Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes – 11/13/19 5:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 5:30PM

 Unapproved Meeting Minutes 

Called to Order by: Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present: Dan Tester, Alan Kohlhaas, Bob Maudlin, Tom Cross, Jeff Mueller, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: None

Board Liaison Present: Dave Hafner

 Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: Casey Kennedy, Thomas & Maria LaRosa, Sergiy Fesenko

Guest: None

  1. Amy & Casey Kennedy, Lot # 2543, 1722 Cove Circle West. New home plans were presented by Casey along with samples of siding, paint, roof material, trim colors and plot plan. Building permit fee and performance bond collected in advance of the meeting. House plans for the contemporary designed home show a first floor area of 2024 sq. ft., faux stone siding, color grey, with Vinyl siding, color ‘Canyon Red” which is a dark red. Window frames in dark bronze along with black and white trim used in other areas. Roofing material is basically black asphalt shingles. Silt fencing to be used to control runoff during construction. Casey is to provide dimensions for the wall at the front of the property. The Architecture Committee has approved the issuing of the permit.
  2. Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403, 571 Windemere Hill, Sergiy Fesenko requested a 10’ variance on September 18, 2019, applied for the variance on September 21, 2019, letters sent out to neighbors adjoining the property.  No one responded to letters sent out after 30 days.  New plans were drawn on plot plan.  Resident is now requesting to be recommended to the Board of Directors for the approval of the variance.  Notes from September 18th meeting:  Iryna Fesenko, Lot # 1403H, 571 Windemere Hill. An unscheduled guest, Iryna presented an incomplete request for a variance for his front deck project that was begun without a permit. A stop-work order was issued. That addition of an elevated deck at the front of his home is being constructed in an unbuildable area, and a variance is essential if a permit is to be granted. To proceed, Iryna must provide plot plans that are accurate enough to ascertain just how much of a variance he must request. The improved plot plan with the properly dimensioned layout of the project must be presented along with the request for the number of feet of variance needed to properly install the deck. The Committee has examined the incomplete information and is likely to favorably recommend the request for a variance to the POA Board once the request is accurately presented. Today, 9/24/2019, Bruce and Dan checked out the dimensions and considered existing practices regarding the recommendation for variances for homes constructed on cul-de-sacs. The house is constructed with the eves and gutters located right at the limit of the buildable area for the front setback of that property. The front of the house is set back two feet from that limit. The typical limit for variances at the front of homes located on cul-de-sacs is 10 feet. The newly built (but not approved) already constructed deck exceeds that 10-foot limit by about 8 feet. The Committee may recommend granting the full 10-foot variance and that variance, if approved by the POA Board, would allow part of that new deck to remain. From the front of the house (excluding the eves and gutters) that would allow new construction that extends 12 feet from the front walls, measured from the siding of the house. All of the new construction beyond that limit must be removed. The original walkway from the street to the front of the house may remain. If approved by the POA Board, a corrected plot plan and drawing may be approved by the Architecture Committee.

At today’s meeting the distance from the front property line to the front wall of the home was determined to be 41 feet. Sergiy presented corrected plans showing the front deck area installed at limits that appear to be permissible if a 10 ft. front Variance is granted. Currently the non-permitted construction remains in place. The Architecture Committee is willing to recommend the granting of a 10 ft. Front Variance which will require the removal of the portion of the deck that currently extends beyond the limits that would be permitted by the Variance. If that 10 ft. Front Variance is approved by the POA Board, and final design plans (that will have to be provided) are later approved by the Architecture Committee, Sergiy Fesenko may apply for a Permit issued by Dearborn County. Once those steps have been successfully completed the Stop Work Order may be lifted and work may resume. The presentation for considering the final issuing of a permit is targeted for the December Committee meeting if a Variance has been approved by the POA Board.


