Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 8/19/20

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross    5:30 PM

Members Present: Tom Cross, Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: None

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Dave Wismann

Residents in Attendance: Michael Hanrahan, Ruthanne Eberhart, Dave Hafner for Justin & Elaine Guidroz, Dave Hafner for John & Edith Diener, Megan Holtz, Jace Clements, and Dave Wismann for Willie’s and HVL


  1. Michael & Jane Hanrahan, Lot # 1875H, 1442 Aqua Vista Drive, 10’ X 16’ shed, brown siding to match as close to the house color, recommended tan or dark brown trim to match house.   Due to the topography of the property the location of the shed must be in front of the front elevation of the house. That location violates existing Rules that prohibit locating structures closer to the front of the lot than the front elevation of the main structure. Therefore a variance must be obtained before a Permit can be issued. The Architecture Committee unanimously recommends the Variance Process be followed and will recommend the POA Board approve the variance so the Committee can issue a Permit.
  1. Brian Eberhart, Lot # 1483H/1484, 20471 Longview Drive, 24’ X 16’ roof, double gables,  over deck with 6:12 pitch, driftwood shingles to match house with trim and gutters. The Architecture Committee unanimously agree with the issuing of a Permit for the Roof as presented. The homeowner will have to obtain a Permit from Dearborn County. Other issues at the jobsite not related to installation of the roof exist. The existing deck railing has horizontal cables to secure the openings. Vertical is required. There is a large Propane Tank installed against the foundation of the home located under the deck. The Committee is allowing 90 days from the issuing of the Permit to correct both problems.
  1. Justin & Elaine Guidroz, Lots 470B/471H/472/473, 1348 Buckeye Court, 36’ X 10’ gravel parking pad with 40’ X 15” culvert, 10’ X 12’ Shed, 3 retaining walls, natural limestone headwall, 2 of which are for the culvert pipe.  24” to 28” X 8’ and 20’ X 14’.  Dave Hafner presented plot plans and drawings showing the locations of the features of this project and the Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to the issuing of the requested Permit.
  1. John & Edith Diener, Lot # 387H/388, 20208 Lakeview Drive, replacing existing retaining wall 44” X 65’ using allan block hickory wall to replace existing timber wall. Dave Hafner presented the plot plan and drawings for this project. The Architecture Committee unanimously agreed to the issuing of a permit but the homeowner must first come in to the POA Office to sign the documents.
  1. Patrick & Candice Paolino, Lot # 115, 20103 Longview Drive, Boatlift 9’ X 100” wide. The boatlift is already installed. The Committee finds the installation was accomplished correctly and the homeowner can be granted a Permit, but the homeowner knew a Permit is required prior to beginning the work. Therefore the Committee Members unanimously recommend a fine of $100.00 and said fine must be paid prior to receiving the Permit.
  1. Megan Holtz, HOH, LLP Lot # 790/791H, 21017 Lakeview Drive, deck in front of house 16’ X 6’ X 12” in height using trex, pergola 16’ X 3’ pressure treated pine stained brown to match the decking material.  
  1. Jace & Angel Clements, Lot # 347/348H, 877 Greentree Road, adding a gravel parking pad, along with a circle drive, dimensions 24’ in width X 82’ in length.  Will be adding culvert, 24’ X 14” in length. The size of the parking pad significantly exceeds the limits permissible under Rule 4-23-1b. The Committee Members unanimously agreed to allow the issuing of a Permit for a parking pad located next to the garage that is 17 ft. wide by 22 ft. deep and to include the requested circular driveway.
  1. HVL/Willie’s, outdoor lighting from Willie’s to Willie’s Marina. Dave Wismann presented a plot plan and photographs showing the locations for the lighting and sample photos of three possible types of LED light fixtures. Final selection of the fixtures to be made later, if approved. The Architecture Committee considered the details presented and unanimously agreed to issue the Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Stephen Hensley, Lot # 219H, 20018 Elm Drive, split rail fence, 4’ in height and in natural wood.  Replacing roof shingles, color is rustic black.  Picture of shingle on file.  
  1. Jason & Brittany Hoffman, Lot # 2061H/2062, 1388 Brabamhurst Drive, 4’ in height Kentucky board wood fence.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. John Dakoske, Lot # 11717H, 1428 Cliftmont Circle. Changing color of vinyl siding from light gray/blue to darker slate blue.  Pictures on file.

