Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 5/20/2020

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 6:00PM

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross    5:30 PM

Members Present:  Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  Jeff Mueller, Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present:  Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance:   Perry & Patty Vaught, James Huber, Vicki Alering & Mike Koehler, Craig Carlson and 4 guests, Randall Dozier, Lindsey Schultz Jones, Dennis Kraus (surveyor) for John & Julie Yocum, Randy Rademacher, George Klopp


  1. Patty Vaught,  Lots #2897, 2898, 2899,  21031 Bellemeade Drive. Seeking a Permit to place a shed on Lot #2899 but they already have a detached garage. Only one structure is permitted, so the Vaughts will change their plan to add an addition to their garage to use as a shed. They must submit a plot plan showing that addition complete with dimensions and showing the offsets from the property lines. The plans must include the siding, roof materials, and colors which must match the garage. If approved the Architecture Committee may sign off on the plans when submitted. There is no need to delay until the subsequent Committee Meeting.
  1. James Huber (new owner of record), Lots # 1170/1171H/1172, 21022 Zurich Trail, replacing front porch and deck, increasing by 4’, reducing the size of the deck to the driveway, replacing decking on the back of house, not changing dimensions with new treated boards.  Replacing or repairing current blacktop driveway with no change in dimensions.  Replacing current retaining wall with new Alan Block, not changing height or length.  30” X 25’ and 24” X 30’. The Architecture Committee approved issuing a Permit for the Project as submitted, with the stipulation that the owner must first obtain proof the home addition on the back of the existing structure was built with a proper Permit from Dearborn County. If that addition was not properly permitted and inspected other issues will have to be addressed.
  1. Vicki Alering, Lot # 800/801, 20818 Lakeview Drive, 21’ X 14’ Lean to, color tan to match the house.  There has been much discussion on this lean to.  Mike Koehler is attending the meeting to discuss the materials etc.  The Permit has not yet been approved. Tom Cross wishes to get full approval from all Committee Members, so this item is delayed until Tom has the opportunity to speak with Jeff Mueller and Alan Kohlhaas who were absent from this meeting.
  1. Craig Carlson, Lot # 2687, 1838 Tuppence Trail, 12’ X 20’ lofted garden shed with composite siding, tan in color with brown tin roof. The colors selected are compatible with the colors of the home and the location of the shed is in the buildable area of the lot. The Architecture Committee granted Approval for issuing the Permit
  1. Gretchen & Mike Mettler, Lot # 344/345H, 837 Greentree Road, adding to existing deck which is 33’ X 14’, will be adding 12’ X 16’ using treated lumber. The Mettlers were not present for the meeting and several details need to be addressed. This Item is not approved but is delayed until those issues are settled.
  1. Randall Dozier, Lot # 2870H, 21132 Sunnyridge Drive, 8’ X 14’ deck extension using wood decking, 15’ X 24’ Parking concrete parking pad with culvert.  There are two items on this request for a Permit. The Deck Extension and a Parking Pad with a culvert. Since the Parking Pad is to be used to store a boat and a stored boat must not be located closer than 20’ to the road that parking pad, as shown on the Plot Plan, cannot serve the intended purpose. Another solution will be considered. For now, the Architecture Committee approves the issuing of a Permit for the construction of the Deck Extension.
  1. Lindsey Schultz Jones, Lot # 3003H, 1898 Fieldcrest Drive, White vinyl decorative picket fence, height 3.5’ to 4’, 3 retaining walls, 47” X 66’, 40” X 22’ and 40” X 22’, using grey stone, 10’ X 10’ shed, painted blue, siding trim and shingle to match the house. In this unusual corner lot layout, the house fronts on the lake and the side of the house with the garage faces Fieldcrest Drive. The back of the house has a yard that rises toward and is bordered by Brookridge Circle Drive. The retaining walls are behind the back of the house and the decorative fence will be installed around the side yard facing Fieldcrest Drive. The Architecture Committee considered the details of the rules regarding the installation of fences and approves the Issuing of this Permit.
  1. John & Julie Yocum, (Represented by surveyor Dennis Kraus) Lot # 971, 1264 Highridge Court.  Split lot with plot plan drawings.  Lot #971 is currently owned by John and Julie Yocum who also own lots #972 and 973. They are splitting Lot #971 and selling half of the lot to the owners of Lots # 968, 969 and 970 Owned by Hanes. Each owner of those new half lots will have contiguous lots. The Architecture Committee is recommending the POA board approve the Lot Split.
  1. Randy & Jean Rademacher, Lot # 1880/1881, 1502 Aqua Vista Drive, 3 retaining walls, 5’ X 105’, 4’ X 55’, and 5’ X 52’ using Allan block classic granite.  The Architecture Committee approves the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. George & Bobbi Klopp, Lot 3263H, 19089 Hampton Drive, 20’ X 16’ 3 season sunroom, match existing shingles vinyl siding, sandy tan in color, scallops end will be stone mountain clay color.  The current structure is a covered deck measuring 10’ X 16’. The addition is extending that cover by 10’ to create space to enclose with windows and screens and serve as a 3 seasons room measuring 20’ X 16. The color of that extension will match what is currently there. The Architecture Committee approves the issuing a Permit for this project.
  1. Chase & Amanda Caldwell, Lot # 2297, 20612 Heather Court, Performance Bond Return request. Dan Tester inspected the site. And Tom Cross signed off on the application for the parking pad Bond Return for the Architecture Committee. 

