Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 10/7/20

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Approved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross

Members Present:  Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Dan Tester, Alan Kohlhaas, Phil Heitz, 

Members Absent:  None

Board Liaison Present:  Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:  Dave Wismann

Residents in Attendance: Mike Mormon (contractor) representing the Hamblin’s, Bob Groh, Dan Mollner (contractor) representing Linda Schroeder, Jan Messer, Jeff & Judy Bauss, Bob Lowe, Brian Bays, Tammy & Ben Loebker.

Also in attendance: Gina Keller as support and assistance for the Architecture Committee.

Guest:  None

  1. Ronald & Rebecca Hamblin, Lot # 669, 1484 Echo Trail, Split lot. Mike Mormon presented a survey done by CLM Surveying and Engineering that divides Lot #669. Half of the Lot will go to Ronald & Rebecca Hamblin who own Lot # 668 on Echo Trail and half of the Lot will be contiguated with Lot # 670 located on Edelweiss and owned by Barry A &Gretchen A Schmidt. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the Lot Split and will recommend the Split for consideration by the POA Board of Directors.
  1. Robert & Bobbie Groh, Lot # 1290, 298 Cresthaven Drive New Home. Robert Groh presented a plot plan and drawings for a 3110 Sq. Ft. new home to be constructed on Lot #1290. The first floor has 960 Sq. Ft. plus a two car garage. All specifications regarding the footprint were carefully considered since the lot is rather small. The Plot Plan shows the new home (being built by GTP Construction) can be built in the available area without infringing on any limits. According to current plans the home will be sided with brick called “Red Haven” and “Glen Ridge Gray Granite Stone”, a shingle roof in dark gray w/ blue highlights called “Summer Storm”, white trim and a front door painted “Baked Sienna”. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for this new home. Permits from Dearborn County must also be obtained.
  1. Linda Schroeder, Lot 2355, 19367 Par Drive, New Home. Dan Mollner from Hartford Homes represented Linda Schroeder and presented plans for a new 2791 Sq. Ft. single story be sided with a red/brown brick and dark brown vinyl siding. The roof will be asphalt shingles in black with speckles. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for this new home. Permits from Dearborn County must also be obtained.
  1. Jan Messer, Lot # 2833H, 21001 Sunnyridge Drive, Notes from 9/16/2020 meeting: extending one length of split rail fence on south side of house.  Taking down old fencing. The project as presented cannot be approved according to the Rules regarding fences on Corner Lots. Bruce Keller stated he would personally inspect the site in an effort to present alternatives to allow the homeowner to achieve her objectives.  Bruce Keller and Dave Wismann inspected the property and spoke with the homeowner. Their conclusion was the homeowner would have to obtain a variance to construct the fence in the location selected. The Architecture Committee discussed the options and voted 3 to 2 that a variance should not be favorably recommended for consideration due to creating an example of modifying rules without significantly essential need. A variance application could be presented to the POA Board if the homeowner chooses to start the process for a variance. The homeowner does not, at this time, wish to pursue that option.
  1. Jeff & Judy Bauss, Lot # 1027H/1028, 1162 Lucerne Lane, 10’ X 10’ wooden barn style shed, gold and black trim to match the house.  Aluminum fence with (1) 4’ gate and (1) 3’ gate, satin bronze, 4’ in height.  The Architecture Committee examined the Plot Plan and the supplied layout plus the selections of colors and materials. No issues were found and the Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit for this project.
  1. Robert Lowe, Lot # 373H/374/375, 938 Rustic Drive, replacing existing driveway with blacktop, adding 30’ X 30’  concrete pad for future addition in the spring, 48” X 26’ cinder block retaining wall with French drain around the side of the house. Painting house 2 shades of grey, light gray on brick and dark grey on wood siding.  There are no plans or design drawings regarding the construction of the home addition to be built on the 30’ X30’ pad which is to serve as a foundation for the new home addition, so until the complete plan is made available the Architecture Committee cannot approve the concrete pad. All other aspects of the proposed projects were unanimously approved by the Architecture Committee and a Permit for those plans was issued. The homeowners will work swiftly to obtain the needed drawings and plans required for the issuing of the additional construction permit they seek.
  1. Michael & Sherry Parr, Lot # 1679B/1680A, 1148 Montclair Court, construction of an 8’ X 8” pad for a hot tub, 27” off ground using outdoor deck lumber. The homeowners were not present for the Meeting but the Committee examined the plot plan and found all aspects of their request to meet the standards required. The Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Erika & Brian Bays, Lot # 832H/833, 21098 Lakeview Drive, 12’ X 8’ shed, brown in color with speckled shingles (green, brown and black).  Brian Bays presented a plot plan and description of the shed he wishes to install in his side yard to the right of the house (as viewed from the street) located where it is visible from Lakeview Drive. The color selection and materials are acceptable, and the shed will be located no closer than 10 Ft. from the property line. With all aspects complying with the Rules, the Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Tammy Loebker is on the deed for Lot # 2273H, 20562 Matterhorn. Ben Loebker also attended the Meeting to discuss a request from Dearborn County Zoning and Planning Dept. asking HVL to allow the establishment of an online business for the Loebbker’s.  After much discussion, it was decided the Committee has no authority to address this issue and therefore, they requested Dave Wismann, our Community Manager to contact the Dearborn County Zoning and Planning Dept. to resolve this. 

