Architecture Committee Meeting 8/5/20

Architecture Committee Meeting

           Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Unapproved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 

Called to Order by:  Tom Cross     5:30PM

Members Present: Tom Cross, Alan Kohlhaas, Dan Tester, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:  None

Board Liaison Present:  DonnaYetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller, Dave Wismann

Residents in Attendance:  Steve Fryer & contractor Chris Weinning, Thomas & Jacqueline Flynn, Jenn Siebel & Thad Hare, Jason Golub, Randy & Jeani Rademacher, Larry & Kathleen Hereth, Michael Huber, Casey Ward, Carl Trauth, Dennie Bruneman, Laura Scheiner, Jessica Campbell

Guest:  None

  1. Steve & Allison Fryer, Lot # 2819H/2820, 1742 Ridgewood Circle, inground vinyl liner pool, concrete deck around pool, 4’ black aluminum fence, 2 allan block retaining walls 5’ X 63’ and 5’ X 61’.  The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit. The contractor stated there may be delays in getting this project done due to a large workload and weather conditions may delay the installation of the pool liner. He said all other aspects of the project would be finished on schedule. Bruce Keller informed the Contractor that there would be no administrative problems created by weather related delays.
  1. Mike & Sarah Thompson, Lot # 1165H/1166, 21022 Zurich Trail, 928 sq. ft. concrete parking pad, extending driveway over and down the side of the house. The Architecture Committee was not willing to grant a Permit for such a large parking pad. Options appear be possible. Bruce Keller and Dave Wismann will meet with the homeowner to determine what options may be possible.
  1. Thomas & Jacqueline Flynn, Lot # 1954H/1955, 19900 Alpine Drive, replacing existing deck 12’ X 16’ with a 12’ X 20’ deck covered and screened in using wood composite. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.
  1. Jenn Siebel & Thad Hare, Lot # 2237H, 1552 Sandamont Drive, replacing a 12’ X 12’ deck and building new deck 16’ X 16’ using pressure treated lumber with steps. Railings to be installed. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.
  1. Jason Golub, Lot # 3295H, 408 Hidden Valley Drive, a new resident, Jason attended the meeting to discuss building a 24’ X 40’ (960 sq. ft.) building, explain the type of structure he wishes to build and foundation options before starting his project. Tom Cross informed him of the procedures, how to apply for a permit, and the Committee let the homeowner know that his project would likely be approved since his basic description of what he wants to accomplish appears to be acceptable and not in violations of any of the Bylaws or Rules.
  1. Randy & Jeani Rademacher, Lot # 1880B/1881H, 1502 Aqua Vista Drive, inground pool using gunite, 4’ aluminum black fence, concrete patio. Allan block retaining wall front of garage 5’ X 40’.  Surveyor stakes have been removed by the contractor building the home as a result of other digging on the property.  Boundaries can be seen by retaining wall and house for now.  Phil Heitz and Dave Wismann went out to the site and verified the pool and patio can be constructed in the manner presented on the plot plan. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Gail & Regina Hamilton, Lot # 720, 1218 Chalet Court, withdrew their request for a permit to build a 10’ X 22’ ground level deck using treated lumber.  This item has been withdrawn from consideration.
  1. Larry & Kathleen Hereth, Lot # 1707H, 1328 Cliftmont Circle, electric fence using zareba poly-wire, 2 wire green, black and yellow 30” in height. The location of the fence at the front of the home must be located several feet further from the front of the home than is allowed by Rule 4-13-10-c. It would be impossible to locate the fence within the stated limits. After examining the reasons for exceeding that limit the Architecture Committee could find no reason to reject the request to locate the fence where the homeowner seeks to place it. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Michael Huber, Lot # 184H, 19947 Elm Drive, 10’ X 12’ shed, honey gold stain with green metal roof. The Architecture Committee discussed the need to choose a roof color that would more closely match the color of the roof on the home. The homeowner has not yet purchased the materials for the shed and agreed to select a more appropriate color. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project with that change in roof color and issued a Permit.    
  1. Anthony & Casey Ward, Lot # 1014B/1015/1016H/1017, 1272 Lucerne Lane, play structure with wooden swing, painted the same color as the house, green canopy, green slide, green chains, yellow seats, 10’ tall X 20’ Long. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Brad Trauth & Carl Trauth, Lot 278, 423 Hickory Road, New home. Plot plan and home design was presented to the Architecture Committee. The home will be constructed within the setbacks, have a first floor area of 1408 Sq. Ft., will be sided with a brick façade color Everest Gray and vinyl siding color Harbor Gray. The roof will be asphalt shingles color Weathered Wood. The steel garage door will be Taupe/Sandstone. Trim and window frames will be white. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Dennie Brunemann, Lot # 2734H, 1758 Tuppence Trail, would like to whitewash his red brick home, along with his shed, but keep the pergola natural wood.  Gina Keller sent this information to the Committee and it was suggested Mr. Brunemann come to the Architecture Committee meeting to discuss what he wishes to accomplish. Though all Committee Members stated they thought the appearance of the sample whitewashed area provided looked blotchy and created “dirty or unkempt” appearance and degraded the appearance of the property, Bruce Keller stated the homeowner chooses the color of the house and trim as long as such choices do not violate other Rules. Bruce Keller and Tom Cross insisted the colors of the shed and the house should match as is stated in the Rules and Bylaws. Since no final choices were presented for the house, shed trim and the shutters for the home, the homeowner did not receive a Permit but will make final choices to be presented later.
  1. Evangeline (Laura) Scheiner, Lot # 782H, 1018 Geneva Court, 5’ X 30’ retaining wall, concrete allan-block with crushed limestone and pea gravel.  This was built in 2015 but never approved.  New Plot Plans showing how the location of the wall along with new construction and improvements were presented to the Architecture Committee. The appearance of the property will be significantly improved once completed. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.  
  1. Jessica Campbell, Lot # 1760/1761, 19873 Alpine Drive, resurface existing deck with a deck extension of 13’ 9” X 12’ using Trex, clam shell color. The deck extension will have posts at each corner which will be 10’ high and will support an overhead shade. The construction has already begun prior to the application for a Permit. Bruce informed them they will need a Permit from Dearborn County and that their work that is already completed may be inspected by Dearborn County inspectors. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Hidden Valley Lake/Willie’s, Remove and replace the current dumpster structure.  The approach to the dumpsters will be 10” thick concrete, measuring 22’ wide by 26’, for the floor. The walls will be 8’ tall, 8” thick with 2 door gates to enclose the area where the dumpsters will be located. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the project as presented and issued a Permit.    
  1. Comcast is proposing the underground installation of coaxial cable along the East side of Alpine Drive, North of Knollwood Drive.  Application package attached to email that was sent. The Architecture Committee reviewed the application and associated drawings and unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

