accordance with the existing rules (Rules 4-23-2 a. & b.) regarding gravel parking pads. After considering the circumstances, the needs of the homeowner and the location of the parking pad extension, the Committee agreed unanimously to grant the issuing of a Permit for this addition which also must comply with the Rules for proper installation.
  1. Mark & Anita (Michelle) Scott, Lot # 1142, 20363 Meercham Way, 6’ X 10’ wood deck and 4’ X 22’ walkway from driveway to house.  The Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to the issuing of a Permit for this project 
  1. Carl & Nancy Zahradnik, Lot # 3304H/3305, 19300 Alpine Drive, replacing damaged sections of existing concrete driveway.  Black Aluminum fence 4’ in height.  Requesting a 40’ variance on side setback to place the fence. Due to the location and the visibility of the fence, if located where the homeowner wishes to place it, is not a Variance the Architecture Committee feels is wise to recommend. The homeowner is willing to place the fence, intended to create an enclosure for his dog, in the back yard in a manner that is permissible by existing Rules. The fence materials may be altered from the original black aluminum style, but would be one that can be approved. Since the fence and the driveway repair are both projects that can be Administratively Approved, a new application for a Permit will be presented for AA Approval.
  1. Danielle Saul, Lot # 1468H, 20599 Longview Drive, 8’ X 10’ Shed, Shingles are black to match house, along with beige wood siding to match the house. The shed will be located in the Buildable Area. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Trisha & David Draper, Lot # 1075H, 20392 Matterhorn Drive, lower deck 32’ X 12’, lower deck 30’ X 16’, both will be made with pressure treated framing material, composite decking and aluminum railing.  Reviewing the application for a Permit, the Committee found the Decks mentioned in the application are in fact Docks located at the edge of the lakefront and the lower dock will extend 8 feet into the Lake. Applying the Rules for Docks, the upper level of the dock cannot be installed more than 18” above the level of the lower Dock. The lower Dock will be 30’ wide (along the shore line) by 12 feet deep. The upper level of the Dock is to be installed no more than 18” above the level of the lower Dock. The upper dock will be 32’ wide by 16’ deep. The construction on that steep slope of land will require the installation of 3 retaining walls which are shown on the drawings. The Docks will be constructed of pressure treated framing materials and composite decking. Aluminum railings will be added, along with steps. With the application of the Rules for Docks, the Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Chris & Michell Knosp, Lot # 1755/1756H, 19851 Alpine Drive, Requesting a 20’ variance on rear setback for a Studio/Office/ 12’ X 16’, materials will be similar to home, horizontal cedar or pine siding, roof will be dark gray shingles to match house, exterior color & trim will match house.  Electric power will be supplied to the new structure but no water or sewer utilities will be installed. The 12’ X 16’ Studio/Office will be located close to the rear property line. The property backs up to properties located on Mitchell Rd. (Fairway Drive) where homeowners have built sheds close to property lines establishing a precedent. With that precedent established, the Architecture Committee favorably views unanimously recommending the issuing of a variance for this project. If approved, the Committee will issue a Permit.
  1. William & Debora Murphy, Lot # 592H/593, 1147 Springdale Court, replace existing deck 12’ X 34’ with a 16’ X 34’ 3 season room deck with stairs, using wood.  Notes from an email that Bill Murphy sent:  The deck is to be expanded a bit.  The roof line is going to be extended following the current line of the peak. It will join with the roof on the side.  We are choosing to use a screened window that can allow for a 3-season room.  Because it is not going to be heated or cooled except by ceiling fans, this doesn’t qualify as an addition to the house in my mind, rather just a more functional porch/deck than we currently have.  The deck that we currently have, as i mentioned, the piers and support posts had subsided when we purchased the home in 2012.  I have gone below the deck and shimmed the main beam to the joists that had lost contact.  Then I installed Simpson strong ties to strap the joists and beam together.  I also added bracing to the joists and posts so that the sideways load would be reduced if there were any reason it should shear.  The new deck will have posts on concrete piers as well.  I believe that the current piers will need to be removed since the weight above them is more than what was designed originally.  I figure that the weight will be at least twice as much if not three times as much given that there will be a slanted roof and walls/windows.

The 34’ X 16’ room and reconstructed deck which will replace the existing deck are Unanimously Approved by the Architecture Committee and a Permit is to be issued. A Permit by Dearborn County may also be required. 

  1. Mike & Sarah Thompson, Lot # 1165H/1166, 21022 Zurich Trail, 536 sq. ft. widening drive and extend on side of house. This is a modified application to a request for a parking pad that was not permitted on first application. With the reduction in size and other changes in layout including the widening of the driveway to gain access to the parking pad which will be constructed of Concrete, 12’ wide X 18’ deep, (216 Sq. Ft.)

The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Carl & Nancy Zahradnik, Lot # 3304H/3305, 19300alpine Drive, Geothermal system.  
  1. Andrew & Ann Vollman, Lot # 2517H, 1824 Cove Circle East, black chain link fence, 4’ in height.  
  1. Sean & Carrie Lambert, Lot # 2763H, 20872 Bellemeade Drive, replacing drive with concrete with no changes in the dimensions.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:  None

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve August 19, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes: 

Motion to approve by Bob Maudlin.  Seconded by Jerry Goodrich

Old Business:  None

New Business:  A complaint about Lot Maintenance at the location of the new home constructed on Lot # 803 on the edge of Lake Holiday was discussed. That concern was expressed by the homeowner located across the lake on Lot # 804. That homeowner has cut down all brush and extended his lawn to the Lake’s edge, plus maintains that lawn, and believes the new homeowner across the Lake should do likewise. The new homeowner on Lot #803 likes the natural appearance and privacy provided by not removing the brush and trees at the Lake’s edge. Committee Members expressed various preferences but no final conclusion regarding this topic was reached. There are no known set rules about the maintenance of the lakefront areas of privately owned lots located on our small lakes. With no Rules to be applied it is likely the homeowner has the say as to how to maintain that area.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   Motion by Jerry Goodrich    Seconded by Tom Cross  

7:40 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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