Architecture Committee Meeting 7/15/20

  Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 5:30PM

Unapproved Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by: Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present: Tom Cross, Alan Kohlhaas, Jerry Goodrich, Bob Maudlin, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz

Members Absent: None

Board Liaison Present: Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present: Bruce Keller

Residents in Attendance: Mike Morman for E. F. Farrell, Cody Janszen with builder from C.W. Custom Homes, Kevin Grosse, Angie Lewis, Amber Gascon. Dave Gentrup


  1. E. F. Farrell Trustee, Lot # 703, 1117 Chalet Court, Split lot. Lot #703, owned by Mr. Farrell also owner of Lot #704 seeking to split lot #703 with Tracy Raven & Chris Dauer, owners of Lot #702. Mike Mormon presented a new plot plan showing the dimensions of the proposed split. Currently no structures exist on Lot #703. The Architecture Committee recommends the Lot Spit which is to be be presented to the POA Board of Directors for approval.
  1. John (Cody) & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646, 20354 Rosemeade Lane, New home. Cody Janszen, along with builder C. W. Custom Homes, provided a plot plan and drawings for a new home to be constructed on Lot #2646. The new structure will be constructed within the buildable area of the Lot. The home will be sided with Hardy Board in two shades of gray and the Trex deck will be gray and brown. The shingled Roof will be “weathered wood”. The drawings did not provide the area for the first floor. That information will be provided later but the size is adequate to allow the Architecture Committee to unanimously recommend the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Keven Grosse, Lot # 114, 20127 Longview Drive, New boatlift – 125” X 114”, existing boat lift 6’ X 5’ was installed without a Permit. Irrigation system (fountain) PVC pipe with 4hp gas powered pump was installed without a Permit. The existing boatlift will remain in place and the new 125″ X 114″ boatlift is to be added. The new boatlift will extend 4’ beyond the sea wall, well within the limits permitted by the Architecture Rules. The plot plan presented included the locations for the previously non-permitted boatlift and the gasoline powered lake water pumping system. The Architecture Committee unanimously recommend the issuing of a Permit for this project and the inclusion of the already existing structures listed in the updated plot plan.
  1. Jim Triplett, AMS Construction, 20183 Alpine Drive, applying for a permit to bore 25’ to place 1” PVC at 32” deep under 20183 Alpine Drive, 173’ south of Cove Circle West to place telephone wire.  No representative for AMS Construction was present for the meeting. The Architecture Committee discussed the issue and after considering the needed action made a motion to approve. Motion to approve was made by Jerry Goodrich and Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas.
  1. Eric & Shawnee Airgood, Lot # 464/465H/466, 1317 Buckeye Court, taking down existing shed and building new 10’ X 16’ shed in another location indicated on the Plot Plan with gravel pad underneath the new shed, color will be almond & bronze with driftwood shingles, all colors will match the home. The homeowner provided the plot plans in advance of the Meeting but was not present for the meeting. The location for the new shed and details of the selected materials were considered and the project complies with all Architecture Rules. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Marc & Angie Lewis, Lot # 3349/3350H, 19653 Alpine Drive.  An existing 360 sq. ft. parking pad already exists on property.  Marc Lewis is requesting to put in another 17’ X 20’ parking pad on their newly contiguated lot. Angie Lewis, present for the Meeting, was informed that the contiguous lots create, by definition, a single lot. Therefore, the existing 360 Sq. Ft. parking pad maxes out their allowed area for parking pads. The newly acquired lot does not qualify as an additional separate lot so the allowable limits for the area for parking pads does not double. The Lewis family has two daughters that need parking space when home from school. Their intended use for the parking pad may end in two or three years. Currently they have been parking in Willie’s parking lot across the street from their home. The Architecture Committee may allow additional parking pad area if no objections are presented. In this case the requested location for the parking pad could present unsafe conditions. The Architecture Committee agrees additional parking pad area could be approved, but the location must be changed, and an acceptable location must be presented to the Architecture Committee, along with a new plot plan, showing that location prior to any consideration of approval.
  1. Amber Gascon, Lot # 835H, 21128 Lakeview Drive, 20’ X 36’ pole garage with black shingle roof, white siding of a type that matches the siding on adjacent portions of the house, and concrete floor. Amber Gascon was present for the Meeting and participated in clarifying several issues regarding this unusual garage. The Garage is intended to be used to store their boat and requires additional height. The peak of the roof will rise to 18’ 4” high. The side walls of the garage will be 14’ high. The garage door will be 16’ wide by 12’ high. Since no staking or marking of the location for the garage were seen, extra attention was paid to the need to assure the new garage will be built within the buildable area of the lot and located as indicated on the plot plan. With those issues addressed, the Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Dave Gentrup & Cindi Paolello, Lot # 923H/924A, 21091 Zurich Trail.  8” X 16” X 12” allan block, geogrid drainpipe (4”) sleeve and gravel.  Retaining walls are as follows: 4’ X 120’, 5’ X 20’, 8’ X 100’.  Cement Base Footer – 6” thick with cement lip in front for locking block.  Voids will be filled and the top capped. The installation of a split rail safety fence above the wall is recommended. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved of the issuing of a Permit. 

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. Frederick & Julie Schaefer, Lot # 762H, 1102 Thornhill Lane, replacing existing small concrete patio using a mini mixer, adding steps off the front porch, replacing existing retaining wall with no dimension change, material being used is block and stone.
  1. Ray David, Lot #2362H, 19338 Par Drive, wheelchair ramp, 5’ X 5’ door, 25’ ramp to 5’ X 5’ platform, 4’ ramp to driveway.  (See the section “New Business” for additional considerations regarding this item.)
  1. Aaron & Lindsay McFelea, Lot # 173H, 963 Hickory Road, wooden playhouse with slide, shingles matching house, wood matching house, little deck on playhouse to match home as well.  (See the section “New Business” for additional considerations regarding this item.)
  1. Robert & Cynthia McAllister, Lot # 2489H, 20128 Alpine Drive, connecting culvert pipe to neighbors between driveways and leveling ground.  Culvert length 23.5’ X 15” in diameter.  
  1. David & Jean Royer, Lot # 946/947H, 20987 Crestview Court, replacing culvert pipe 20’ X 15”, placing gravel on top of driveway for 2 weeks to settle, then adding concrete.  Replacing and extending drainage pipes.

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:  None

The following projects were Board approved:  None

Approve July 1, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes:  Motion to approve by Bob Maudlin.  Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas

Old Business: None

New Business:  Bruce Keller initiated a discussion regarding the addition of special structuresessential for safety and health or for access needed in special cases as noted in Item (2) under the heading AA Approved. Often these types of structures cannot be constructed in a manner that that would be permitted by the Rules for Architecture. Bruce recommended we allow such necessary structures to be built but also recommended we create a rule addressing this issue.

Bob Maudlin noted the Playhouse Structure listed in Item (3) under the heading AA Approved must be approved by the Architecture Committee to comply with Rule 4-18-1, Play Structures Require Approval. Committee members are to review the Permit Application and if no issues are found, provide their approval by signing the plans in the POA Office.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:  Motion by Bob Maudlin.  Seconded by Alan Kohlhaas.    8:10 PM

Submitted by:  Phil Heitz

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