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Timothy & Rose Murray, Lot # 2128H/2129, 20766 Alpine Drive, Catch Basin (20”) with 80’ X 4” pvc discharge line.  
  1. Heberling Family Trust, Lot # 1096H/1097, 20301 Matterhorn Drive, drainage solution channel and drains & footer- drain with discharge line.   
  1. Linda Hahn, Lot # 395, 20267 Lakeview Drive, Decorative Vinyl Fence – (2) 8’ sections, 48” in height, sand/tan color.
  1. Craig & Lora Huber, Lot 1692H/1693, 1547Cliftmont Circle. 30’ X 8’ gravel parking pad.
  1. Matt Timmerman, Lot # 2494/2495H, 20184 Alpine Drive, Concrete parking pad 11’ X 32’ on side of drive.
  1. Lawrence Ferneding, Lot # 1941, 19941 Cravenhurst Drive, 4’ Kentucky Board fence with mesh liner, red to match the house. 
  1. Gordon Weis, Lot # 2982H, 21323 Fox Ridge Road, 24’ X 40’ long culvert in the back of house.  
  1. Gordon Weis, Lot # 2537/2538, 1753 Cove Circle East, concrete sidewalk 5’ 10” X 36’ using mini mixer.  
  1. James Bolinger, Lot # 2027/2028H/2029, 19923 Alpine Drive, replacing existing gravel driveway with 4” concrete, 10’ X 20’ X 4’ concrete parking pad connecting to driveway.  
  1. Chase & Amanda Caldwell, Lot # 2297H/2298A, 20612 Heather Court, 40’ X 9’ concrete parking pad.  
  1. Jeff Meyer, Lot # 2374H, 1414 Golfview Court, Play structure in back yard.  
  1. Michael & Kristie Shriver, Lot # 3239/3240H/3241, 19118 Hampton Drive, 6’ vinyl privacy fencing with 2 gates, sand in color.  
  1. Alyce Hill, Lot #, 1687 Brookridge Circle, 4’ high 3 row wood fence with chicken wire, natural wood.  
  1. Barbara Adkins, Lot # 3104H, 1613 Greenlawn Way, 4’ high fence with mesh liner, wood.  
  1. Tammy & Larry Lawson, Lot # 2900H/2901/2902, 1982 Morningside Drive, 3 rail wood fence with mesh liner, wood in color 4’ in height.  
  1. Nickole Hampton, Lot # 3232H, 1041 Hartford Circle, Above ground pool 24’ X 52’ with black aluminum fence 4’ in height. 
  1. Rachel Miller, Lot # 267H, 567 Hickory Road, 3 rail wooden split-rail fence with mesh liner 4’ in height.  
  1. Layne Hollander, Lot # 349/350H, 897 Greentree Road, above ground pool 14’ round 42” tall, soft sided.  
  1. Edmund Telscher, Lot # 3128H/3127, 1657 Fieldcrest Drive, red/brown split-rail fence with mesh liner 4’ in height.
  1. Linda Hahn, Lot # 395H, 20267 Lakeview Drive, Decorative vinyl fence, tan in color, 48” in height.   
  1. Antoinetti Bamonte/David McIntosh, Lot # 175H, 20057 Lakeview Drive, replacing existing driveway with concrete.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Garry Wilmoski, Lot # 2087H/2088, 20773 Alpine Drive, Replacing existing retaining wall with alan block material, 2’ X 65’.  Regrade existing ditch line along Alpine and replace existing rip rap.  
  1. Bob Lonsway, Lot # 1098H, 20321 Matterhorn, retaining wall 2’ X 30’ behind beach, Natural Fieldstone wall,10’ of rip rap on shoreline.  
  1. Jeremy & Sara Chipman, Lot # 1047H/1048, 21291 Alpine Drive, repair existing front and side deck, 16’ X 24’ deck extension in the back yard.  
  1. Gina & Tom Armbruster, Lot # 1540, 848 Ryan Court, 18’ X 36’ rectangle inground pool with 4’ high aluminum black fence, with concrete around the pool.  
  1. Bill Schaefer, Lot # 2839, 1952 Ridgewood Circle, 5’ Limestone wall on both   sides of the driveway.  Will be covered with soil and limestone.  Limestone 2-3” thick landscape walls, 12’ X 2’ at the highest point.  
  1. William & Jacqueline Lindsley, Lot # 210,211H, 212, 19938 Elm Drive, 8’ X 16’ green house behind house, black trim and tinted.
  1. Cathy & Mike Ober, Lot # 1352H/1353, 988 Greentree Road, 16’ X 24’ replacing existing wooden deck with new dimensions, replacing existing steps and adding new wooden steps.  
  1. Richard Loew, Lot # 2383H, 1324 Golfview Court, 4’ Kentucky Board fence with mesh liner.  
  1. Rick Baumgartner, Lot # 393H, 20247 Lakeview Drive, 16’ X 24’ Shed, beige to match house.  
  1. Daniel & Jessica Engel, Lot # 554/555H, 1384 Skyview Circle, replacing existing deck and extending deck in the back of house.  Top deck 15’ X 30’, Bottom deck 18’ X 30’ X 14.5’ X 5’, treated lumber for post and decking, glass railing.  
  1. Karl Prautsch, Lot # 1605H, 1175 Monterey Circle, 8’ X 10’ shed, gray with white trim.  
  1. Tina & Robert Magee, Lot # 724H, 1178 Chalet Court, 8’ X 12’ Shed, 10’ X 20’ gravel parking pad.  
  1. Stacey & Lonnie Mitchell, Lot # 315H, 19782 Overlook Circle, 8’ X 12’ deck with steps using treated lumber and stain. 
  1. Daryl Eckerle, Lot # 1405/1406H, 582 Windemere Hill, 40’ X 12’ wood deck.
  1. Brian & Kori Hoffman, Lot # 70, 20127 Lakeview Drive, 10’ X 16’ shed, tan in color to match the house, shingles will match the same as house.  
  1. Ted & Pam Gemperly, Lot # 1381/1382, 20343 Beau Vista, New Home.
  1. Larry Campbell, Lot # 1771H, 1481 Heidi Haven Drive, will extend family room 15’ X 15’on to existing deck. Will be using grey vinyl siding.  
  1. Erica & Randy Turner, Lot # 2813H, 1682 Ridgewood Circle, 8’ X 10’ US Leisure, Keter Stronghold Resin Storage Shed, tan and brown in color.  
  1. Gary & Maria David, Lot # 3108H/3109, 1643 Greenlawn Way, 10’ X 12’ Wood storage shed, taupe color with shingles matching house.  
  1. Sam & Linda Maxfield, Lot # 766H/767, 20837 Lakeview Drive, 8’ X 12’ Economy treated garden shed, tan in color, roof matching house.
  1. Gena Offenbocker, Lot #951H, 21037 Crestview Ct., Repaint house. Color Change from yellow to navy blue, white door and trim, add hanging flower pots.

