Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes – 10/2/19 5:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 5:30PM

Approved Meeting Minutes 

Called to Order by: Tom Cross    5:30 PM

Members Present: Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Tom Cross, Alan Kohlhaas,

Phil Heitz

Members Absent: Matt Haarmeyer, Jeff Mueller

Board Liaison Present: Bruce Keller

Community Manager Present: Dave Hafner

Residents in Attendance: Gordon Weis, John Janszen, Edward Bakes

Guest: Jim Clary, Paul Egbers

  1. Gordon & Tammy Weis, Lot # 2982, 21323 Fox Ridge Road. Gordon Weis presented plans requesting a permit to construct a new home. The plans showed a main floor area of 728 sq. ft. The second floor area is 880 sq. ft. The Community Bylaws, Rules and Regulations require a minimum of 900 sq. ft. on the main floor, so the Architecture Committee did not approve a construction permit for the current plan. Gordon Weiss agreed to have his architect/contractor alter the design to provide at least the minimum first floor living space area.
  2. Ryan & Ashley King, Lot # 2380, 1354 Golfview Court, New Home. Jim Clary presented a set of plans and a plot plan for constructing a new home with a 1900 sq. ft. main floor area and an attached garage. The home will be sided with a combination of finishes. The home will be partially sided with brick, color – Aspen white. Vinyl siding will be Dove white, and the roof will be asphalt shingles, color – Pristine black, and white trim. The Architecture Committee approved the granting of a permit.
  3. Jeff & Susan Timberlake, Lot # 2365H/2409, 19317 Par Drive. Jim Clary presented plans for a 30’ X 30’ garage with an upper storage floor that will be placed on lot 2409, the 2 lots are contiguous.  The detached garage will have electricity supplied but no water or sewer, will closely match the appearance of the home and will be placed in the buildable area of the lot. Finishes for the garage will include stone, color: White point, and mostly covered with vinyl siding, color: Sandy tan. The roof will be asphalt Shingles. The Architecture Committee approved the granting of a permit.
  4. Edward & Elisa Bakes, Lot # 1153H, 20473 Meercham Way. Edward Bakes applied for a permit for a 35’ X 6’ privacy fence on side of home and a chain link fence on rear property.  The original plot plan shows the driveway and deck on the opposite side of his house.  The current plot plan makes determining the offsets from the property lines difficult and the plot plan should be improved and corrected. Edward Bakes agreed to bring in a drawing on Tuesday morning for later approval by the Architecture Committee. The desired fencing will include a 6’ high privacy fence extending from the back corner of the house to the back edge of the existing patio, a distance of about 35’. Additional fencing enclosing the space will be chain link, limited to 4’ high, extending another 60 feet back toward the back property line. The area enclosed will be 23 ft. wide, the opposite side of the enclosed area will also be 4’ high chain link fencing for the entire 95 ft. between the back fence and the back of the house to enclose the area. No variances should be required since the entire project can be completed within the buildable area of the lot.
  5. Julie & Jeff Steinmetz, Lot # 2508B/2509/2544H/2545, 1732 Cove Circle West. Landscape Contractor Paul Egbers requested a 15’ variance at the front of the property, outside of the buildable area, to install a retaining wall that replaces an old existing wall that has deteriorated. The Committee agreed to recommend the Variance Process. Photos to be taken to be used for presentation and to clarify what is needed. On Thursday Oct. 3 further discussion with the property owner, Jeff Steinmetz, revealed the fact that the requested retaining wall once existed as part of the original construction of the home site, and has since deteriorated. The permit is for the reconstruction and restoration of the original design. The need for a Variance should be reconsidered as it may not be necessary.
  6. John & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646, 20355 Rosemeade Lane. John Janszen was present and requested a 10’ variance on front elevation to build a new home.  After considering the location and the potential impact on neighboring properties, the Architecture Committee agreed the likely best solution to constructing a new home on that Lot (# 2646) would be to recommend the pursuit of a variance.
  7. Mark & Kathy Johnson, Lot # 1085H, 20282 Matterhorn Drive. Performance bond return request for 6’ X 16’ addition on right side of house.  The Architecture Committee has approved the return of the Performance Bond.
  8. Lorrain & Stephen Pollack, Lot # 877H/878, 21157 Interlochen Lane. Performance bond return request for replacing existing concrete driveway and adding a gravel parking pad parallel to the street.  The Architecture Committee has approved the return of the Performance Bond.


The following projects were AA approved and were reviewed by the Architecture Committee:

  1. David & Jean Royer, Lot # 946/947H, 20987 Crestview Court, 12’ X 30’ gravel parking pad on additional lot # 946 on the left of home.
  2. Brian Nieman, Lot # 2518H, 1834 Cove Circle East, 11’ X 32’ gravel parking pad on the right side facing the house.  

Approve September 18, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Motion to approve by: Dan Tester.  Seconded by: Bob Maudlin

Old Business: None. 

New Business: 

Alan Kohlhaas addressed the Committee regarding the ongoing issue of what to do with unapproved building projects.  The general consensus is to increase the level of fines but to allow the Committee to discuss each situation to determine what fine would be appropriate based on various influencing factors. In addition the Committee would like to consider rejecting any requests for a variance for any project that was being built without prior approval and also demand any such construction be torn down and removed if the Committee determines such action is the best solution for the neighborhood and the community. Bruce Keller ended the discussion by recommending the committee members come up with written policy that can be reviewed during our next meeting. 

Minutes Taken by: Phil Heitz 

Motion to Adjourn:

Motion by: Dan Tester.  Seconded by: Alan Kohlhaas 7:31 PM

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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