Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes – 10/16/19 5:30PM

 Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 5:30PM

Unapproved Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present: Tom Cross, Jeff Mueller, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: Bob Maudlin, Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present: Dave Hafner

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller present at the beginning and end of the meeting

Residents in Attendance: Gordon & Tami Weis, Fred Lehmann,

Zachary Asman

Guest: None

  1. Gordon & Tammy Weis, Lot # 2982, 21323 Fox Ridge Road, submitted new drawings for the construction of a new home. The new design included 983 Sq. Ft. on the first level resolving the issue created by the original design. Siding will be a combination of natural limestone and tan vinyl siding. The roof will be asphalt shingles, color: “weathered wood”. The Architecture Committee approved granting the permit.
  2. Olena Casidlas & Georgiy Kamenetska, Lot # 1152H, 20463 Meercham Way. Installation of a 13’ X 24.5’ concrete parking pad parallel to the driveway with a fenced off area 11’ wide by 13’ long along the side of the attached garage. The location of this improvement is located in a non-buildable area requiring a variance. The fence separating the parking pad from the area beside the garage will be chain link with posts set in concrete. Due to the slope of the land, a concrete block retaining wall will be installed along the left side of the parking pad. The Committee favors the granting of a side variance of 9’ for this project. The variance is needed due the installation of the retaining wall.  Both neighbors agree with the variance.  The Architecture Committee has chosen to recommend the issuing of a variance.
  3. Zachary & Abby Asman, Lot # 2542, 1712 Cove Circle West. On 9/18/2019 Zach and Abby requested a 7’ variance for the front elevation of the property to build a new home. The variance is needed due to the design of the contemporary home which has a depth of 52 ft. and a width of 38 ft. Locating the home further toward the Lake Front would interfere with the existing sewer line and also interfere with the neighbor’s view of the lake. Letters were sent out to neighbors adjoining the Asman property. The POA received letters from both neighbors agreeing with the variance. The Architecture Committee has chosen to recommend the issuing of a variance.
  4. Fred & Linda Lehmann, Lot # 1705, 1318 Cliftmont Circle. Seeking a Permit to install a 6’ X 12’ wooden deck, natural in color and enclose an 18’ X 12’ area under an existing house extension. The enclosed area will be sided with wood and painted to match the existing siding on the house. The new deck will be located behind the house. The area under the house extension will be leveled and the floor will be concrete. A $500.00 Performance Bond will be required due to the concrete work. The Architecture Committee approved granting the Permit.
  5. Edward Bakes & Elisa Bakes, Lot # 1153H, 20473 Meercham Way. The Bakes (not present for the Meeting) submitted new drawings for a 4 Ft. high black chain link fence extending 4 ft. toward the property line from the east side of the house, 7 ft. from the rear corner of the house. That side portion of the fence is to parallel the property line for 95 ft. toward the rear of the property then 38 ft. toward the west, and returns 65 ft. toward the rear of the house until it reaches the edge of a parking area. The fence then extends east about 7 Ft. and from that point is extended another 22 feet to the back of the house to complete the enclosure.  To follow the Rules and Bylaws the fence enclosure cannot be located in the side yard. Therefore the design needed to be altered to begin at the back corner of the house instead of from the side of the house. After a phone call Edward Bakes stated the drawing should be changed to allow the installation. That change to the drawings was made and since no variance will be required, the application for a Permit was turned over to the POA Management group to pursue as an AA approved project. After installation the exact dimensions of the installation will be verified and entered into the permanent records.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed:

  1. Tracy & Diane Hallahan, Lot # 872H, 21218 Interlochen Lane, 11’ X 24’ concrete parking pad on the left side of the driveway.
  2. Stephen & Allison Gulasy, Lot # 181/182H, 19967 Elm Drive, overlay and repairing existing concrete patio behind the house.  40’ 6” X 18’
  3. Kathleen Lyman & Cody Ralph, Lot # 2836H/2837, 1922 Ridgewood Circle, Ky. Board 3 rail fence with wire 4’ in height with 2 5’ gates in back yard.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting: None

The following projects were Board approved: None

Approve October 2, 2019 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Motion to approve by: Tom Cross   Seconded by: Dan Tester

Old Business: None

New Business:  Tom Cross made a Motion recommending a change to the Architecture Committee Meeting Schedule since the schedule is less busy due to the approach of the winter season and fewer projects are being pursued by the Hidden Valley Community. The New Meeting Schedule will be: Second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM. The new schedule should be posted in the Echoes and the Community should be notified.

The Motion was seconded by Dan Tester.

Motion to Adjourn:  Tom Cross.  Seconded by Dan Tester    7:03 PM

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Submitted by: Phil Heitz

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