Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 2/12/2020

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 5:30PM

Approved Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross, 5:27 PM

Members Present: Alan Kohlhaas, Dan Tester, Tom Cross, Phil Heitz, Bob Maudlin

Members Absent: Jeff Mueller

Board Liaison Present: None present. 

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: Devin Steele, Randy & Jean Rademacher, Lindsey & Parker Schultz-Jones, Mike & Mary Russell, Mike Koehler for Victoria Alering, Robert & Tina Magee.

Guest: Greg Morton. The Committee thanks him for his efforts in setting up our new computer-controlled video screen system designed to assist in displaying both photos and documents to be viewed by the Architecture Committee.

  1. Devin Steele, Lot # 2789, 1791 Ridgewood Circle, New 2057 sq. ft. home. Tri-level with the equivalence of over 1300 sq. ft. for the first-floor footprint. The two-car garage will be at the front of the home located on the lowest level with living space above that garage. Special attention is to be placed on the site plan due to potential drainage problems. The plot plan and home design require alteration due to the limits on side lot clearances. Essentially the home location must be moved forward 2 feet and the front porch/deck must therefore be shortened accordingly. The home will be sided with milestone veneer, vinyl siding (blue gray), white vinyl soffits. The owner wishes to move forward quickly to obtain approval before early March.
  1. Randy & Jean Rademacher, Lot # 1880B/1881H, 1502 Aqua Vista Drive, New 4168 sq. ft. home to replace the existing home at that lakefront site. The offset from the cul-de-sac will be 30.8 feet which is a greater offset than that of the existing home so no new variance shall be required. The home will have brick and stone veneer with an area of light gray stucco veneer on the lakefront side of the home. The roof will be asphalt shingles, there will be stone headers over the windows, and a three-car garage with the entrance doors to the garage on the side of the home. The Architecture committee has unanimously granted approval.
  1. Lindsey & Parker Schultz-Jones, Lot # 3003, 1898 Fieldcrest Drive, replacing deck and adding to the deck 16’ X 3’ + 12’5” X 3’, replacing siding, gutters, trim (white) siding concrete (same color).  Enclose existing doorway from master to deck, stack stone around garage doors. With no changes in color and all new construction/additions being within the buildable area of the lot, the Architecture Committee has unanimously granted approval.  
  1. Mike & Mary Russell, Lot 1879H/1880A, 1492 Aqua Vista Drive.  Mike & Mary both attended the meeting and discussed the need for an enclosed area for their dogs. Most of that fenced in area will be located behind their home and extends into their half lot, (Lot 1880A).  The fence is 4 ft. high and is constructed of aluminum in a picket fence design, black in color. A variance is needed to allow for a narrow fenced in extension from the larger dog-run at the rear of the home to give access from the side of the home where the dogs may securely access that area from the steps descending from their upper deck. The Architecture Committee has examined their plans and recommends the granting of the requested variance. 
  1. Victoria Alering, Lot # 800H/801, 20818 Lakeview Drive, 21’ long X 14’ wide (294 sq. ft.)  X 9’ height, Lean-to garage, wood, with grey metal roof.  This has already been built without a permit and does not meet code requirements. A fine was assessed and has been paid. The carport roof is to be promptly removed. The homeowner is to apply for a permit from the Architecture Committee and also apply for a permit from Dearborn County. At this meeting the homeowner was represented by Mike Koehler and Mike was advised that the design should meet the standards set by Hidden Valley Lake’s by-laws.
  1. Robert & Tina Magee, Lot # 724H, 1178 Chalet Court, wooden 4’ high privacy fence, natural wood stain.  The Architecture Committee advised Robert and Tina regarding fencing as described in our by-laws. That included the limits for a privacy fence noting the location has to be within the buildable area of the lot. The Magee’s stated they need a fence that will help prevent their dogs from seeing deer and other attractions that may cause them to bark excessively, but they need more fenced in area than they would have if they limit the space to the buildable area of their lot. A 4’ high wide board picket fence was discussed and having potential for approval if placed near the property lines. Robert and Tina will consider their options and resubmit their request for approval.
  1. Stacey & Brian Feckter, Lot # 2712H, 20407 Alpine Drive, need signature for Performance Bond Return request for the completion of in-ground pool, fence and concrete patio around the pool.  Dan Tester has checked/inspected the work at this site and recommends a request for the return of the Performance Bond be presented to the POA Board at our meeting in March.
