Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes 9/16/20

Architecture Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Committee 5:30PM

Guest 6:00pm

Unauthorized Architecture Committee Meeting Minutes

Called to Order by:   Tom Cross   5:30 PM

Members Present:   Tom Cross, Bob Maudlin, Jerry Goodrich, Dan Tester, Phil Heitz

Members Absent:   Alan Kohlhaas

Board Liaison Present:   Donna Yetzer

Community Manager Present:   Bruce Keller, Dave Wismann (arrived 6:50 PM)

Residents in Attendance:  Chris Knosp, Michael Hanrahan, Donald Klapper, Lonnie Tingle, Sheri & Daryl Auwbrey, Jan Messer, Cody Janszen, Joe Costello, Dave Hafner

Guest:   None

  1. Chris & Michelle Knosp, Lot # 1755/1756H, 19851 Alpine Drive, Notes from September 2, 2020 meeting – Requesting a 20’ variance on rear setback for a Studio/Office/ 12’ X 16’, materials will be similar to home, horizontal cedar or pine siding, roof will be dark gray shingles to match house, exterior color & trim will match house.  Electric power will be supplied to the new structure, but no water or sewer utilities will be installed. The 12’ X 16’ Studio/Office will be located close to the rear property line. The property backs up to properties located on Mitchell Rd. (Fairway Drive) where homeowners have built sheds close to property lines establishing a precedent. With that precedent established, the Architecture Committee favorably views unanimously recommending the issuing of a variance for this project. Resident applied for variance, sign was posted, letters sent to residents with adjoining property, responses agreeing to the variance for a studio/office were received. The completion of those procedures allows the Architecture Committee to recommend the issuing of a Variance to be authorized by the POA Board at their next meeting. If approved by the POA Board the homeowner may receive the Permit.
  1. Michael & Jane Hanrahan, Lot # 1875H, 1442 Aqua Vista Drive, Notes from August 19, 2020 meeting – 10’ X 16’ shed, brown siding to match as close to the house color, recommended tan or dark brown trim to match house.   Due to the topography of the property the location of the shed must be in front of the front elevation of the house. That location violates existing Rules that prohibit locating structures closer to the front of the lot than the front elevation of the main structure. Therefore, a variance must be obtained before a Permit can be issued. The Architecture Committee unanimously recommends the Variance Process be followed and will recommend the POA Board approve the variance so the Committee can issue a Permit.  Resident applied for variance, sign was posted, letters sent to residents with adjoining property, responses agreeing to the variance for a shed were received. The completion of those procedures allows the Architecture Committee to recommend the issuing of a Variance to be authorized by the POA Board at their next meeting. If approved by the POA Board the homeowner may receive the Permit.
  1. Donald & Darlene Klapper, Lot # 2538B/2539H, 1733 Cove Circle East, Replacing 3 existing decks. (1) Deck on 1st floor, 905 sq. ft.  change in dimensions (2) Deck on balcony 48 sq. ft. (3) Deck 3, basement level, 352 sq. ft. and will be screened in.  All decks using composite decking with aluminum railings. The squaring of the corners of the decks brought up the issue of a potential problem with the 50’ required setback from the lake front highest water level per Rule 4-8-1.That measurement was made and it was verified that the clearance was more than adequate. The Architecture Committee Unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit and the homeowner was advised of his need to obtain a Dearborn County Permit before beginning the project.
  1. Lonnie Tingle & Deborah Roberto, Lot # 2520H/2521, 1874 Cove Circle East, adding to existing deck 12’ X 26’.  After the addition the deck will be 16’ X 26’ using composite decking. The project will also include the removing and replacing of deteriorated siding surrounding the chimney of the back of the home. The original deck flooring has already been removed. The completed deck will be located within the buildable area of the lot. The Architecture Committee unanimously approved the issuing of a Permit and the homeowner was advised of his need to obtain a Dearborn County Permit before continuing with the project.
  1. Patrick & Candice Paolino, Lot # 115, 20103 Longview Drive, No show in August.  Notes from August 19, 2020 meeting. –   Boatlift 9’ X 100” wide. The boatlift is already installed. The Committee finds the installation was accomplished correctly and the homeowner can be granted a Permit, but the homeowner knew a Permit is required prior to beginning the work. Therefore, the Committee Members unanimously recommend a fine of $100.00 and said fine must be paid prior to receiving the Permit.  The Paolino’s did not attend this meeting for approval. It was reported they are currently in Florida. This item is to be rescheduled.
  1. Amanda Abel, Lot # 1388H, 20324 Beau Vista, adding to existing wood deck, new footprint will be 12’ X 24’.  Adding 5” thick 8’ X 10’ concrete pad in back yard to prepare for a shed to be approved in the spring.  The homeowner was unable to attend the Meeting. Inspections and measuring of offsets provided adequate information to assure all Rules regarding the requested projects are being properly followed. The Architecture Committee has Unanimously Approved the issuing of a Permit. The homeowner must come to the POA Office to receive the Permit and be advised of the need to obtain a Permit from Dearborn County.
  1. Sheri & Daryl Auwbrey, Lot # 2503H, 1821 Cove Circle West, replacing older shed, beige to match siding on the house and black shingles.  Dimension of shed changed.  Old footprint 12’ X 27’ is to be changed to 12’ X 26’. The project was Unanimously Approved by the Architecture Committee and the homeowners were advised to obtain a Permit from Dearborn County.
  1. H. Wayne Ferguson, Lot # 1790H, 1291 Heidi Haven Drive, replace existing timber wall with AB block, same location and dimension.  28” – 30” X 42’.  Dave Hafner represented the homeowners (who were not present) for this project and with no changes in the dimensions of the walkway, steps and retaining wall the Architecture Committee Unanimously Approved the issuing of a Permit.
  1. David Roberts & Jean Ruehlman, Lot # 107/108H, 20175 Longview Drive, 10’ X 20’ Dock extension off existing dock using composite decking.  The homeowners were not present for the Meeting. Dave Hafner represented their interests and answered questions regarding the dimensions of the Extension to the existing Dock. Dave assured the Architecture Committee Members the new Dock Extension would be installed in a manner that would allow the dock to extend no more than 8’ beyond the edge of the Shoreline per Rule 4-12-10. With that assurance and the dimensions shown on the provided Plot Plan, the Architecture Committee Unanimously Approve the issuing of a Permit.
  1. Jan Messer, Lot # 2833, 21001 Sunnyridge Drive, extending one length of split rail fence on south side of house.  Taking down old fencing. The project as presented cannot be approved according to the Rules regarding fences on Corner Lots. Bruce Keller stated he would personally inspect the site in an effort to present alternatives to allow the homeowner to achieve her objectives.
  1. John & Ashley Janszen, Lot # 2646, 20355 Rosemeade Lane, we received a complaint from the neighbor for Cody Janszen’s house on Rosemead stating that the house is too high.  Below is what the rule states.  The house is about 30 feet at the front overhang.  The neighbor also complained that the house is too close to the property line.  Bylaws state. 4-4-32.  Maximum Height of Structures A house shall not exceed a height of twenty-six (26) feet from the point where the foundation touches the highest point on the lot (soil) to the roof overhang.  The height of other structures shall not exceed twelve (12) feet from the highest point where the foundation touches the lot to the roof overhang.  The owner had Mike Morman come out and survey his property again and the edge of the house, not counting the overhang, is 10’ 3” from the property line, butthe overhang does infringe on that 10 ft. minimum limit.Theheight of theroof overhang does not exceed the 26 ft. limit.After considerable examining of the circumstances,Cody Janszen was advised to have his contractor modify the structure to enable the project to be completed in a manner that can be approved without violating Rule 4-8-1-b.
  1. Joe & Laura Costello, Lot # 1999A/2000H, 19643 Ventura Drive, 28’ X 40’ garage addition with 14’ X 20’ patio cover connecting the garage addition to the existing home.  This project is a Home Addition. Since this addition is possible as a result of the newly contiguated lots resulting from a Lot Split, the homeowner had a new survey done by a Dearborn County Licensed Surveyor which shows all existing structures and provided a Plot Plan showing the location of the home addition. The new garage will be locate on the same level as the home with a roof connecting the garage to the home and sheltering the 14’ X 20’ breezeway between the original home and the new 28’ X 40’ garage addition. Drainage of water runoff will be directed toward the back of the property. Siding and roofing materials will match those of the original home. The Architecture Committee Unanimously Approved the issuing of a Permit and advised the homeowner of the need to assure he obtains all necessary Permits from Dearborn County.