James & Eileen Moore, Lot # 3276H, 19271 Hampton Drive, adding to sidewalk to make a 6’ 5” X 11’ concrete patio using mini mixer.  

Shelley Fangman, Lot # 1188H, 567 Cresthaven Drive, two sections of parking pad 10’ X 20’ and 17’ X 8’ a total of 336 sq. ft of gravel parking pad.  

Steve Van Wassenhoven, Lot # 2377H, 1384 Golfview Court, Install 15” culvert pipe across front yard, back fill and level.  40’ to the right side of drive and 18’ to the left side.  

Shannon Baker, Lot # 3063H, 1398 Brabamhurst Drive, split rail fence with mesh liner, natural pine, 4’ in height.  

Jan & James Utsler, Lot # 428H, 1102 Woodland Circle, Corral Kentucky 3 board fence, natural in color, 4’ in height.  

Terry Gray, Lot # 3014/3015H/3016A, 1655 Brookridge Circle Drive, 40’ X 9’ gravel parking pad.  

Anne Volkmann & Frank Laske, Lot # 2696H/2697/2698, 20527 Alpine Drive, replacing existing retaining wall at front left corner of house and replacing existing wall around the parking pad, both same location and same dimension, Allan Block, Hickory in color

Jesse & Ashley Hulsey, Lot # 1138H, 20323 Meercham Way, replacing shingle roof with charcoal color.  