  1. Thomas & Maria LaRosa, Lot # 1474/1475H/1476, 20543 Longview Drive. Would like to replace the fence in their back yard but want to discuss the type of fence (possible concrete) with the Committee, the already replaced shingle roof with tan metal roof, the painting to change the color house from yellow to sweet surrender, trim will be rose Quartz, carport will be dubonnet, samples will be provided at the meeting for Committee approval, already put siding up on the side of their carport. They were charged a $100.00 fee for a stop work order.  The Architecture Committee reviewed the situation along with Thomas and Maria La Rosa who were present for the Meeting. The siding on the side of the carport is actually roofing material, poorly installed, and must be removed. That removal of the siding must be completed within 60 days. The type of concrete wall requested cannot be used or approved. In addition the color selections for painting the home and trim are unusual. The metal roof material is permitted for use in this area and the color they selected is a light tan which also is acceptable. Since the tan roof would likely clash with the colors of the paints chosen, which could be described as a pastel rose-pink, a darker rose-pink, and a dark maroon, those color selections should be reevaluated and letters are to be sent out to neighbors giving them 30 days to provide responses. The LaRosas will need to submit plans for the installation of a fence along with samples of the materials to be used for construction of that fence. The plans and materials for the new wall to be added at the side of the carport must be presented and approved. The work has been stopped until the above has been accomplished and a Permit to resume has been granted.
  2. Edward Brueggeman, Lot # 802H/803, 20848 Lakeview Drive.  A Variance was granted and a Permit for a 4-car garage was approved on 12/5/2018 at the Architecture meeting.  The construction of the garage has not been started, though the foundation for the garage has been installed. The Garage Construction cannot be completed before the 1-year deadline.  A decision was made by the Architecture Committee to grant a requested extension for 6 months, which will require a $500.00 fee to be paid. The initial Permits were for construction of the new home as well as the garage, along with a Variance. Since issues regarding drainage have not been addressed, the Committee has decided to not return any of the Bond money until after the entire job for both the home and the garage have been successfully completed.
  3. Theodore & Jessica Roberts, Lot # 1839H, 20020 Ravenda Drive, performance bond return request for completion of new home. The site has been inspected and the request for return of the performance bond was signed as approved by Tom Cross.
  4. Robert Kist, Lot # 1090H, 20241 Matterhorn Drive, performance bond request for completion of rip rap at shoreline.  The site has been inspected and the request for return of the performance bond was signed as approved by Tom Cross.
  5. Stephen & Allison Gulasy, Lot # 182, 19967 Elm Drive, performance bond request for completion of concrete patio behind the house.  The site has been inspected and the request for return of the performance bond was signed as approved by Tom Cross.
  6. Paul & Sarah O’Brien, Lot # 1411, 642 Windemere Hill, performance bond request for completion of concrete drive and sidewalk.  The site has been inspected and the request for return of the performance bond was signed as approved by Tom Cross.
  7. Victor Minella, Lot E 2792H, 1731 Ridgewood Circle, performance bond request for completion of concrete drive.  The site has been inspected and the request for return of the performance bond was signed as approved by Tom Cross.


The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

  1. Edward & Elisa Bakes, Lot # 1153, 20473 Meercham Way, 4’ X 225’ black chain link fence. The provided plot plan was reviewed during the Architecture Committee Meeting. No objections were received. 

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:

  1. Ed Ferrall, Lot # 698H/699, 20717 Lakeview Drive, adding to existing deck on the back of the house.  Original deck was 12’ X 10”, new deck will be 20’ X 18’.  Gray trex to match home, white aluminum railings, pressure treated lumber structure.
  2. Janet Pecquet & Richard Roden, Lot # 2622, 20320 Alpine Drive, Performance Bond Return approved by Architecture on 10/22/2019.
  3. Ron & Terry Gable, Lot # 1157H, 20513 Meercham Way, Adding wooden steps to existing deck, 3 rail Kentucky board fence with mesh liner, 4’ in height.
  4. Jonathan & Jessica Gambrel, Lot # 2097H, 1477 Brabamhurst Drive, Kentucky 4 board with 14-gauge wire liner, (2) 5’ swing gates, natural wood, 4’ in height.
  5. Scot Veneman, Lot # 2724H, 20311 Alpine Drive, 40’ X 9’ concrete parking pad on the left side of the driveway.  $500.00 bond was collected.

The following projects were Board approved:

  1. Olena & Georgiy Kemenetska, Lot # 1152H, 20463 Meercham Way, 9’ variance for retaining wall on side setback was approved by the Board of Directors on 10/24/2019.  The approval allows them to finish the following projects: Installation of a 13’ X 24.5’ concrete parking pad parallel to the driveway with a fenced off area 11’ wide by 13’ long along the side of the attached garage. The location of this improvement is located in a non-buildable area requiring a variance, setting the fence posts in concrete so the additional concreted area cannot be used for parking but the Committee believes the fence, which will be installed on a non-buildable area, must be removable in the event of a need to access the area for maintenance. Due to the slope of the land, a concrete block retaining wall not to exceed 2’ high will be installed along the left side of the parking pad.
  2. Zach & Abby Asman, Lot # 2542, 1712 Cove Circle West, 5’ Variance for front elevation of the property to build a new home was approved by the board on 10/24/2019.


Approve October 16, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes:

Motion by: Dan Tester    Seconded by: Alan Kohlhaas

Old Business: The topic of fines for “Non-Permitted Construction” and other violations requiring “Stop-Work Orders” was discussed. The increase in the number of construction projects found to have been built without a permit has increased significantly and the existing fine of $100.00 does not appear to be a significant deterrent. After discussing options the Committee agreed the simplest resolution would be to increase the penalty for issuing “Stop-Work Orders” to $250.00 and if the existing construction of the resulting project cannot be granted a Permit, the Committee reserves the option of requiring the removal of the non-permitted project. Bruce Keller will be providing rewording of the Rules and Bylaws to provide an update to be presented to the POA Board.

New Business:  Dan Tester announced the need to consider notifying homeowners of the need to make repairs on their docks. His inspection, made after the opening of the sluicegate, found 31 docks in need of some repair.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  7:04 PM   Alan Kohlhaas   Seconded by: Bob Maudlin

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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