Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 6/3/2020

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 6:00PM

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross     5:30 PM

Members Present: Tom Cross, Dan Tester, Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: Jeff Mueller

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: Mike Meyer, Mike Mettler, Sergiy Fesenko, Christy Honchell, James Offenbacker, and guest observer Jerry Goodrich, Lot # 1258.


  1. Dennis & Katja Creech, Lot # 470, 1357 Buckeye Court, Split lot. Owner not present. This item is tabled until some details can be further evaluated.
  1. Christy Honchell, Lot # 2008H, 19732 Ventura Drive. 14’ X 12’ wood lumber deck supported on pressure treated wood posts. The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Gena & James Offenbacker, Lot # 951H, 21037 Crestview Court. Removal of old 18’ X 8’ deck and replacing it with a 16’ X 16’ wood lumber deck with 3’ X 3’ landing & staircase.  The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Michelle Ray-Meyer, Lot # 1694H, 1537 Cliftmont Circle, 4’ X 25’ retaining wall, 4’ X 8’ retaining wall both will be Allan block.  10’ X 10’ concrete slab under existing deck, 10’ X 12’ paver stone pad next to the concrete slab.  Using mini mixer to pour the cement.  The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Robert Wilson, Lot # 583/584H, 20587 Lakeview Drive, adding to existing concrete patio, 500 sq. ft., 12’ X 12’ Gazebo brown with steel frame, color of roof to match the house. The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Floyd (Mike) & Gretchen Mettler, Lot 344/345H, 837 Greentree Road, removing old 10’ X 10’ deck and replacing with 45’ wide elevated deck, 35’ will be 14’ deep with a 10’ section bumped out to 16’ near center, finished by French door all support beams set in concrete. Constructed of wood, the wood will be stained and finished after weathering for about 1 year. The property has a preexisting parking pad that is not shown on the Plot Plan. Bruce and Dan will inspect and correct the drawings.
  1. Jennifer Stutts, Lot # 700, 20757Lakeview Dr. Replacing the existing 4’ X 16’ deck with a 10’ X 10’ wood deck along with an 11’ X 5’ walkway to the patio. The Architecture Committee approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403, 571 Windemere Hill. The deck and enclosed area built on the deck at the front of the home was not fully documented when approved by the Architecture Committee on 2/17/2020. With further documentation the Architecture Committee is recommending the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Matthew Timmerman, Lot # 2495H, 20184 Alpine Drive. Request for return of Performance Bond. Dan Tester inspected and signed off on the Bond return. The Architecture Committee approves of returning the Bond and will send the notice to the Board for consideration during their next meeting.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Angela Schmarr, Lot # 0006H, 492 Hickory Road, replacing rails and flooring on existing deck and adding 6’ X 36” steps. 
  1. Jenna Craig, Lot # 444H, 20344 Longview Drive, Split-rail fence with mesh liner, 4’ in height.  
  1. William & Kristyn Yelton, Lot # 2372H/2373, Wooden Playset with green slide.  
  1. Kristy Whitaker, Lot # 1348H, 948 Greentree Road, 18’ in diameter X 48”.  Intex pool.  
  1. Josh & Tiffany Kelley, Lot # 3187H, 1543 Kathy Court, split rail fence with mesh liner, wooden/brown, 4’ in height. 
  1. Dennie Brunemann, Lot # 2734H, 1758 Tuppence Trail, adding asphalt grindings to widen asphalt drive with 3’ culvert. 

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Adam & Tonya Wolfe, Lot # 1999, lot split. 

The following projects were Board approved:

  1. Adam & Tonya Wolfe, Lot # 1999, lot split. 

Approve May 20, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Motion to approve by Bob Maudlin. Seconded by Dan Tester.

Old Business:  Bruce Keller presented a proposal to the Architecture Committee Members in letter form regarding the meeting schedule and attendance to those meetings, including the need to notify the Office if a member is unable to attend a meeting. All members present acknowledged the various issues listed and agreed to them. All Committee members not present will be notified and given an opportunity to do likewise. The letter sets up a means by which members may resign if they chose to do so at any time in the future.

New Business:  In response to a request by Bruce Keller at the end of the May 20, 2020 meeting, Bob Maudlin submitted recommendation for changes to the Rules in Section 4-13 on Lot Splits. The section regarding lot splits was discussed and some further addressing of the topic will need to be addressed at our next Architecture Committee Meeting. Tom Cross covered Sections 4-17, Sheds Gazebos, Shelters, Dog runs, detached garages, and other Lot Improvement Rules, plus Section 4-19, Retaining Wall and Exterior Wall Rules. After discussion on these topics conclusions were noted and will be written up in a format to be presented to the POA Board at our next Board Meeting for a first reading. Phil Heitz was unable to present his recommendations for Section 4-13, Fences. He will present his recommendations for discussion at the next meeting of the Architecture Committee on June 17, 2020.

Alan Kohlhaas presented an issue regarding car stickers. Hidden Valley had stickers issued when the Community had guarded gates but that policy was discontinued. Since the streets are open to the public at large it may be wise to return to that practice so as to enable better monitoring of the use of Community facilities and assets that need to be restricted to use by Community Members only. It is likely this topic will be mentioned at future Board Meetings.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn: Motion by Tom Cross, Seconded by Dan Tester. 8:15 PM.

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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