The following projects were AA approved and will be reviewed: 

  1. H. Wayne Ferguson, Lot # 1790H, 1291 Heidi Haven Drive, replacing existing driveway with concrete, no change in dimensions, replacing catch basin to original location and dimensions.
  1. Steve & Denice Siereveld, Lot # 1930H/1931, 20072 Cravenhurst Drive, 2 garden walls using limestone chunks for flower beds and flag post, 8” to 18” X 52’ and 8” to 18” X 40’.   
  1. Kristen Guerrini & Clinton Baker, Lot # 2971H/2972, 21394 Fox Ridge Road, widening the entrance of drive with asphalt 2’ X 32’, replacing existing retaining walls in front of house using Allen block, no change in dimensions, replacing walkway, patio, wooden steps with concrete, no change in dimensions and upgrading channel drain in front of garage.  
  1. Richard & Susan Ratto, Lot # 1785H, 1341 Heidi Haven Drive, replacing broken portions to concrete on driveway, no change in dimensions.
  1. Maria Sferra, Lot # 1260H, 254 Ivy Hill Road, replacing concrete driveway with no change in dimensions.  
  1. Charles & Maegan Begley, Lot # 2672H/2673, 1857 Tuppence Trail, split rail fence with mesh liner, natural wood with sealant, 4’ in height.  

The following projects were approved by Architecture Committee without a meeting:   None

The following projects were Board approved:   None

Approve September 2, 2020 Architecture Meeting Minutes: With the stipulation that two spelling errors be corrected, the Minutes from the 9-2-2020 Meeting are to be officially Authorized.

Motion by: Bob Maudlin   Seconded by: Jerry Goodrich

Old Business:   Bruce Keller brought up the topic of issues being created by the way existing Rules are written and recommended the Architecture Committee begin a process of restating the existing rules to help clarify them to avoid confusion and potential errors. The next Meeting should divide the needed process into sections with a goal of completing the task early next year in time to present them to the POA Board to begin the process of making those changes official. This issue should be placed on the Agenda for the Next Architecture Committee Meeting which will be held on October 7, 2020.

New Business:   Jerry Goodrich presented an outline for an article regarding the highlighting and clarification of Rules to be written up and published in the Echoes. The Article was approved by the Committee and our Board Liaison with only minor editing which will include the deletion of one paragraph which appeared to be a redundant restating of points already presented.

At the end of the Meeting, Bruce Keller requested we all meet for the October 7th Architecture Committee Meeting a half hour early (5:00 PM) at Willies.

Minutes Taken by:  Phil Heitz

Motion to Adjourn:   Motion by: Jerry Goodrich     Seconded by: Bob Maudlin

Submitted by:   Phil Heitz

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