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Carl & Nancy Zahradnik, Lot # 3304H/3305, 19300 Alpine Drive, split rail fence with mesh liner, natural wood, 4’ in height.  
  1. Bryan & Shannon Moeller, Lot # 2461H/2462, 20184 Cedar Cliff Drive, regrading back yard.  
  1. James & Aimee Jackson, Lot # 170H/171, 987 Hickory Road, Kentucky board fence with mesh liner, treated lumber, 4’ in height.  
  1. Jennifer Siebel & Thad Hare, Lot # 2237H, 1552 Sandamont Drive, Replaced 28’ X 9’ concrete patio.  
  1. Sharon Keegan, Lot # 3164H, 19188 Par Drive, covering wood siding with vinyl siding.  Picture of existing wood and picture of vinyl siding on file.  
  1. Ryan & Angela Walston, Lot # 814/815H, 20965 Ferngrove Court, replacing retaining wall in kind using limestone, replacing gravel front porch with concrete, extending concrete driveway 5’ X 7’ and replacing broken areas of concrete driveway.
  1. Adam Wolfe, Lot #270H, 519 Hickory, changing exterior finishes of home. Adam will be replacing the wood siding with slate blue vinyl siding, replacing the existing shingle roof with dimensional black shingles, replacing the gable w/scalloped siding, replacing the brick sided areas and the chimney brick with grey stone.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting: 


The following projects were Board approved:

  1. Chris & Michelle Knosp, Lot # 1755/1756H, 19851 Alpine Drive, 20’ variance to place a studio/office on rear elevation of property approved at the September 24, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.  
  1. Mike & Jane Hanrahan, Lot # 1875H, 1442 Aqua Vista Drive, 10’ variance to place a shed on front elevation of property approved at the September 24, 2020 Board of Directors meeting.  

Approve September 16, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Approved. Motion by:  Bob Maudlin    Seconded by:  Frank Goodrich.

Old Business:  Phil Heitz brought up the topic that was introduced by Bruce Keller during the prior Meeting on Sept. 16. Bruce requested the Committee check the Rules to decide if there is any need for clarification and to help reduce confusion that may result when homeowners are preparing to submit requests for Permits. Phil Heitz noted there is information that was available in the prior structure of the written Rules that was not included in the new format when those Rules were rewritten. He stated it would be wise to review those prior Rules to determine what may be missing and if those deletions should be reinstated if that information can add to clarity or help with understanding the intent and methods of interpreting the significant meaning of those Rules.

New Business:  The Committee Members were treated to pizza, salad, and drinks. A thank you gift to the volunteers from Bruce Keller. We appreciated that gesture and let Bruce know how much we valued his services to us and the Community for the last 14 Years.Gina Keller will be attending the Architecture Committee Meetings now and in the future. Frank Goodrich is submitting an article to be published in the ECHOES. The topic to be covered is an adequate reminder informing the residents of the HVL Community of their obligation to notify the POA office of any changes they wish to make to their properties that may require a Permit.

Phil Heitz is to write the following article for publication in the ECHOES and have the text available no later than Friday November the 13th. The topic will be the Rules regarding Fences.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  7:47PM

Motion by:   Bob Maudlin   Seconded by:  Alan Kohlhaas

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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