Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 3/4/2020

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 6:00PM

Approved Architecture Committee Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross, 5:20 PM

Members Present: Bob Maudlin, Alan Kohlhaas, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: Jeff Mueller

Board Liaison Present: None present

Community Manager Present: Not present

Residents in Attendance: Joseph Kappa, Mike Russell, Iryna Fesenko, William & Jacqueline Lindsey, Scott Silber, Edward Paul

Guest: Grant Landry, a welcome guest who works in commercial construction and a Hidden Valley resident, sat in to observe our Committee Meeting.

  1. Joseph & Jennifer Kappa, Lot # 2104H/2105, 1397 Brabamhurst Drive, would like to discuss putting in a 1500 square foot detached garage. This visit was to discuss his project with the Committee with the intention of better understanding how to proceed before starting work with an architect or Contractor to create the necessary drawings. The Committee gave him the requisite information and approval to proceed. 
  1. Mike & Mary Russell, Lot # 1879H/1880A, 1492 Aqua Vista Drive.  Variance was applied for and letters sent out to adjoining neighbors.  Both neighbors called and both agreed to the variance.  Mr. Rademacher agreed to Plan A, and Kyle Packer did not care which option was used.  Mike Russell drew up plans for Plan A. The Architecture Committee approves of the plan and will recommend the Board of Directors grant a 20’ variance for a fence on the property line.  The fence will be black aluminum, 4’ in height with 3 gates.   Mike is also removing a boat lift and replacing the empty area with wood to match the existing deck, 10’ X 13’. A Permit will be issued after a decision to issue a variance is received.
  1. Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403, 571 Windemere Hill. The essential Variance was approved by the Board and new drawings on the plot plan were presented showing the construction of an enclosed porch addition mounted above a front deck with an elevated walkway extending from the deck to the cul-de-sac. The plan and drawing presented varied from the original presented to the Board for approval in that the width was extended to the left corner of the front of the house. The Committee considered the new plan to be within the limits stated in the Variance. The design received approval from the Committee and the Committee recommends the issuing of a Permit. Before beginning construction Mr. Fesenko must also obtain a Dearborn County permit.
  1. Tim Gallagher, Lot # 376H, 937 Rustic Drive. The Gallaghers presented a design for an 8’ X 12’ Shed with metal roof to be located behind their home. The shed will be constructed using micro treated wood, painted light green in color with white trim and the shed will have a dark gray metal roof.  The Architecture Committee approved the plans and recommends issuing the Permit.
  1. Jeffrey & Lesley Hutton, Lot # 995H/996, 21182 Berne Court, (not present for the meeting). Seeking a Permit for widening the right side of driveway, 39’ Long, 8’ wide at the top, down to 2’ at the bottom.  Also replacing and moving a retaining wall back 4’, the wall dimensions are 3’ X 30’ 6”.  The Committee reviewed the plans and recommend issuing the Permit.
  1. Edward & Donna Niemeier, Lot # 1170/1171H/1172, 21022 Zurich Trail, replacing front porch and deck, increasing by 4’, reducing the size of the deck to the driveway, replacing decking on the back of house, not changing dimensions with new treated boards.  Replacing or repairing current blacktop driveway with no change in dimensions.  Replacing current retaining wall with new Alan Block, not changing height or length.  30” X 25’ and 24” X 30’. No representative attended the Architecture Committee Meeting making it impossible to proceed. Several issues must be discussed and resolved. This item shall be addressed at some future meeting which can be rescheduled. 
  1. William & Jacqueline Lindsey, Lot # 210/211H/212, 19938 Elm Drive, 8’ X 16’ greenhouse, tinted with black trim, polycarbonate windows. Both William and Jacqueline attended the Meeting and the Committee discussed issues regarding installing more than one out-building on their lot. After considering several options the Lindseys decide it will best suit their need to redesign their greenhouse and install one that attaches to the back of their home. This will allow for better control of water run-off and create a more physically stable installation. Once the new plans are complete the Lindseys will present them to the Committee for approval.
  1. Scott & Cindy Silber, Lot # 1569H, 19448 Newcom Knoll, new front porch & vinyl siding 10’ X 5’.  Samples of colors attached to the paperwork. Scott was present for the Meeting and presented plans to add the front porch which will have a gabled roof. The current design has a roof that is a short extension of the home’s existing roof. That extension will be removed replaced by aligning the top edge straight across above the porch area. The framing of the porch will be done in stained cedar. The new vinyl siding will be a clay color and brown brick will be used as an accent below the front windows. The plan was reviewed and approved for the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Edward & Amber Paul, Lot # 1804, 19944 Ravenda Drive, 12’ X 20’ Shed, tan with gray metal roof.  Edward, present for the meeting, was informed that the shed cannot be located where he desires without applying for and receiving a Variance since his plot plan limits the buildable area in the location where he wishes to locate that shed. Not wishing to locate the shed elsewhere on his lot. Edward met with Bruce Keller, Dave Weismann, Dan Tester and Phil Heitz on Monday morning March 9 to further discuss the matter. At the end of that meeting he stated he didn’t wish to locate the shed at another location so will begin the process of applying for a variance. Drawings with exact dimensions required for that application must be provided. Once that is accomplished the Architecture Committee will reevaluate.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Deborah Hollstegge, Lot # 1027H/1028, 1162 Lucerne, 12’ X 24’ concrete parking pad, using a mini mixer.
  1. Robert & Tina Magee, Lot # 724H, 1178 Chalet Court, 4’ in height wood picket fence in back yard.  
  1. Maria & Thomas LaRosa, Lot # 1474/1475H/1476, 5’ chain link fence with beige slots in back yard.  
  1. Lonn & Lisa Koressel, Lot # 2368H, 1474 Golfview Court, replacing existing concrete walk to front door with no change in dimensions, 4’ X 8’ concrete pad for trash cans, replacing existing driveway with no change in dimensions.  May have to replace the existing culvert depending on the condition of the culvert after driveway is removed. 

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

Devin Steele, Lot # 2789H, 1791 Ridgewood Circle.  At the last Architecture meeting the committee agreed to these notes:

Devin Steele, Lot # 2789, 1791 Ridgewood Circle, New 2057 sq. ft. home. Tri-level with the equivalence of over 1300 sq. ft. for the first-floor footprint. The two-car garage will be at the front of the home located on the lowest level with living space above that garage. Special attention is to be placed on the site plan due to potential drainage problems. The plot plan and home design require alteration due to the limits on side lot clearances. Essentially the home location must be moved forward 2 feet and the front porch/deck must therefore be shortened accordingly. The home will be sided with milestone veneer, vinyl siding (blue gray), white vinyl soffits. The owner wishes to move forward quickly to obtain approval before early March.

2/26/2020 – Devin moved the house forward 2’ and front porch was shortened from 10’ to 8’.  Architecture signed off on the new house plans and plot plans.  

Approve February 12, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve made by Dan Tester. Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas

Old Business: None discussed.

New Business:  Committee members expressed concerns about irrigation pumps located on docks at various location. Those pumps should be enclosed in housings but several are not so enclosed. There is a need to enforce that rule. Consideration has been given to how to proceed, and the Committee Members are considering issuing notices.  If the problems aren’t resolved, the issuing of fines could follow. A fine of $300.00 is being considered.

To be announced: The scheduling of Architecture Committee Meetings shall be returned to the full time schedule beginning in March. Each month there will two meetings. They will be held the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The 

Committee will meet at 5:30 PM and attending guests will be admitted beginning at 6:00 PM.

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn: Motion made by Dan Tester, Seconded by Bob Maudlin

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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