Brandon Cable, Lot # 2683/2684, 1778 Tuppence Trail, painted home blue with white trim, not approved by office or Architecture Committee. Brandon was called and asked to come in to fill out a permit and provide us with a sample of the house colors.  A shed has been placed on the property and is not painted. The homeowner has stated he will paint the shed to more closely match the appearance of the house.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:   None

The following projects were Board approved:   None

Approve July 15, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve by Alan Kohlhaas.    Seconded by Bob Maudlin

Old Business:   None

New Business:  

The following statements have been presented by Bob Maudlin:

Our Architecture Committee and the POA board has done an insufficient job informing our residents about the does and do nots, when it comes to making improvements to their properties.  Our committee is assembled to HELP each homeowner make improvements within the guidelines of our bylaws.

The POA board, or whoever decided to omit the Architecture rules in the Hidden Valley phone book, took a big step backward.  These are some of the most critical bylaws/rules we have here in HVL and are almost impossible to find/obtain.  I was told folks “should look them up in the web site”.  That’s like asking someone to dip out and drain HVL Lake with a spoon.  Per the 2020-21 phone book there are pages 2 (includes the Table of contents) thru page 36 of HVL POA Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations.  This does NOT include another 28 pages of Architecture rules.  

“I” for one, on at least two occasions, have done an update which should have gone to the Architecture Committee for approval.  Honestly, I did not know any better.  I’m sure we have a lot of folks in the very same situation, either recently moved in or longtime residents.

Our committee is here to help residents achieve improvements/additions within the guidelines set forth.  We are here to be a facilitator not a detractor, which a few saw us as.

How do we help the HVL community?  First, I think there needs to be very accessible “written” Architecture rules.  These should at least be given to EACH new homeowner, either new construction or move in, since they are not in the phone book.   Is there an HVL welcoming committee who physically welcomes our new neighbors?  If not, each new resident should be presented with a welcoming packet, including our Architecture rules.

I would recommend we start publishing a monthly article in the Echo describing rules, such as “what is a setback, where is the buildable area, re-roofing a house, changing house colors, coordinating a shed to match the house, etc.”.  The garden club does an article each month helping to improve the looks in the valley.  The Architecture committee should be doing the same.

If any of this has merit, we should put a discussion on our next committee meeting agenda.

Committee Members read the statements and in general agree with the need to address these issues. Discussion of these and associated topics resulted in several recommendations such as providing topic articles to be printed in the Echoes, Printing the Rules and Bylaws in the phone book, provide a printed copy of the Arch rules as a hand out, and/or add as part of a packet to new home buyers, creating a video to be shown to any new member of our Community, and possibly creating tutorial videos to be made available for all existing residents to view by computer any time they wish to update their knowledge of what is required prior to commencing projects.

Each Committee Member is to provide 5 topics they feel need to be highlighted in the Echoes. The Committee will compare all of the lists of recommended topics and select which ones should get priority treatment.

Gerry Goodrich brought up the topic of Responsibility for assuring Rules are followed. The topic is covered under Rule 4-4-10 and places full responsibility on the property owner. Jerry suggested the Contractors should be given the Rules so they can be made aware of what the limits are. Bruce Keller believes the Rule should not be changed and the responsibility of informing the Contractor should remain the duty of the POA Member.

Donna Yetzer pointed out that a new and more accurate Community Map needs to be published and used to replace the inaccurate map currently being printed in our Phone Book.

Another topic was brought up due to questions that appeared in “Nextdoor Digest”. That topic is an uptick of interest in raising chickens in the Community. No mention of raising livestock appears in the Rules and Bylaws. Donna Yetzer and Bruce Keller said the reason is because the raising of any type of livestock is prohibited by the Deeds and Covenants. Phil Heitz recommended the topic should be dealt with by adding a rule addressing that issue to Section 6. ANIMALS in the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations.

Minutes Taken by:   Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   Motion by Alan Kohlhaas    Seconded by Jerry Goodrich.  8:18PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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