The following projects were Board approved:

Mike & Mary Russell, Lot # 1879H/1880A, 1491 Aqua Vista Drive, 20’ variance for a fence approved by the Board of Directors on March 5, 2020.

Approve March 4, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes: 

First Approval: Dan Tester     Seconded by: Bob Maudlin

Old Business:   Phil Heitz pointed out there may be some actions that were taken by the Architecture Committee during the period between the March 4 meeting and this May 20 meeting that were not listed on the agenda. He will check with Bruce Keller, Gina Keller, Greg Morton and Tom Cross to determine the status of those actions. –  As a result, Item 21 under the heading: The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting, was added to this report on 6/1/20. A second item: Michelle Meyer, Lot #1694, 1537 Cliftmont Circle was not approved and is scheduled for the Architecture Committee Meeting of 6/3/20. Still not resolved is the question of the status of the lot split for Lot # 1999 on Ventura Drive.

New Business:  Donna Yetzer recommended adding a directive for Committee Members to call the Committee Chair, Tom Cross, in advance if they are not able to attend a scheduled meeting. Also, create a policy that will allow the removal of Committee Members for chronic absences. Donna’s recommendation was to allow no more than two absences over some to be determined time period.

Bruce Keller distributed to the Committee Members present copies of recommended changes in our Rules and Bylaws. The Committee is to review those changes to Sections 4-2-3, Right to Disapprove Plans, 4-4-41, Lot Splits, the entire Section 4-13, Rules for Fences, Section 4-17, Sheds Gazeboes Shelters Dog Runs Detached Garages and Other Lot Improvement Rules, Section 4-18, Play Structure Rules, Section 4-19 Retaining Wall and Exterior Wall Rules, and Section 4-20, Seawalls Shoreline Protection and Shoreline Reclamation Rules.

Bruce also distributed a list of topics to be addressed by the Members of the Architecture Committee. Tom Cross assigned sections of the list to the Committee Members present. Bob Maudlin is assigned the item: Lot Splits. Phil Heitz was assigned the item: Fences. Tom Cross will consider two items: Sheds and Retaining Walls.

Our next Architecture Committee Meeting will be held on schedule. That will be the first Wednesday in June. 6/3/2020.

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   Motion by: Dan Tester   Seconded: Bob Maudlin 8:45 PM

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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