  1. Review and sign the plans for the replacement of docks at Moeller Park, Sandamont and Aqua Vista. The plans were reviewed and approved with a floating dock as an option at the Aqua Vista location since it is anticipated to be relocated again in the future. Bruce Keller noted there is an existing floating dock that may possibly be moved to that location.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. David & Sandra Newkirk, Lot # 545H/546, 1274 Skyview Circle, 242 sq. ft. concrete parking pad. This project has been completed.
  1. Penny Scudder, Lot # 1568H, 19438 Newcom Knoll, replacing existing concrete patio with no change in dimensions.  Paid $500.00 performance bond.  This project has been completed. 
  1. Ken Day, Lot # 804H, 20878 Lakeview Drive, 12’ X 20’ insulated white patio cover.  
  1. Walter Niedenthal, Lot # 1331H, 768 Greentree Road, 3’ X 12’ white rail across front porch.  This project has been completed. 
  1. Sarah Melvin & Cynthia Bedel-Melvin, Lot # 1762H, 19877 Alpine Drive, 4’ in height Kentucky 3 board fence in natural color.  
  1. Robert Cannon, Lot # 078H/079, 20048 Longview Drive, 16’ of riprap semi-circular in back yard. The riprap is to be installed around an existing shed and the area has been marked off with white flags. The contractor will start the job after the soil is dry enough to allow access.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Dale Panoushek, Lot # 1408H/1409, 612 Windemere Hill, retaining wall, 8’ in height X 90’ in length, using concrete stackable block geo-grid, gravel footers, with 4’ split rail fence.
  1. Jim Hasselbeck, Lot # 1682H/1683, 1188 Montclair Court, remove section of existing culvert from east side and move to west side of driveway, construct limestone walls at each end of pipe.  18” X 12’.  
  1. Maria and Thomas LaRosa, Lot # 1474/1475H/1475, 20543 Longview Drive, change from stone being placed on the side of the car port to T1-11 siding to match the same color as the home.  
  1. Fred Lehmann, Lot # 1705H/1706, 1318 Cliftmont Circle, 5’ X 22’ 6” hallway to lead to newly approved room, 8’ 6” X 5’ bathroom under foyer.  
  1. Dennis Boyer, Lot # 1570H, 19458 Newcom Knoll, 260’ X 8’ limestone rip rap along shoreline replacing original rip rap. 
  1. Mark & Angela Ascherman, Lot # 2830H, 1852 Ridgewood Circle, replacing existing deck 12’X20’ and adding steps.
  1. Paul & Margaret Schumacher, Lot # 0034H, 880 Hickory Road, replacing existing deck and adding 4’ X 4’ deck extension, 11’ X 8’ T-111 Shed with siding that will be painted to match the house. Shed is located under the deck extension.   
  1. Marty & Carol Mullens, Lot # 2155H/2156A, 1531 Sandamont Drive, 8’ X 25’ dock with 8’ X 25’ deck, 3’.5” X 25’ allan block retaining wall, hickory color, 220’ os natural stone on shoreline, 8’ X 25’ paver patio located above the dock with slab stone steps. 
  1. Zachary & Abby Asman, Lot 2542, New home. Address will likely be 1712 Cove Circle West after the mailbox has been installed and the post office approval is received.
  1.  Brian Hoffman, Lot # 2570, 1871 Timberline Trail, 8; X 24’ Dock. 
  1.  Rick Rosenberger, Lot # 1078, 20385 Matterhorn Drive, 32’ X 8’ pressure     treated dock with composite decking. Allan block seawall 40” X 55’.
  1.  Michael Sundbye, Lot # 658H/659, 20511 Edelweiss, Replace existing 20’ X 12’ dock with 30’ X 12’ dock.  
  1.  Molly Bell, Lot # 2398H, 1383 Golfview Court, Performance Bond Return approved for completion of replacing concrete patio in rear of house.  
  1. Scot Veneman & Nicole Wassler, Lot # 2724H, 20311 Alpine Drive, Performance Bond Return approved for completion of 40’ X 9’ concrete parking pad.
  1.  Michelle Ray-Meyer, Lot # 1694, 1537 Cliftmont Circle, Performance Bond Return for the completion of 10’ X 36’ concrete parking pad, 10’ X 24’ concrete patio and 3’ X 24’ concrete walkway in the rear of the home. 
  1.  Gordon & Tammy Weiss, Lot # 2537H/2538A, 1753 Cove Circle East, Performance Bond Return for the completion of 6’ X 9: concrete sidewalk. 
  1. Penny Scudder, Lot # 1568H, 19438 Newcom Knoll, Performance Bond Return for the completion of 12’ X 20’ concrete patio in rear of home.  
  1. Joseph Isadore, Lot # 1918, 19942 Cravenhurst Drive, Performance Bond Return for completion of new home.  

The following projects were Board approved: None listed

Approve November 13, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Approved by Alan Kohlhaas.  Seconded by Dan Tester.

Old Business: Iryna Fesenko, Lot #1403, 571 Windemere Hill, was instructed to remove an unapproved deck at the front of his home but has not complied with that order. Further step to obtain compliance will be taken by our Community Manager Bruce Keller.

New Business:  A change in management of Committee Meetings: The time for arrival of our guests and residents shall be changed from 5:30 to 6:00 PM to allow for Committee discussions prior to granting access to our guests. This change is being made so the wait time for our guests may be reduced.

The topic of fines was discussed, and the Committee seeks to have the fines for violations increased from $100.00 to $300.00. Bruce Keller will be writing a proposal for that change in our by-laws so it may be presented for first reading at the POA Board Meeting on March 5.

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  Motion by: Bob Maudlin. Seconded by: Tom Cross.

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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