The following projects were Board approved:   None.

Approve August 5, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes:

Motion by Alan Kohlhaas   Seconded by Bob Maudlin.

Old Business:


New Business:  

Tom Cross distributed copies of suggestions for potential future articles that are to be printed in the Echoes. The first series of suggestions were authored by Bob Maudlin. The intention is the creation of a series of monthly articles that will be designed to inform Community Members of the purpose of the Architecture Committee and print out relevant Rules, plus advisory information for the purpose of improving the ability of local residents to plan their home and lot improvement projects.

Bob Maudlin’s suggestions as submitted:

I think our first official article in the Echo should identify the Architecture Committee’s  purpose.  It should start with:

4-1-1a The first purpose of the POA HVL Architecture Committee is to provide policies, procedures, guidance, and restrictions to help ensure that the construction of buildings, fencing, walls, docks, decks, sheds, driveways, drainage systems, and other structures meet the specifications.

4-1-1b The second purpose is to provide policies, procedures, guidance,, and restrictions to help ensure the regular upkeep, maintenance, and appearance of private property within HVL. 

4-2-6 All POA members are subject to Federal, Indiana, and Dearborn County Building codes, statutes, and regulations.  Therefore, many of our HVL rules are under the afore mentioned umbrellas.

Now to my five 

  1. 4-3-1b Buildable part of the lot – That area of a lot that is defined within the specified setback.  This is defined by 10’ inside the property line on each side, 25’ from the back property line, and 40’ from the front property line.  Lots on corners of intersecting/T streets have a little different set of setback depending on which is considered the front of the house.  (May insert this?)  Under certain circumstances a variance of the setback rules can be waived by the POA Board. 
  1. 4-4-33 The following items must be approved administratively before the change is started, under current architecture guidelines, and referred to the Architecture Committee at their next meeting: coordinations changes shingle replacements, texture changes, fences, culvert extensions, fuel tanks over 20 pounds, play sets 6’ X 12’ and under of normal structure and certain sheds that meet the following criteria: pre-fabs: 100 sq. ft or less: matching or coordinating main house color, (not house trim) if shingled to match house shingles: 3 feet or less from back of house or under deck, within buildable art of lot.
  1. 4-6-6 All additions or changes to existing houses require HVL POA Architecture Committee approval prior to being constructed.
  1. 4-4-18 Play structures require approval – Permanently attached or anchored swing sets, wooden play sets, play houses, and other play structures require HVL POA Architecture Committee approval prior to being built or placed on a lot.
  2. 5 4-22-1 In-ground and above-ground pools require HVL POA approval prior to being built or placed on a lot.

Being late in the season #5 could be replaced by Parking Pads 4-23-1 Parking Pads Generally (a-f) and or 4-23-2 Gravel Parking Pads.

My opinions,

Bob M

Bob Maudlin stated his article as written is not intended to be directly published. Tom Cross will work with Bob to write the article.

Each member of the Arch Committee is to come up with five potential items to be published in the Echoes.  Future Articles will be written by Architecture Committee Members and that duty will be assigned during future meetings.

Tom Cross continued by listing 5 topics he believes should receive priority attention for future articles to be published in the Echoes. They are as follows: 

Buildable Area of lots/ Setbacks.   When Permits are needed.    Fences – Privacy fences vs. Boundary fences.     Standard Lots vs. Corner Lots.   Parking Pad Rules.    

Further discussion regarding the addition of New Rules also came up. To be considered in adequate detail will be new Rules regarding the installation of Geothermal Heat-pump Systems. Until those rules are established and become official and added to our Official Published Rules and Bylaws, each property owner considering installing a Geothermal System must contact the POA Office for approval prior to beginning the work.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn: 

Motion by Bob Maudlin    Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas.  7:32 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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